ACM Awards: 2007 Live Blog

ACM Winner Miranda Lambert (above)


10:59: Just FYI:  Carrie won Video, so she went 3/5.   “Building Bridges” by B&D, Vince and Sheryl Crow won Collaboration.

10:57 Entertainer: Kenny Chesney, three in a row.   Good. He earned it.

10:56 Vince Gill, brilliant as always. Here comes Shania.  Still impossibly beautiful.

10:45 Female Vocalist: Carrie Underwood. And she gives a shout-out to Tim McGraw that shows real class. As usual.

10:44 Martina’s crying. Me too.

10:42 Tim gets the nod for best performance of the night. What an unbelievable song, a letter written by a soldier just in case he dies in battle. This is why I love country music.

10:37 Just saw an ad for the 400th Episode of The Simpsons. I was in fourth grade when that show started. How long ago was that? People were sick of The Judds always winning Vocal Duo awards every year.

10:33 Top Vocal Duo: Brooks & Dunn. Enough already.

10:32 The Sugarland performance was very cute.

10:28 Funny that Reba just mentioned Idol. I’m catching up on tonight’s episode during commercial breaks. Melinda Doolittle can out-sing many of those on the ACM stage tonight. Hard to mess with Jennifer Nettles though.

10:23 Where are all the awards at, anyway? Only 37 minutes left of show.

10:22 So, Faith has herself another big crossover hit. This will dominate AC radio easily. The melody is awesome.

10:19 Faith’s song is new. Very, very new. Can’t wait to hear it.

10:18 Reba going to a wake?

10:15 Top Vocal Group: Rascal Flatts. Meh.

10:12 There’s a guy backing B&D wearing a t-shirt that says “Willie, Emmylou, Merle and Lacy J.” That would instantly be the most interesting performance on the show if it was to happen.

10:11 Reba just called Brooks & Dunn the best combination in country music history. We’re painting with too broad strokes, don’t ya think? Oh, and this song sucks.

10:07 Okay, Shania’s going to present Entertainer. Her presentation of the CMA Entertainer in 2000 was her only public appearance that year; she didn’t attend when she won the ACM Entertainer. I still don’t get why she’s at the show. Her stature warrants something more than just giving out an award.

10:04 Male Vocalist: Brad Paisley. It’s about time. He’s been long due.

10:02 This isn’t working for me. I love Reba, and this is a fantastic song when Kelly does it. But it doesn’t work as a duet unless it was Kelly singing to Reba, which could’ve been awesome. Too dark a road to take, I guess.

10:01 I’m confused. Who are they singing to, their husband/dad? It’s weird.

10:00 Reba’s singing the wrong part of the song if it’s going to be a mom/daughter duet. But she’s singing the hell out of it anyway.

9:59 A Reba duet album is not announcing a special moment.

9:54 I know that Reba is doing a duet with Kelly Clarkson called “Because of You”, but I haven’t heard one way or another if it’s the Clarkson smash. It could work as a mother/daughter thing, albeit a dysfunctional one.

9:51 So we’ve heard “Tim McGraw”, but not Tim McGraw (yet). Now we get to hear “Johnny Cash”. Has anyone else heard “Miranda Lambert” by Stagger Lee? You can check it out and buy it here.

9:50 Mrs. Strait does not look happy that she wasn’t thanked.

9:49 Single of the Year: George Strait. Again, I’m very surprised. At least he’ll get to talk this time.

9:47 The 9513 is live-blogging the show as well, with better graphics and a more active comments thread. Feel free to check out the better party, fellow readers!

9:46 I like Rodney Atkins, and I’m not sure why people keep comparing him to Tim McGraw. I don’t hear it in the vocals or the material.

9:43 Little Big Town look like Abba dressed as hippies. Definitely their own look to go with their own sound.

9:36 The brilliant writers of the Associated Press are mistakenly attributing Bill Anderson’s quote about being old enough to be Carrie’s grandfather to George Strait, apparently not realizing that their ages – also noted in the article – would make that impossible.

9:35 This is a pretty good wedding song. John Legend sure is elevating it with his presence and talent.

9:34 Gretchen’s bumped down to presenter. Wow.

9:33 Another gum chewer. What’s going on here, folks?

9:32 Blech. Brooks & Dunn. Why did Shania fly in again?

9:31 I really hope Vince is here to give the Humanitarian award to Shania. He loves her.

9:30 I mean, really. Yellow construction hats. It’s the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever seen.

9:28 They’re wearing f*cking Daisy Dukes and construction hats. Who thought this was a good idea?

9:27 After looking at the costumes on his backup dancers, I guess he doesn’t deserve a better intro than that.

9:26 Why is Dr. Phil here, and who is that with him? Doesn’t Toby deserve a better intro than that?

9:20 Damn, he can play the hell out of the guitar, though.

9:19 I’d add that a real hillbilly would’ve found a better rhyme for “hunt” than “front.” Somebody needs to send Paisley some underground David Allan Coe.

9:18 It’s been a few weeks, but one thing hasn’t changed. “Ticks” still skeezes me out. The montage of bugs in the background aren’t helping matters.

9:17 Miranda thanked “God, and most of all, the fans.” Nice twist on the old standard.

9:15 Carrie’s giving out Top New Female, and it goes to…Miranda Lambert! Good!

9:11 I can’t believe they added “Rascal Flatts” to the statement to the V Tech families. And they actually waited two seconds to add that. Shouldn’t that have been on behalf of the whole show? Or was it just the Flatts boys who decided to piggyback on a national tragedy, rather than the show producers sending a message of support?

9:10 Why are they flashing VT victims on the stage?

9:09 I don’t understand the song RF is singing. LeVox’s annunciation is terrible.

9:07 Rascal Flatts did not sell more records than anyone on the planet last year. They had the top-selling artist CD in the U.S. They weren’t even the top-selling artist or country artist. That was Johnny Cash.

9:05 Reba got the show back on track with her request for a teenage boy to write “Reba McEntire.” Nice.

9:04 I realize Swift is high school age, but that’s no excuse for this talent show stunt. Singing to McGraw looked very tacky and amateurish.

9:02 Taylor Swift singing Tim McGraw. With just a guitar. Nice touch.

8:59 I’d really like to know how anybody could watch Underwood now and still claim she has no stage presence. She’s got the audience under her control right now.

8:58 Carrie’s up. Doing “Wasted”, which is supposedly the last single from Some Hearts. I was kinda hoping she’d do “I’ll Stand By You.”

8:52 Um, is Dr. Phil sitting two rows behind Shania Twain?

8:51 One of the female singers of LBT is chewing gum.

8:49 Top New Duo/Vocal Group: Little Big Town. That’s 3 for 4.

8:45 I love this song George Strait’s singing. Everybody should record Bruce Robison songs whenever possible. Reba’s introduction reminded me of the Hall of Fame inducting more recent acts. Methinks Reba herself will be going in this year.

8:40 Top New Male Vocalist: Rodney Atkins. I think I’ve called 2 of 3 so far.

8:39 I hate award show patter.

8:35 Josh Turner’s rocking a Justin Timberlake haircut. If anyone has ever wondered what Justin’s vocals would sound like if his stones had dropped, this is it.

8:34 Global warming joke was stupid. Do they still give the Home Depot award? Because Shania should get it. That would be a reason for her to actually be here. Aha! This year’s winner will be announced later! Now that would be worth a flight from Switzerland to come here.

8:28 I don’t think Carrie’s been surprised by an award since the CMA Female Vocalist. She must be getting used to it. The only act I can remember winning pretty much everything when they first came out were the Dixie Chicks. I think you’d have to go back to Clint Black to find it again. Then Randy Travis, maybe? This is pretty rare stuff.

8:26 Album of the Year: Carrie Underwood!

8:25 Good song, just wish she wouldn’t scream at the end. The lyric doesn’t require it.

8:21 Martina’s still pushing “Anyway.” And I’m liking it more these days.

8:16 Treading back a bit, I don’t understand why Bill Anderson spoke instead of the singer or his fellow songwriters and made it about him still being part of country music at his age. It made sense when he won for writing “Whiskey Lullaby”, but this time it was indulgent. Took the moment away from a young guy getting his first big award.

8:14 I’m disappointed that Miranda’s singing “Famous in a Small Town.” I like the song, but it’s not much for impact. She really caught fire when she sang “Kerosene” on the CMA’s. She should’ve done “Guilty In Here” or “Gunpowder & Lead.”

8:13 A man who looks good in chaps and can last a full eight seconds. That was raunchy. She really has gone Hollywood!

8:12 Song of the Year: “Give It Away” by George Strait? I’m SHOCKED. No Carrie sweep, then. I didn’t see this one coming, though B&D won for a mediocre song last year, so I shouldn’t be too surprised.

8:11 Tracy Lawrence giving out an award that has a violently angry woman getting even. I hope he doesn’t punch the winner.

8:10 Heh, Reba ringtones. “Fancy” would certainly get your attention.

8:09 So far, Reba’s far more Vince than Jeff. Hope it stays that way.

8:08 Rascal Flatts are not everyone’s favorite group of guys. Let’s just say that for the record, now.

8:07 West Hollywood joke was FUNNY. Good observation that no women are in the running. Can’t imagine who would be nominated this year, with the Chicks outside the mainstream and Carrie not a headliner yet.

8:06 Cute opening joke about the ACM admitting to 42. Yikes, she’s addressing the jokes from last year, but she did it in a classy way.

8:05 They dragged Shania here to introduce Reba as host? Are you KIDDING me?

8:04 Shania is still the hottest thing on the red carpet.

8:03 I think the horn section could’ve dressed a little better. You’re not actually sitting and having a beer in Mexico, guys.

8:02 Wow, sounds like Kenny’s singing live, too. Actually sounds much better than when they loop the processed voice. He’s blending better with the live band.

8:00 Kenny Chesney, kicking things off. I think this is “Beer in Mexico.” I like the song quite a bit, but I feel like I’ve heard it a million times. I hope they pull “Road and the Radio” as the next single.

7:58 Okay folks, I’m ready. On with the show.

Preview: Glutton for punishment that I am, I will be one of the seven or eight people nationwide that will be watching the Academy of Country Music awards as they air tonight, while the rest of the country checks out the American Idol semifinals.

Burning Questions:

  • Will Carrie Underwood pull a Dixie Chicks and go five for five tonight? I can see it happening easily, but the only mortal lock she has is Top Female Vocalist.
  • Speaking of the Dixie Chicks, can this join the CMA telecast from last year and last three hours without a joke at their expense? I think Reba is more of a Vince Gill than a Jeff Foxworthy, and she was clapping with enthusiasm when they won the Grammy for Song of the Year, so I’m hoping it can happen.
  • Will we get some serious turnover in some of the stale categories this year? Can Sugarland unseat Brooks & Dunn, or Little Big Town shock Rascal Flatts?
  • Will the new single Faith Hill is debuting justify the three-month delay of her hits project?
  • What is the mystery reason that Shania Twain is there for the festivities? Surprise tribute? To Dolly? Reba? Toby? Who knows!
  • And finally, can Country Universe break its one-day record of visitors on the strength of another live blog? (Okay, I’m the only one who cares about that.)

The fun starts at 8:oo Eastern. See y’all then.

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  1. Can’t wait for your take on the events!!! I always enjoy your pov. I say just give Carrie a broom because she has some sweeping to do….we shall see!

  2. I don’t know, I understand Miranda (or her people) wanting to pimp her single. Besides, Kerosene at the 2005 CMA’s, Crazy Ex at the 2006 CMAs, and then a song like Gunpowder and Lead at the ACM’s? You risk making her look like a one-trick pony.

  3. I thought that “Give It Away” should win, I just didn’t think it would win. Apparently the group picked “Whispering Bill” to do the speaking for them – I have no problem with that

    Miranda Lambert’s outfit may have given her career a big boost – instead of appearing tough, she appeared sexy , and as we know, sex sells

    Little Big Town is incredibly mediocre – I have no idea why they are so popular. I don’t like Rascal Flattts but I understand their appeal

  4. The sound mix on Paisley’s performance was simply terrible. The vocal mix was too cold (low) and you could barely hear the steel guitar, although everything else was overpowering the vocals. Whoever set this up deserves to be hung, drawn and quartered.

  5. I’m not sure why the producers of these shows think they need Hollywood types and outsiders to pair up with the country elite. At least John Legend did no damage to the Brooks & Dunn performance – he didn’t add anything, but he didn’t subtract anything either

  6. Say what you will about the tacky attire of Toby’s background singers, Toby himself always sings well. Rodney Atkins performed well, also.

    The blonde female singer for Little Big Town needs to find a new thrift shop to patronize. She is the worst dressed female performer I’ve seen in ages. She’s not terribly pretty but she could look a whole lot better

  7. The new Faith Hill song made its debut tonight . Whoopee – it will sell to her fans but if it is to find a mass audience she will need to draw it from non-country audiences. More of the melodramatic crap she’s been singing for the last decade, only this was fairly weak material

  8. Good performance by Tim McGraw

    Carrie seems to be racking up he awards tonight. It really has been too easy as the female vocalist category is in a down year o she really hasn’t had much competition based on recent output. MAybe next year

  9. Vince Gill had a good perfromance, a song from “The Rockin’ Record”

    Kenny Chesney takes the big one, a deserved honor. As award shows go, this was was okay – I’ve sem both better and worse.

    One thing that royally steams me is the number of off-camera awards given. At one time , the ACM’s Pioneer Award was second in prestige to the Entertainer of the Year. Now it’s not even mentioned by any of the presenters. Similarly, the CMA’s have reduced the focus on the CMHOF. Shame on both organizations for their total shortsightedness in slighting what should be their most important award

  10. I’m thrilled for Brad Paisley. I actually missed that award and DUo of the year, but I knew Brooks and Dunn got that one. I figured I’d be able to come here to find out what i missed and I was right. Glad to see Brad finally earn the honor he deserves so much.

  11. I like your blog, but can you please cut out the gratuitous Brooks & Dunn bashing? It’s like every fifth post. B&D last three albums are better than almost everything you celebrate here. Yes, much better than “Some Hearts.” Maybe they bore you, but can you try to control this Tourette’s Syndrome you seem to have about them?

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