Sugarland, “Everyday America”

Sugarland, “Everyday America”

A charming slice of country pop Americana. Jennifer Nettles has such an infectious voice that she can sell just about anything, but she has some good material to work with here. I imagine that many people will relate to how big dreams fade into everyday, ordinary life without feeling like a letdown.

Grade: B

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  1. Actually liked everything Sugarland has done so far..but man..this song is just bad. I hate the opening…reminds me of a bad 80’s song. Not their best by a long shot

  2. I agree its not their best work, but I disagree that its completely horrible J.T. I admit they have had better, but this song is actually pretty catchy. It does lack their country sound for what does sound like an older one, but I think the sound expresses them as artists a lot more.

  3. Alright i’ve had enough… ENOUGH SUGARLAND!!!… i thought they would be finished after the fat one left, but NO… this is awful… the only decent song they’ve done is babygirl… this is worse than that down in mississpi song… i give this song a F-

  4. I hated Baby Girl and Something More. (Just Might) Make Me Believe was okay. Down in Mississippi was a great song. Want To was my favorite so far. Settlin’ was okay. This one … average at best. Her voice was ingratiating in some of the earlier songs like Baby Girl, and she found a good tone in Want To. This song is a relapse into why I couldn’t stand listening to the first two songs they released. C-.

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