Sara Evans, “As If”

Sara Evans, “As If”

I don’t think I can name another female country singer who has produced more consistently entertaining and interesting singles in the last decade than Sara Evans.   “As If” is the lead cut from Evans’ upcoming hits collection, and it’s no surprise to me that it’s a charming record, perfectly produced and expertly sung.  And, as usual, it’s just offbeat enough to be genuinely different from anything else on the radio.

You know that period at the beginning of a relationship where you don’t even want to entertain the thought that the one you’re with is anything less than perfect?   This song captures that feeling, with a woman wise enough to know that trouble may surface down the line, but wanting to enjoy the good times without worry or care.

From a hits collection that will be solid from start to finish, this is another fantastic single from Sara Evans.   As if it would be anything less.

Grade: A

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  1. I guess your hearing something I don’t. I listened to this and just think “Gee, what happened to that girl who sang Three Cords and the Truth and just knocked me out”.

    I guess those days are far gone. I thought she could be just as good as Patty Loveless at the time but she ended up just being a good singer doing below average songs.

    I still buy the albums cause there is usually 1 or 2 tracks that she shows what she can really do but mostly its just overproduced schmaltz with her drowned out by a string section right out of a Hollywood movie.

    I just remember a few years ago seeing her on the Opry and just tearing up a version of “Mule Skinner Blues”…just nailing it..and thinking “Man, this is what she was born to do”

    Still have hope she might come back to that someday but I’m not holding my breath.

  2. Great single. I take Sara’s recordings one at a time and enjoy them for what they are. This is a well-produced, well-sung song. Sara is the best singer out there and has complete control over her vocal gifts. She is clearly showing us a wide range of what she can do from Three Chords up until now. She has the flexibility to sing whatever she wants within that range.

  3. I completely and totally disagree with that J.T. person! You know JT, if you just want Sara to continue singing songs like the ones on Three Chords and the thruth, she wouldn’t be the as big of a star right now…. that was back when Sara hadn’t found her true sound… times changed, and so did Sara… get over it.

    AND YES! WHOEVER WROTE THIS REVIEW ROCKS!!!!! As If is totally gonna be a number one hit!!!!!!! :)

  4. I agree with Cayla. People change and expand. I’ve yet to see an artist who’s still singing the “same” kind-of music they were when they first came on to the scene. Keith Urban, for example, has changed greatly. Where The Black Top Ends, Your Everything and Love Thang sound nothing like his music now. Is that wrong? No. If every artist sang the same thing over and over, nobody would buy their albums. Sara is ever changing and always trying new things. “As If” is a great song and is a great choice for a single. Not only does it fit her very positive attitude, but it’s also a great “crank-it up and sing along” with it tune. Don’t be surprised if it’s at the top of the charts in a few months. I know I won’t be. And kudos to the person that wrote this review.

  5. First, I like Sara a lot. I think she truly is one of the best singers out there right now. If I didn’t like her then I really wouldn’t have wasted my time posting my opinion. And my opinion is that I don’t think this song does anything for her and as a FAN I am disappointed that she is singing songs I think are below what she can do. I can think of 5 other female singers right off the top of my head that could sing this song just as well. There is nothing special or unique about it. If it goes #1 ok then great for Sara but still don’t think its a great song.

    I just think she could and should be right up there with winning major awards year after year, headling major tours and being a huge influence for other singers. Personally I just don’t think she is where she should be. If you want to blame the record company or whatever that is fine.

    I just think that now with a “Greatest Hits” collection it really is the time to look back where she came from, what she has done and hope she will do for the future.

    My hope for her future is that she wouldn’t worry about having a #1 song and do songs that are about something, that make you think or feel somthing and will stand up for years to come. Just my opinion…….

    For the record–favorite album is “Three Cords”, one of the best debut albums ever and her best whole album I think. Not one back track. Fav song–“I Learned That From You”.

  6. this song has got to be number 1, the sara evans fan club is the best place to be, i’ve enjoyed my time there and not only has sara been the best artist she is one of the most best country singers i can look up to for up beat music and this being said “As If” is a great summer song. I can’t wait to hear this song on the radio i will be requesting the heck out of it.

  7. JT: I hear what you are saying. I just look at Sara’s music as flowing…she can do the country twang thing when she wants and then create songs like “As If,” which I think is a distillation of many of her musical influences. Is this song on par with the great country traditions of the past? It’s not for me to say. I do know that she is in a very competitive business and I think the reviewer is right in commenting on the breadth of Sara’s catalog over the last 10 years. I think she will go back to the rootsy sounds that you love. She has mentioned that she would like to do a bluegrass album and I believe she will.

  8. Wow, JT sounds a little contradictory. You are entitled to your opinion though. My opinion is that everything that comes out of Sara Evans mouth not only sounds awesome but is belted out with all the passion one can give. When she sings you can see it in her that she really enjoys and feels any song she sings. I have listened to all her music and feel that she really started to hit the nail on the head with born to fly. Why doesn’t she get her due well we see it over and over again. Someone makes a big hype over an artist like carrie underwood and has the fan base that AI brings and then bypass all the greats like Martina, Sara, etc…. I will always and forever be a Sara Evans fan. That is one hell of a voice no matter what song.

  9. Just because a song is a big hit does not mean it is worth a damn. Look at many of the number one songs in Country music in the last 5-10 years and you will see plenty of examples. It has to do with the influence and pull of the record labels’ promotion department (and some payola when they can get away with it). Do not ever equate commercial success with the quality of art. Money ruins art (unfortunately). It makes people do everything for self-serving reasons.

  10. A perfect example of what Nigel is talking about is “Once In A Lifetime” by Keith Urban. It never would have debuted at #17 if they hadn’t done something illicit with the record labels (WUSN in Chicago played it every hour, with a two-minute teaser about all the crap Urban’s done in the last few years always preceding it; if there wasn’t money changing hands I’d be shocked), especially since it’s probably the worst song he’s ever done (and since I don’t like Keith Urban, that’s saying a lot).

    As for “As If,” I still cannot pass judgment on it yet. Usually the stations out here pounce on her songs right away, but as far as I can tell, WUSN and WLJE (Valparaiso, Ind.) haven’t played it at all yet. I’m still just a little annoyed that “Coalmine,” tragedy and all, didn’t get its proper due on radio (while the inferior “You’ll Always Be My Baby” nearly cracked the top 10).

  11. i think ‘as if; is a great song. no, its not the type of music we all herd on Three Chords and the Truth or No Place That Far, but it is still a very good song. shes not the same as she used to be , no but she wanted to hit it big, and she did with born to fly. Sara wants to make music that people enjoy, and it just goes to show ya, more people enjoy born to fly or RFP, or ‘as if’, more than her older music.
    e-mail me to talk sara :

  12. Sara did great with this song. I absolutly love it, she shows her skill and proves that she is an awesome singer and that she could make any song sound great.

  13. I really don’t care for this song, Sara has a great voice but this single isn’t that good. Sara’s last single was awesome but only get to #13, which still disappoints me because that was one of her best singles and was beautifully sung. This song isn’t that good, it’s the vocals that make this song ok..

  14. I’m a big fan of female country singers, but Sara isn’t my favourite. She’s in my collection but I only own ‘Restless’ and ‘Real Fine Place’, so I am not familiar with her back catalogue. Anways, I think this song is average. It’s doing OK on the charts, but I doubt it will get to #1. The song is not amazing or spectacular, it is just average. Pleasing to the ears, but not something that would make you sit up and really take notice. I hope Sara’s next studio album is a bit more exciting, it would be good for her to expand outside of her comfort zone and really explore some new types of sounds.

  15. I totally agree with this review. Sara is my favorite singer, and “As If” is one of her best. She just has a voice like no other. Great songs and awesome production complement her voice beautifully. I wish country radio would lay off of Taylor and Carrie and put Sara back on the air where she belongs.

  16. “As If” was definitely one of the best singles from one of country’s most gifted women. It might sound frivolous at first, but it describes a feeling that plenty of people can relate to. Beautifully sung, expertly produced, it deserved to chart higher than #11. Great song, and an excellent review.

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