Brooks & Dunn, “Proud of the House We Built”

Brooks & Dunn, “Proud of the House We Built”

It’s a decently good lyric that celebrates a love that started with nothing and still is fairly modest, but worthy of pride nonetheless. I have trouble getting into it because of the production and generally weak melody. The record is loud but still plods along at a slow place, and Ronnie Dunn’s immeasurable vocal talent essentially goes to waste, as he’s not given a chance to let loose anywhere.

I don’t understand why, sixteen years into their career, Ronnie Dunn isn’t getting the chance to be the Haggard or Jones of his generation. He has the vocal power and classic country voice to make it happen, but the material they record rarely pulls it out of him. Go back and listen to the early singles like “Neon Moon” and “She Used to Be Mine”, or even more recent gems like “It’s Getting Better All the Time”, and you’ll understand what I mean. He deserves better than this, even though this isn’t too bad.

Grade: B-

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  1. I agree with you. I love B&D a whole lot, but I’m not impressed with this song, and considering that it’s the first single from an upcoming album, doesn’t make it seem too promising. I will most likely buy the new album anyway, but this song doesn’t do anything for me. I also don’t understand why they don’t use fiddle as much anymore in their songs.

  2. I’ve read quite a few reviews of this new song of B&D. I disagree with the ones who think the song isn’t as good as some others. Country music has always been about telling the story of someone’s life. “Proud of the House We Built” certainly describes my marriage of over 20 years to a man I adore and the three daughters we have together. I cried and smiled the first time I heard it on the radio. There is enough “empty music” with a good beat these days, thank God some people still care about the meaning of a good lyric and not just the rhyme.

  3. The first time I heard this song I felt the same way Kim did. I was smiling with tears in my eyes as well as having goose bumps. The story in the song is very heartfelt. The visuals are very strong. Ronnie Dunn’s voice is perfect as always. As for what they record, it’s entirely their choice at this stage of their careers. Ronnie Dunn wrote this song and I believe it comes from his heart. It just makes it that much better, IMO.

  4. It may not be their “best” song, but I think its better than Hillbilly Deluxe was.

    I’m glad to hear the same upbeat sound I got from Red Dirt Road and That’s What Its All About in their music again. Hillbilly Deluxe sounded like their poor attempt at a rock/country hit to me. I personally like this song a lot. It brings back the sound they have that made me a fan.

    And as far as everything else I want to say, I think Tommy King summed it up perfectly. At this point they have all the power.

  5. I think this song is a hit. The promising duo hasn’t let their fans down. Every song and album Brooks and Dunn release is like another life experiencing moment. ‘Proud of the house we built”is truly touching to the heart. The outstanding vocals of Ronnie made the song even better. Im sure i will buy this cd like all the others. I have been collecting their cds since my parents brought out the collection, i continue to add to as the years go by.I enjoy the sweet melody and soft rhythm of the song.

  6. Sonically, it’s too much like “Red Dirt Road” to have any lasting appeal to me. I miss the days when they had a very distinctive sound, with the fiddle part and everything. I also miss the days when Kix Brooks would occasionally sing lead vocals (“Lost and Found” and “You’re Gonna Miss …” are my two favorite B&D songs). C-.

  7. I have to agree with the ladies….I love this song. My husband and I just celebrated our 25th anniversay, and this song hit my like a ton of bricks. I found myself smiling and then tearing up! Its one of my new favorite songs!

  8. i like the song i ain’t nuts for it though. When i heard the title of the song before i heard it i thought they built a house you live in. When i heard the song, i realized what it meant. I like it though it ain’t the best from B&D.

  9. Oh my God! I love this song! It is so myself and my husband! We will be celebrating our 31st wedding aniversary on Oct. 8th.
    We married young myself 15 and him 21. We have struggled but have always had our love . Now 5 children later we are still as
    much in love as ever! I claim this as our song.

  10. I don’t hate this song or anything, but it’s just same ol’ same ol’ from Brooks & Dunn. Sure the lyrics are pretty good, but we’ve heard it all before, and it sounds the same as half of the other Brooks & Dunn songs. I felt the same way about Building Bridges. I just think it’s boring. And Ronnie doesn’t let loose in the song. It sounds like he’s talking through the whole thing.

    I actually liked Hillbilly Deluxe. Perhaps that is because I like a few pop punk and rock bands, but Hillbilly Deluxe was also different from the usual stuff that Brooks & Dunn does.

  11. Stephen, Brooks does add his own voice to many of the songs throughout the album. I have heard the entire album multiple times now, and for those of you who have not heard it I would say give it a listen. Johnny Cash Junkie is another one of my favorites from the album along with “Proud of the House We Built,” which I believe is meant to be a truly touching piece for everyone. It helps listeners keep in mind that although you may not have everything, you have worked hard for what you’ve got and because of that, the relationship is worth it.

  12. I think this is an amazing song. If people stop thinking about the way it sounds and actually think about the meaning of lyrics it is really powerful. When I first heard this song I liked it because the music was catchy but then I looked up the lyrics and really started thinking about them. What the words mean staying in love through the hard times and good times and love is stronger than anything it doesn’t have to “be a big place sitting high on some hill”. Love is everlasting through the ages and has not changed. That is the true meaning of this song and is what I base my meaning of love on.

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