Review: Rascal Flatts, “Take Me There”

Rascal Flatts, “Take Me There”

Writing a review of this just seems like an exercise in futility. No fans will be won or lost by this performance.

If you enjoy listening to “I Melt” and “Fast Cars and Freedom”, then you’ll enjoy this.

If a part of you died inside when reminded of those records, stay away. Far, far away.

You can just choose whichever grade applies to you.

Grade: A / F.

Listen: Take Me There


  1. hahaha Kevin that was good…i might have to go with an F, but i guarantee this song will be stuck in my head at some point this summer just from overplay on the radio

  2. whatever…seems like you just love to “hate” Rascal Flatts. The guys have true talent, awesome fans and love of country music. I choose “A”. Sing it!

  3. wow, beautiful! Rascal Flatts, you continue to amazing the world with your amazing talent. I definitely give it an A, they deserve every last bit of it.

  4. I refuse to even acknoweledge this crap with more than a few sentences. Thank God that I just comment here, and don’t have to be bound by fairness or journalistic responsibility. So I can just vent. Go get a copy of Dale Watson’s “Country My Ass”. Listen to it over and over. Let it sink in! Then toss this cd into the pile with N’Sync and the Backstreet Boys. Yes, they go together. Put those little boys in some torn up jeans and they could have been just as country and the Flatts fellas.

    Now, to paraphrase D. W., I know I’m about to get bashed as a Rascal Hater. I know that, and I accept it. But let me say this. If all we’re left with to represent the Heart of Country Music ends up being Rascal Flatts, Faith Hill, and the popish acts that dominate country radio today, we are in really bad shape. Hank, Johnny, and Waylon all did their own thing. No doubts about that. They were the pioneers, the true fathers of country music. And they would roll over in their graves to hear this being called country. “Don’t get me wrong, to each his own, I believe.” Like it or hate it, it is what it is; but it ain’t country. And to say it is would be to blasphemy all that we are, and all that we were. It’s hard to grow if you rip your roots out of the ground, and with the Flatts, I have to ask, was it ever their intention to root themselves in country? Or do the aspire to be nothing more than a boy band in torn up jeans?

  5. I can believe you have the nerve to go online and bash somebody! Oh, wait, I can. Cold hearted people can do that, no problem. If you don’t like it, we don’t wanna hear it! Simple as that. They don’t call it Country, its “Contemporary Country” Country is Johnny Cash, Contemporary is Rascal Flatts. And I love both. How can you say that Johnny did his own thing and the Flatts guys didn’t?!? Face it, they stretched the boundries of country music, and people seem to like it that way. They DO like it that way. I agree with Sarah and hey_there, thay deserve an A, A+ even. They work hard for their fans and we love them for it. And I’m pretty sure the best selling artist of 2006 really don’t care what you think.

    But of course… everyone is entitled to their own opinion. And if others don’t like it, they can squash it with theirs.

  6. Fact check, again. Because this seems to keep coming up.

    The best-selling artist of 2006 was JOHNNY CASH, not Rascal Flatts.

    Rascal Flatts had the top “artist album”, #2 behind the High School Musical strk overall.

    JOHNNY CASH sold the most albums in 2006.

  7. michelle,

    I hate to break the news to you, but the only things you really managed to squash were your own dignity and to place an even dimmer light on your, apparently, favorite band. Its the opinions like yours that allow people to believe that country music fans are ignorant, uneducated, narrow minded people with no real musical standards. I also have to point out that this is a site that allows people to voice their opinion, no matter what the opinion is. I often disagree with Kevin, but I respect his opinions. He states his opinion, and sites actual facts when doing so. So next time, do your homework. Know what you’re talking about, and you won’t look so foolish next time.

    Now, I never said that they are not hard workers, nor that they aren’t doing their own thing. I never even said that I hate their music. Just that what they are doing is not country. It’s pop. That is very simple. Though country’s prevailing themes do come out in some of their music, they are a cross genre act. You said that yourself. Contemporary is, in its very essence, pop. I seriously doubt we’ll be inducting Rascal Flatts into the Opry any time soon. See, its not a knock on them, just a statement in defense of real country music.

    And this site isn’t about whether or not the artists care. It is, to paraphrase Kevin, a small blog that makes a small difference. I hope you can grasp that the difference it makes is that it allows us a chance to voice our thoughts and opinions to each other, and to allow us to consider the views of each other. Thank God we don’t all agree. This is music. It’s art. We will never all like the same thing, all at once. And that’s what makes this fun. Why write if we all had the same things to say?

    So in summation, sit down, come up with a real point, a valid point, complete with actual facts, and then try again. And this time, try to say something.

  8. Well if you dont like it you dont like it. Rascal Flatts fans dont really wanna hear what you have to say. Their music isnt pop, it doesnt even have a pop vibe. Its CONTEMPORARY Country. It’s not FULL on country like for example Willie Nelson or Johnny Cash. They dont sing about they’re dog running away or their wives leaving them. Rascal Flatts have a good vibe that is CONTEMPORARY Country.

    And NO the Best Selling Artist of ALL genres last year was Rascal Flatts. Theres no way you can change that. Its 2007 now whats done is done.

    Next, the Rascal Flatts arent a boy band. I’ve NEVER heard Nysnc or the Backstreet Boys sing about religious things. The Rascal Flatts are in there 30’s too!!!!! I dont think they’re considered a boy band just because of that reason alone. They also dont have little dances and routines.

    Like I said you dont have to like the Rascal Flatts, your entitled to an opinion BUT do respect those others that do like them.

  9. Hey guys-CUT IT OUT!!!!!!!!! If you don’t like Rascal Flatts, deal with that on your own, we don’t really wanna hear it. Rascal Flatts were, in fact, the top selling artist in any genre in 2006, Johnny Cash came in second. If you paid any attention to the multiple honors that the Flatts boys won then you might understand that. Personally I love the boys and think that the music they are making comes from their hearts-and that’s the way it should be! Country music is no longer just a twang about how some drunk guy lost his wife then went fishing-times change, so does music. I still love Johnny, the Possum and all the other country greats-who doesnt’-but while we still respect their music, you have to accept that country will mature and broaden it’s horizens to cover current issues. And what’s wrong with a good ol’ love song?! I give the Flatts an A+ and will follow them no matter what they decide to do with their music. They truly care about their fans and apprecitate and respect the godfathers of country music. Got get ’em boys-we love you!!!!

  10. Rascal flatts has been one of my favorite bands for awhile.. i mean i know every word to EVERY song. I heard this on the radio when it came out and i have to admit its not one of there best.. its just an okay middle of the road- it worries me though- this is suppose to promote their new album and they choose this song. HOPEFULLY it has more than songs like this. Nevertheless the song was still really good but not AMAZING like i was hoping for. i still love the group ,though.

  11. You know what…people can sit here and be inconsiderate and rude and obnoxious about wether you hate Rascal Flatts or anything else on these reviews.

    Here’s my take on it, as a guy who has been very outspoken towards my opinions on these blogs lately, if you hate em fine and if you love em then join the club.

    Personally I think Rascal Flatts are one of country most unique groups and better talents. If they didn’t have the talent or the deserving career status then their wouldn’t be any reviews and people wouldn’t be praising them so much. They are popular, they are talented and if some people don’t have a taste for their musical style then fine.

    My point is its as inconsiderate and idiotic to hate them purely for who they are as it would be to hate George Strait for wearing a cowboy hat. If you hate their music fine…but there is no frigain reason to hate them as a group of talented guys other than having your head up your ass and looking for something to argue about.

  12. Here we go again. READ people!!! Just read!!! I don’t hate Rascal Flatts. I don’t even hate their music. They’ve got some catchy tunes, some pretty decent stuff really, but that’s not the point. The point is that is isn’t country. That’s all. Call it Contemporary Country if you want. I’m ok with that. It’s like an asterik in a sports book. It’s simply needs designated that it isn’t Country. So call it pop or contemporary or whatever else that you feel the need to add to it to make it easier to classify.

    Finally, if you don’t care nor want to read anything but praises of your boys, then go to a fan site. Go to their fan club. But stay the hell outta here. Speaking for all of us who write what we think, and give a fair review, we don’t mind you being big fans, and we don’t mind when you laud your favorite artists with your praises. That’s all part of it. But we also have a right to voice our critics here. Thats what this site is about. So I could care less if you don’t wanna read anything but good about this single or anything else thats related to country music and posted on this site. If it appears on these pages, it’s fair game. Remember, not everybody likes the same stuff. That’s what keeps art fresh. But don’t wander these pages blind and ignorant. Open your minds to the opinions of others, even when you disagree. Take it as an opportunity to broaden your horizons. Many of you have good points, and I agree with many of them in one way or another. But all I can do is call it like I see it. I give you my name, I welcome your opinion, and respect it even if I disagree. Try a dose of the same…

  13. Okay, guys…cut it out…Country music is not defined by one type or another type. There is pop country, rock country, twangy country, bluegrass country, the list goes on and on. Country music evolves and changes and different sub groups of country music will keep showing up. If you were back in Johnny Cash or Willie Nelson or Merle Haggard’s time, you would be criticizing them for not being “real country” like the original Hank Williams and forefathers of country music.

    Without the constant evolving and changing of the music, the industry would fail. Who wants to hear the exact same song over and over again? Pshh I know I don’t.

    I feel like everyone is criticizing every country artist at one point or another and I guess its never gonna change. Its been going on for years and with each generation a new type will be ushered in. Everyone needs to learn how to deal with that change.

    Don’t come onto a site that plays Rascal Flatts music if you believe that they are Pop and not you type of country. Thats pointless and you are just wasting your time by being on the site if you already dislike them, and personally, I don’t like people slamming, clearly, talented artists and telling them they aren’t what they really are.

    Try to have an open mind about the music business for Pete’s sake.

  14. Sydney,

    With all due respect, nobody would ever have criticized Cash, Nelson, or especially Haggard as not being real country in their time. Cash even put out a Hank Williams tribute album while he was still on Sun Records. They simply don’t work as a parallel to Rascal Flatts. Others do, like John Denver, Olivia Newton-John and The Eagles, but they don’t really help your case.

    I consider Rascal Flatts country in a marketing sense, as in, that’s the format they’re marketed in. Their music has very little connection to the history of country music, but they’re one of the only big acts that actually use Nashville musicians and songwriters, so they’re helping the industry out at least.

    As the site founder of Country Universe, let me address this quickly:

    “Don’t come onto a site that plays Rascal Flatts music if you believe that they are Pop and not you type of country. ”

    I just want to be clear that this site doesn’t play Rascal Flatts music, it just links to another one that does, as an added reference. This way, readers can agree/disagree with the review by listening to it themselves, and then write a response in the comments if they choose to. Everybody here has the right to voice their opinion, no matter how much they may disagree with me or each other. In that sense, Mike Whittaker’s comment upthread actually capture the spirit of the site: this is a place to debate and discuss.

    I tend to stay away from these threads once I finish writing the original post. But dang, they’re getting lively lately! Makes me want to add a message board!

  15. Kevin,

    Though we disagree on varied occassion, I want to take a quick second to thank you for the above post. Thank you for running a fair an objective site. That’s what keeps me, and undoubtly others, coming back. You don’t remove a comment just because you disagree with it, as many sites like this have strong tendancies to do. I love the fact that you allow us all to jump in with both feel, and, as a song on Bobby Pinson’s new album (which I highly reccomend that all jump on itunes and check out) says, you give us the “Right to be Wrong.”

    So thanks for getting it out there, and welcoming all to be heard. And as for the message board, sign me up brother. That would be a blast. Thanks for all your hard work and for keeping Country Universe rolling along!

  16. Kevin, I have to agree wtih Mike on this, thank you for running a fair objective site where music can be discussed in a somewhat intelligent forum. Now while I admittedly fall on the side of a “super fan” in certain artist instances, I do like to hear others opinions about why they love or hate something I feel so passionatly about. Again thanks for the wonderful job you do writing reviews, and offering a great perspective on the music biz. This is fast becoming one of my favorite blogs to read!

  17. i have to agree with the one person up there saying that their is ALL types of country music. Folk, Contemporary, Blue Grass, Southern “pop”, but it all falls under the genre “COUNTRY”.

    I dont get how it sounds pop. Thats it. I dont understand whats going through your mind and ears when you listen to the Rascal Flatts.

    They’re signed to a COUNTRY Label, They go to the CMT awards and the CMA awards, they play country instruments, they sing country lyrics, They’re on GACTV and CMT ALL the time. They’re music is played on a country radio. See how country do you want them to be? They’re VERY unique. They have a different sound thats a different type of country BUT its still country.

    I havent seen so much controversy over the fact that they’re pop or not since they were first starting out.

  18. oK, I’m gunna say this, when people rag on country or Rascal Flatts, it pisses me off. My opinion. I even wrote a research paper about this too. Everyone stereotypes country as “my cat died and my house burnt down” Country music is changing. CONTEMPORARY country IS what Rascal Flatts is. And nobody understands that. I could argue about it for hours, but what good would that do? And, since Rascal Flatts have been my favorite group forever, I can’t give them an A. I think it was good, almost there, but not quite. More like an A-. Another thing is that the genre they were was distinguashed a long time ago. So that topic is done with.

    Why do people seem to bring down country amung sll genres? People find the most things wrong w/ it. I’m not finding what I want to say here, so excuse me for that. Another thing everyone seems to be saying is that fans dont want to hear about it if you don’t like Rascal Flatts. How true that is. I have almost every song they’ve ever done and listen to them constantly. My friends hate it, but others like it. I even got my teachers into them this year. (Constantly talk about them in between classes) What kills me is, I don’t rag on rap, hip-hop, or whatever others listen to. But they have no problem going right ahead with crushing the music I love.

  19. This is a typical Rascal Flatts song, great sound, great lyrics, great harmony, and the guys are true to who they are. They don’t try to do something off the wall to make themselves different. I give them an A+ as usual!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. after hearing the first line of this song i kind of rolled my eyes, because it sounds exaclty like every other song they have ever song. it is so bad that i could just laugh at it. i don’t mind that they are not 100% country, after all neither is keith urban and he is my favorite singer, but this is just bad.

  21. Good Lawd u really hate the Flatts…. You say something about the guys not being country..Look at Kenny Chesney who thinks hes Jimmy Buffet…LOL!!! BTW Rascal Flatts were Rascal Flatts were, in fact, the top selling artist in any genre in 2006, Johnny Cash came in second.. Heres a little more info…

    Rascal Flatts closed out 2006 as the best selling artist of the year in all genres of music. They were named both the #1 Billboard Top 200 Artist of the Year as well as the #1 Country Artist of the Year by the 2006 year-end Billboard magazine, the second consecutive year Billboard has claimed Rascal Flatts as Country Artist of the Year. In addition, they were also named: #1 Top Country Album Artist, #1 Top Country Duo or Group and #1 Top 200 Billboard Artist Duo or Group across all genres of music by Billboard magazine.

    Me and My Gang CD
    Rascal Flatts new and highly anticipated follow up to the quadruple platinum ‘Feels Like Today’ has become the highest selling debut of the year and landed not only on the top of the Country Charts but also on top of the all genre Billboard 200 chart. The disc sold over 250,000 copies in just its first day of release and closed out the week with 721,747 in sales. Even new releases from Pink and the 21st edition of the widely popular NOW compilations could not top those numbers. Only 4 other country artists in the history of Soundscan; Tim McGraw, Dixie Chicks, Garth Brooks, and Shania Twain; have sold over 700,000 copies in one week. In addition only 24 artists in any genre have completed this feat placing Rascal Flatts in the likes of U2 and Eminem. That is pretty impresive company

    named the 2005 Country Artist of the Year by the Billboard Monitor. Rascal Flatts’ win was a first for in the Monitors 13 year history as this award has only been won by solo male artists in the past. The guys spent a total of 8 weeks at the top of the Billboard Charts with ‘Bless the Broken Road’ and ‘Fast Cars and Freedom,’ and Skin (which peaked at number 2) remained on the chart for an amazing 35 weeks

  22. I would just like to say to mike whitaker – that you need to get a grip. Do you have nothing better to do with your life, than to just sit on the computer looking who you can criticize next? Yes, this sight is all about opinions, and you have a right to voice yours. But there is no need to respond to almost everybody’s opinion about you or about how much they love Rascal Flatts. You pretty much despise Rascal Flatts, I think everybody gets that. There’s no need keep making your voice heard – everybody gets it. Plus, if you are going to continue to be rude about the band, people have a right to say something about that in defense. Don’t go on trying to make a point. It’s already been given.



  24. I’m commenting so long after the fact because I’ve recently discovered this site and love it! Great work Kevin. It’s amazing to me that this band continuously sounds awful on every live television show that they’re on. I’ll admit that Gary’s voice sounds slick on their records, but when they’re live, I wonder how much polishing up they have to do on those records. Maybe his voice just doesn’t work with sound systems or something. This song doesn’t do anything for me because I’m not a Flatts fan and I’m not much of a Kenny Chesney (the one who co-wrote the song). I’m almost afraid to say this, knowing what passionate fans these people have. I’m just glad nobody knows where I live.

  25. What girl wouldn’t be love being told that the guy you’re with wants to you to take you to the depths of your soul so he can make it better. Yeah, maybe that guy doesn’t exist, but thank goodness that Rascal Flatts lets us believe he does.

    And I would once again like to thank this website for being anti-Rascal Flatts. Quit trying to look for songs that change the world and just look at the rawness of the emotion. This song isn’t written to be another “What Were You Doing When The World Stopped Turning”… but if you used a line of this on a girl… I’m sure she’d at least stop and take a glance at you. Well, maybe it would change your world then…

  26. Rascal called take me there is a real great love song.they are so must see them in concert you will be at.

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