Review: Heartland, “Once a Woman Gets a Hold of Your Heart”

This is the kind of faceless vocal group radio fodder that has been present ever since Alabama spent the early eighties as the big dogs, the equivalent of the faceless hat act radio fodder that’s been around since George Strait first went platinum.    You’ve heard songs just like this before from Exile, Restless Heart, Lonestar, Ricochet, etc., etc.    It’s already on the way out of your head as soon as it works its way in.    Skip it.

Grade:  C-

Listen: Once a Woman Gets a Hold of Your Heart


  1. Heartland’s going to have to do something drastic soon or else they’ll forever be the “I Loved Her First” band that never had another hit.

  2. This is a great song by Heartland. It really shows their vocal ability. This is a great band that has alot to offer and I will be behind these guys 100% in their career. The people leaving bad reviews probably like crap like “HONKY TONK BADONKAKONG,” Come on guys clean your ears out, you need to buy their CD befor making judgements.

  3. I don’t like or hate the song; I’ve never heard it. But they need to release something memorable soon to get “I Loved Her First” played less often on radio. That’s all. I think they’re a talented band (I liked “Built to Last,” which just had bad timing what with it being another waltz and right when they were dropped from their label). And I HATE “Honky Tonk Badonkadonk.”

  4. If you have seen these guys live, then you know they are not going to be just a one hit wonder. And I have heard far worse stuff on the radio than their new single. I think its great. They just got put in a bad catagory with I loved her first. They “Rock” live. I think they only played one slow song the whole concert. Anyway, just my opinion.

  5. I think being the 4th most added song in country music this week is doing pretty well. They were 4th only behind Garth, Strait, and Chesney. Gained 26 spots this week and sit at 48 in only 4 weeks. That might not be tearing up the charts, but it dosent suck!

  6. They left their old label. They were not dropped. I think I should know. That’s why it took time to get things going again…. AND it was their old label that released “Built To Last”… Not the guys choice at all…. They even knew better than that.

  7. Hey, “Someone,” I liked their first CD and thought it was good for them and Lofton Creek to get the success that they did with “I Loved Her First.” I thought the southern rock stuff would’ve been better choices for singles and maybe Built To Last later on. Oh well, hopefully for them they get a real shot with their new label.

  8. great energy live new song just needs exposure then it will be top 10 minimum video will push it 2 the top 6 goodlooking high energy guys women and teens will buy cds request song on your local station and turn it up high jason alberts voice is golden and versatile i rate it 90 and ill buy there cd someone who knows thxxx

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