Trace Adkins, “I Got My Game On”

So, here it is.   The single that Adkins couldn’t wait to get out, so much that he gave up on the stellar “I Wanna Feel Something.”    Was it worth it?  Well, given that radio probably wasn’t going to come around anyway, this hilarious ego romp might get him the chart action that he’s looking for.     It’s not as substantive as the ballad he killed for it, of course, but that’s comparing apples to oranges.   This is far better than his novelty hit “Swing”.  I smiled the whole way through.

Grade: B+

Listen: I Got My Game On


  1. I absolutely LOVE it. Trace is awesome and i love all his songs,videos, and i just know that his book will be a best seller also. I cant wait for either one to hit the shelves.


  2. Although Traces comments made me less of a fan putting him off as arogent and egotistic, he proves he always delivers.

    In admitance of my overreacting about his comments of impatience, I blame radio for that truth and hope to God they give this song the attention it deserves.

  3. THe fault isn’t with Radio. Longer shelf life is because people listen to radio less, so songs expire less quickly. Trace’s attitude is going to hurt him, because radio has to make a choice whether or not to commit to a song in its early stages.

  4. Radio has to make a choice whether or not to commit a song in its early stages? That’s the exact opposite of what radio is doing these days. If they were committing early, it wouldn’t take so darn long for most songs to reach the upper positions on the chart.

  5. Love it……Sounds like Trace has another #1 hit!!! Jamey Johnson is writter on this song also so go Jamey and Trace straight to the top!!!!!!!

  6. I love this song. It is going to be an other #1 hit for Trace. It would really make a great concert opening song for sure. Way to go Trace! Can’t wait till the new CD comes out in December.

  7. No–radio commits eary and the song gestates. You have a small handfull of stations that keep spinning a song at low rotations. If you look at “Moments” or “Find Out Who Your Friends Are” (for recent examples) you see songs that however around the bottom of the charts and then, seemingly out of nowhere, rise up. But it’s not out of nowhere, because a core group has ben spinning them from the start.

  8. Cowboy Blue says—-“Although Traces comments made me less of a fan putting him off as arogent and egotistic, he proves he always delivers. ”
    Trace is a realist—– not arrogant or an egotist—if his new releases don’t grab radio right away—-they aren’t going to—no matter how good they are — —he has made a prudent decision I think.

  9. CHROMEfan, when Trace stated what he did I was really pissed off because it sounded as if he just wanted to releases I Wanna Feel Somthing and never wanted to try to get it anywhere. because its one of his best songs I was offended by the fact that he didn’t want to try. But you are right, he is a realist and radio probably wasn’t going to turn around. I promised not to be his fan anymore if this single wasn’t as good as it should be for him to throw away a great song and he delivered, as usual, so my thought about him that I had after his comment have changed completely. I misunderstood his reasonign for it because I loved the song so much.

  10. Cowboy—I’ve watched radio screw with Trace for 10 years—-For some reason they will not push his ballads—-we all know it now–even tho WE love the ballads—they will continue to be our little secret (heard only on his CDs—(like The Stubborn One —one of my very favorites) —–because no one in radio wants Trace to do them—I think they have pegged him in a certain hole and that is where he will stay—if he continues in this business he has to play to radio——I agree with you—I love IWFS too—it speaks to a lot of us.

  11. “I Got My Game On” is a great song. I also think there could have more releases from Dangerous Man. Yes radio does not give him any advantages, i think they are wrong for that. I am from Louisiana, and not even the stations here does him justice and believe me i complain all the time. I live in the middle of two big radio stations here (about an hour for each) and niether will support him from the other city. I think this is very sad.

  12. If “Ladies Love Country Boys” had been released before “Swing” instead of after, “I Wanna Feel Something” would be in the top 10 right now, just because the former would have fallen just far enough down the recurrent charts to not harm it as much, and radio stations would have been more eager to rid their playlists from the atrocity that was “Swing.” But that would have meant “Swing” probably couldn’t have even been released, as that would peg it for a November/December 2006 release date, just outside of baseball season. Oh wait, “Swing” not being a single as a result? I guess that would have made things even sweeter.

  13. On a side note, what’s the chances of him even releasing a ballad again at this point? His last two non-uptempo/joking songs (Arlington and IWFS) have been pulled during their chart run, so who would actively support another ballad knowing full well it might stop being supported after 10-15 weeks?

  14. I think Trace let a couple of his best songs off the Dangerous Man CD go. I absolutely loved the songs “Ain’t No Woman Like You” and “Southern Hallelujah”. ChromeFan, I have to agree with you about “The Stubborn One” I really thought this song was written about my father, it was great too.

  15. OMG!!!! What a man! Love his voice…..and it’s his attitude that makes him that much more sweet! Right now I can’t seem him hurting himself at all……. he’s hot…and I don’t mean just his bod looks etc…… he’s just plain HOT!!!!!

  16. I think it’s sad that IWFS didn’t get more expousure, because when I first listened to Dangerous Man it instantly became my favorite song. Because of that I’m having a hard time gettinf into this one. It’s way better than Swing, but coming off of IWFS it doesn’t appeal to me. It’s also having trouble climbing the charts I’ve noticed. C+

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