Kellie Pickler, “Things That Never Cross a Man’s Mind”

You know what? I enjoyed listening to this a lot. I smiled, I laughed a few times. It reminded me of Pickler when she was at her most endearing on Idol. Her personality shines through and the song itself is quite clever.

Listen, if Mindy McCready isn’t going to get her act together and reclaim her quirky little niche in country music, Kellie Pickler might as well fill in for her!

Grade: A-

Listen: Things That Never Cross a Man’s Mind

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  1. I love this song.. and your right it has Kellie’s great personality, fun, upbeat..I love to watch Kellie sing TTNCAMM.. If you have not bought small town girl, I would advise you to do so.. great CD Also my husband loves this song. So every one needs to request Kellies things that never cross a man’s mind.. you will love it.

  2. This is easily the best song on the CD. If the rest of the CD were anywhere near as good as this number, I would have bought the CD. Instead I will wait until I find it used or in a cut-out bin

  3. kellie pickler really irritates me, mainly because of her personality but i actually don’t mind this song. i don’t love it, but she does a good job with it

  4. Kellie Pickler is one of the best new country/pop artists to come along. Check her out on utube….she sings great , is hot and really appreciates her fans. Do a utube search for kellie pickler – queen creek. She averages about 3 concerts a week like this one plus TV/ radio spots and her charity work. GO KELLIE GO !

  5. Let me put it this way. Not only this song, but the whole rest of Kellie’s album makes someones like Carrie’s album sound like crap in comparison. Thus for the reason for the idiotic comments left here by Carrie fans. But don’t take my word for it. Go listens to the albums and see for yourself.

  6. This is the best overall album I have ever purchased. I usually like one or two songs on a album but I like all of them on Kellie’s Small Town Girl. When you consider she put this together while touring with American Idol and writing songs on the phone you wonder what her next one will be like when she has the time to really devote to it. I am amazed at what she has accomplished in such a short time. Things that Never Cross a Mans Mind is not my favorite on the album but like I said it is all good. What is best is that she is such a good person and appreciates all the good furtune she has had.

  7. Kellie rocks! I love her and have seen her live 3 times! This is a good song, but with a listen of her album, there’s many other songs with more single potential. I wish a video was shot for this song! I’ve met her, and she was so sweet and just how she appears: nice, naive and lovable!! Meeting her was the highlight of my life so far!! The Queen Creek video on Youtube with Kellie Pickler is actually a video I filmed at a concert I went to. She rocked the house and the quality is GREAT! I just saw at Country Thunder, and if you live in Texas or Wisconsin, go see her. She’ll be at all the Country Thunders!

    Kellie’s great and thanks for postin’ about her! Can’t wait for her new single debut at the ACM’s!

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