Halfway to Hazard, “The Devil and the Cross”

Similar in theme to the recent Big & Rich single “Between Raising Hell and Amazing Grace”, but stronger in execution.    The “prodigal son” theme has been done before, but by weaving in a believable storyline, it doesn’t sound like a pointless retread.

My biggest criticism of the Big & Rich single was its plodding pace.  Thankfully, Halfway to Hazard don’t make the same mistake.  “The Devil and the Cross” is lifted up by strong vocals and punchy production.    Given the chance, this might be the breakthrough at radio that this young duo needs.

Grade: B

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  1. Finally we agree, Kevin. I think that’s all I need to say about that. This song is indeed my favorite on the CD. However, there are many tunes, as of yet unrecoreded for Mercury, that these two artists have written that are phenomenal. I hope radio does what it should do-play this single and let the fans decide for themselves. It’s a great song, and it needs some airtime! If it gets it, I am sure these two guys have a hit!

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