Sugarland covers Beyoncé

Jonathan from over at Slant gave me the heads up today about this video circulating on YouTube. Apparently Sugarland has been doing quite the unexpected cover song in concert lately:

When I first heard “Irreplaceable”, I thought the acoustic guitar gave it a bit of a country flavor, but it was a straight-up R&B hit nonetheless. It’s also one of the best songs from the past year, with a relentless hook (“To the left, to the left”) and as Sugarland proves, a great song can find a home in any genre. It’s good to see a young, mainstream act realizing what veterans like Dolly Parton, Emmylou Harris and the late Johnny Cash discovered years ago.

Speaking of Sugarland, have you noticed their album sales have been consistently rising since they released the video for “Stay”, with scans now over 1.23 million units? I didn’t think that Enjoy the Ride had a shot at matching the Twice the Speed of Life numbers, but if album sales are spiking so quickly, this could be a career record for them.

If you’ve missed the powerful video, check it out now:


  1. I saw sugarland open up for kenny last month, and they did Irreplaceable….it was interesting to say the least, but definitely fun for the audience to sing along to while drinking…lol

  2. Oooh…Any chance I had of becoming a Sugarland fan went out the window with that cover song. I could barely listen to the whole thing. Jennifer Nettles definitely has one of those love it or leave it voices…

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