Patty Griffin, “No Bad News”

So who the hell is Patty Griffin, anyway? If you’re asking that question, I highly recommend clicking through and hearing one of Americana’s most consistently interesting and incisive songwriters. Here, she emphatically rejects fear and those who promote it, choosing instead to push to get to know the strangers around us until they aren’t strangers anymore. Political message? Perhaps, but I read it more as a call to discard all of those assumptions of ill intentions that we make about the people in our life, and choose instead to believe the best about them, even if we end up wrong in the end. Open the doors, instead of close them. Music to my ears.

Grade: A-

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  1. Love her, Lover her, Lover her!!!

    that being said, I can see where your interpretation of the song is coming from…i kinda get that too…believe the best about people even if it turns out to be the wrong decision

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