Billy Joe Shaver featuring Marty Stuart, “Winning Again”

Ever wonder what the Benny Hill music might sound like if it was twanged up from here to hog heaven? I do believe it would resemble the relentlessly addictive hillbilly jam that backs “Winning Again,” an unsurprisingly solid collaboration between two veterans with cred to spare.

Religious songs always sound better when they’re more tent revival than suburban Sunday service. Burning with the fire of the newly converted, the joy of praise radiates from start to finish.

Grade: A

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  1. Infectious. Addictive. Fantastically played, and supurbly delivered. And sadly, destined to be ignored by the mainstream.

    It kills me. The sad state of country radio destines this song to recieve VERY minimal play, as we wait patiently for Billy Joe to die so we can, on a level that varies, lament that we never appreciated him for the greatness he offered. It really pains me that we failed to learn from the way the mainstream neglected Johnny Cash prior to his passing. We still do the same damn thing today, and, outside of Texas, we’ve done it to Shaver for years. We’ve done it to Porter Wagoner. His remake of “Committed to Parkview” has fallen through the cracks, and most will never hear it. This single will follow it to oblivion. And we will all regret it later. I’ll even wager that this comment will go into the file with “Parkview’s” and be sparsly followed up on. It seems nobody cares. And perhaps they don’t, but I firmly do. Perhaps I’m too rooted in the roots to see the new branches, but I like it down here. Anybody down here with me?

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