Bon Jovi featuring LeAnn Rimes, “Till We Ain’t Strangers Anymore”

This is featured on the latest studio albums from both artists. It’s a high point on the Bon Jovi set, where Rimes injects some needed vibrancy with her soaring vocals. Tacked on the end of Rimes’ Family, however, it’s a low point, an unnecessary addition to a personal and fully satisfying collection of her own compositions. I get the whole synergy thing, and it’s a pretty good single, but when a masterpiece like “What I Cannot Change” is waiting in the wings, it seems such a waste of Rimes’ limited radio space to spend it on this duet.

Grade: B

Listen: Till We Ain’t Strangers Anymore

Buy: Till We Ain’t Strangers Anymore


  1. Definatly more country than Make A Memory. i’m surprised with all the crossover fans that bon Jovi havn’t had much luck on the country charts with this or Make A Memory .Well this one’s still young so maybe they can leave their mark.

  2. Is this being promoted as an official single for Rimes? I can see why they’d promote it for Bon Jovi, since their Lost Highway project seems to have stalled, and it’s one of the better tracks from that album.

    But for Rimes? Like you said, she has much, much better material on her album (really, how great is “What I Cannot Change”?). But, moreover, “Nothin’ Better to Do” is still making a slow climb up the charts– it’s up to #15 on the Mediabase tracking. So why kill its momentum by releasing another single now?

  3. I think you totally missed it with this one. This is going to be a hit for both of them. The live performance of this is wonderful. The video is great too. My persinal opinion is that they work very well together. It is nice when you see 2 artist from different spectrums get together it bridges that gap.

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