Whiskey Falls, “Falling into You”

So many country singles sound exactly the same in terms of production, particularly with new acts, that it’s a bit jarring hearing the guitar player not do what you expect him to do, or hearing a lead vocalist that doesn’t overpower the guys backing him up, but sings with them instead. “Falling into You” doesn’t pack the emotional punch of their first single, “Last Train Running”, but it establishes that they can sing a love song just as effectively as one with a larger message. These guys are good.

Grade: B+

Listen: Falling into You

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  1. I was concerned at first that this was a Celine Dion cover…

    The production on this reminds me of the new Little Big Town album, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. But I agree that it’s not as memorable as “Last Train Running.”

  2. They have released the two best song off the album. Musically their singles have amaized me, but the album in its entirety was disapointing from what i had expected from them.

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