Tracy Lawrence, “‘Til I Was a Daddy Too”

Tracy Lawrence was one of the very best singles artists of the early and middle nineties, rattling off one top five hit after another, each one of them catchy and memorable enough at the time. Lawrence returned to the top with “Find Out Who Your Friends Are”, and is looking to continue the streak with “‘Til I Was a Daddy Too.” True to form, he’s got himself a great song. It doesn’t reach its full potential, however, because of anemic production and a surprisingly weak vocal performance. Lawrence shouldn’t be singing a piano ballad in the first place, but even a strange backdrop for his vocals can’t explain away the mediocre singing. His voice sounds shot.

Grade: B

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  1. How in the world could you say Tracy’s voice sounded “shot” ? Did you really listen to the song ? I do agree that it might not be his best, but to say that it was a weak vocal and his voice is shot is completely ridiculous ! His voice quality is just as great today as it was back in the 90’s and on most things it’s even better !

    JMO !

  2. I seriously wonder where you got the idea his voice was shot. i personally think this is one of his most memorable singles for me. To see him perform this lave was an even better experience. Tracy is one of todays most underestimated artists and hopefully he won’t fall victim to what is destroying Trace Adkins, country radio’s continuous playing of his recent #1 instead of his new stuff. I actually like hearing a piano balled from Tracy. i think it lightens up the performance very well and gives a new side of him people really need to hear to understand how great he really is.

  3. I agree with the others on this one so obviously you must have missed something. I suggest you go back and listen to this song again because Tracy Lawrence is at the prime of his career and we’ve only just begun to see what he can deliver. If this song didn’t knock you off your feet, then you must have had problems hearing. No matter what cd of Tracy’s you listen to, his voice flows through each song delivering in a classic, country baritone that can’t be mistaken for anything other than perfect. Whether it’s a ballad or rocking rowdy number, Tracy ALWAYS delivers–sorry you failed to see what is so obvious to everyone else.

  4. I don’t see how you can say Tracy Lawrence’s voice is shot!! He has a VERY strong voice and it shows through in ALL his songs!! If anything his voice has gotten stronger!! He puts everything he has into his songs! Maybe you need to listen to his songs again because you obviously missed something!!

  5. How in the world did you ever come to that conclusion that his voice was shot. Tracy is one of the most under estimated artist in Nashville. His voice is even better today that it was back in the 90’s. I am going to chalk your opinion up those of a movie critic. If they say the movie is good it stinks, if they say the movie stinks the movie is great. Opinions are like buttholes eveyone has one

  6. What I would like to say to you would not be very lady like …. I agree with what Brenda said about opinions. Its too bad you didnt “really” listen to this wonderful song by this fantastic man with the very best voice in country music. I do feel sorry for you that you are such a poor judge of talent …..

  7. Have to say, i agree with the others who’ve responded, Tracy’s vocal sounds solid to me. I think he delivered this uptempo ballad nicely. I wouldn’t say the song breaks the mold but it’s sweet & has some substance to it.

  8. I’m gonna have to agree with Kevin and Roger here. I am a huge Tracy Lawrence fan; I have all of his CDs. I was very happy with “Find Out Who Your Friends Are”, especially coming from someone who knew the truthfulness of the lyric. I, however, was less than impressed with this song. I much prefer Travis Tritt’s “I See Me”, which did not receive the attention it deserved, but expresses the same sentiment with much more heart. The Tracy song just seemed bland/boring. I want to like it because I like Tracy, but I do not like it. I’m not big on the over the top piano thing either; it’s too eighties for me.

  9. I agree with the review, his voice is real bad. This song is pretty good, but the vocal is making me cringe. I don’t know what happened to his voice, in “Find Out Who Your Friends Are”, his vocal was pretty good, here it just ruins the song.

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