Question of the Day: Next Year’s Best Touring Pair

It’s just been announced that Alison Krauss & Robert Plant will tour next year. That’s hot on the heels of quite a few other superstar pairings that are hitting the road next year.


My question: Which of the following combos do you want to see the most?


  • Alison Krauss & Robert Plant
  • Emmylou Harris & Patty Griffin
  • Keith Urban & Carrie Underwood
  • Reba McEntire & Kelly Clarkson
  • Kenny Chesney & LeAnn Rimes

I’m definitely down for the Urban/Underwood and Harris/Griffin shows, so I can cross four more artists off my ever-shrinking “gotta see at least once” list. If, as rumored, the Chicks tour with the Eagles, I’ll be buying the cheap seats for that, too, assuming the “cheap seats” are under $80.


How about you? Got a favorite on this list, or one that I left off?


  1. Of what I’ve heard from “Raising Sand” I would be most excited to see Robert Plant and Alison Krauss followed very closely by Emmylou Harris & Patty Griffin.

    I wonder how much tickets to Plant & Krauss would be…

  2. I just bought tickets to Urban/Underwood this past weekend so i guess I’d have to put that on the top of my list. I saw Urban 2 years ago with Little Big Town and he was great.

    I’ve seen Reba several times, but its been over 7 years since I have. And I’d love to see Kelly Clarkson so that would be on my list.

    But if they came anywhere near me, the Griffin and Harris would be at the top of my list. I’m obssessed with Griffin’s latest CD.

  3. Probably Urban and Underwood – it’s the only pairing where I really like both artists (or acts) involved. The Chesney and Rimes pairing I might go see if the tickets were cheap enough (say $25)

  4. What about the concert involving Kenny Chesney/ Keith Urban/LeAnn Rimes/ and Gary Allan?

    Out of the ones you listed though, I’d have to say the Harris/Griffin concert.

  5. Harris and Griffin will be playing here in January, joined by Shawn Colvin and Buddy Miller. So I’m definitely planning on going to that show.

    The thing that bugs me about the Krauss / Plant album is that the amount of obvious auto-tune used on his voice is almost as bad as any record Chesney’s ever put out. And if you’re going to sing with someone like Alison Krauss, you should really be able to hold pitch. That doesn’t bode well for their tour together.

  6. I want to see Kenny and LeAnn! Keith/Carrie would be good too, but I just saw Keith this past summer, so I can wait to see Carrie another time. Give her some more time to work on her stage presence.

  7. Harris/Griffin, on the strength of Griffin alone. I don’t mean to blaspheme, but I think Emmylou’s singing has gotten considerably less pleasant as she’s aged. But I bet they’d team up on some great stuff.

    Krauss/Plant would be great too, if only to see what else they covered once they wore through all of the Raising Sand tracks.



    and so do leann rimes fans!!!!

    whoo hoo! cannot wait for 08!!!

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