Review: Eli Young Band, "When it Rains"

This is smart, in a nineties grunge kind of way. It has a melancholy undercurrent that pulsates throughout

the track. There’s almost a Rubber Soul quality to the melody, and the vocal goes for authenticity rather than perfection. It’s not often I go right to iTunes to buy a single after the first listen, but this one’s in my personal collection already. I’m really digging it.
Grade: A

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  1. Hey Kevin,

    Did you know that this is from their record “Level” that they released in 2005? I just saw that they re-mixed it so perhaps that’s why it’s getting a push now. It’s a very good song.

  2. WOW!! I really love that song. I’ve never herad of this group/band. Is the rest of their stuff this good? Suggestions on a good CD to pick up of theirs?

  3. hey, if you like this song, i reccomend going to get the whole cd…best song “thats the way”…cd is incredible…they’re all hits

  4. Kevin: Good thing you’re in no rush to get to iTunes to find this. It ain’t there.

    P.S. This song’s been out for *ages* now and it’s just now in the Top 40. Talk about longevity.

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