Review: Carrie Underwood, "All American Girl"

The second single from Carrie Underwood’s sophomore album is a bit better than the first.  “So Small” was drenched in production, but “All-American Girl” keeps it simple. There’s fiddle instead of strings, and Underwood opts for cool vocal licks over power notes. The song itself doesn’t exactly break new lyrical ground, but it’s a cute enough celebration of the father-daughter relationship. It’s not as clever as “Cleaning this Gun (Come On in Boy),” but it’s not as nauseatingly sweet as “Stealing Cinderella,”

It’s my belief that Carrie Underwood is going to have a long career ahead of her. This might not be one of the songs that she’s remembered for in the long run, but it’s an enjoyable single nonetheless. Hopefully in the new year, we’ll get “Just a Dream” and “I Know You Won’t” out there. No need to bring out the big guns yet, when the album’s still selling like hotcakes!

Grade: B+

Written by Ashley Gorley, Kelley Lovelace & Carrie Underwood



  1. This is definetly a cute song, and great to sing along too! Even if trying to hit that one note sounds like I am killing cats.

    I can’t wait til “Just a Dream” is released though!

  2. She better release “Just A Dream” it’s been so long sense a song that powerful has made the airwave. In my opinion it would trump andy of Carrie’s songs thus far and thats a bold statement in its own.

  3. B+? This song seems to rush through its storyline in service of the melody and the vocal performance. I’m not sure why I’m supposed to care about any of the people in this song, and it certainly doesn’t give a lot of richness to the father-daughter relationships described. Now, songs like “Stealing Cinderella” and “I Loved Her First” do that part better, but those are more appropriate for weddings. I like the idea of an upbeat song talking about father-daughter relationships, but this doesn’t do it for me.

  4. I have no doubt that Carrie will continue to sell well into the future, but are any of her songs truly memorable? Some cliches work in country, but others are empty. Her music seems very forgettable. Am I alone? I feel like I’ve heard All-American Girl before…

  5. I love this song. All American Girl is another winner for Ms. Underwood. There are more powerful songs on Carnival Ride but this is very country and country is where Carrie’s heart is. Iapplaud her for sticking to her guns and keeping her songs country when so many other artist change their songs to appeal to the pop audience. We are lucky to have such a wonderful, intelligent, honest, humble, and down home person in this industry.

  6. We have the same taste of music!!! “Just A Dream” and “I Know You Won’t” are my Top 2 favorite. These are the Top Guns of “Carnival Ride” album.

    “All-American Girl” has a great quality of “SWING BEAT”. IT IS AN EASY LISTENING HIT WITH A VERY INFECTIOUS MELODY, a melody that swings. If you are in the dance halls, you do not want to miss this song and you will be swinging your body and hands even right at the chair going to the dance floor. “Carnival Ride” album is already 2X Platinum in just seven weeks of it’s release and “All-American Girl” will bring “Carnival Ride” to 4X Platinum fast!!!

  7. I think they were smart to release an upbeat song after “So Small”. “Just a Dream” and “I Know You Won’t” are my favorites on the album and I’m sure they will both be released as singles. They will probably throw in another upbeat song like “Flat On The Floor” or “Last Name” in between. They did so well picking the order off the first album that I’m sure they will do well this time too. Carrie is going to be around for a long time. I have no doubt. To the person who said her songs are forgettable, her continued success and #1 songs will prove you wrong.

  8. You are perfectly, right Jan. Forgettable? Give me a break… Plllleeeeaaaasssseeee…Countless awards from all major music award organizations in the United States and lately nominated for four times for Grammy including Country Song Of The Year and Song Of The Year…Six #1 hit singles including “Inside Your Heaven”…Selling 6.1 million “Some Hearts” album after 108 weeks and still selling 23K for week 108 and “Carnival Ride” album is already 2X Platinum after just seven weeks. “All-American Girl” will easily climb to #1 based on how fast country radio is embracing it right now. It is just an easy listening hit, a music that swings. It is a very polished and very infectious sound!!!

  9. this is the first song by carrie underwood in which i don’t think the vocals have been up to par with her talent. i think at many parts they sound very unclear. she ususally has excellent vocals on every song, but i don’t think this one is the same level as her other singles or the songs on carnival ride. however, having the amazing voice that she has, that still means that they are better than the average song. the song itself it cute though and fun to listen to

  10. I’m hoping Carrie will put out “Just a Dream” and “You won’t find this” or maybe “I told you so.” They’re the best songs from the album. It would be a shame not to release them.

  11. This is ok I guess. Probably one of the worst vocal performances by her on a single. She seems too try so hard that she messes up at the end of the verses. The melody is very catchy though. Not saying the vocals are horrible, but she has had amazing vocals on other singles and this one she just tries really hard, sorta like her last 2 singles. She just seems too be releasing weaker material, every song just isn’t quite as good as the last (with a few exceptions).

  12. I don’t know anything about the history of this song, but it reminded me of a song that Lisa Brokop would record when I heard it the other day.

  13. The song that carrie has produced is a wonderful song. i will use All American Girl for a huge project for Language Arts. The project is A song About Me. this sond describes my life soo much thank you for making this song i will be listening for more good sonds!! luv ya!

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