Randy Owen, “Braid My Hair”

I wasn’t aware that Randy Owen was planning on doing any solo recordings, especially since Alabama is still putting out new studio albums.     That band’s long-standing association with St. Jude’s Children Hospital makes the subject of “Braid My Hair” less surprising than it normally would be: a young girl with cancer wishing to be strong again, so she can do things that other girls do, including braiding her hair.

Cancer doesn’t surface in nearly as many songs as you’d expect, given just how widespread the impact of the disease is.   Owen, thankfully, sidesteps any cloying appeals to emotion with his delivery, which is sincere, not manipulative.

Written by Christopher Gray & Brent Wilson

Grade: B+

Listen:  Braid My Hair


  1. The “group” ALABAMA is not involved with St. Jude. Randy Owen is the only one that has been involved with this wonderful hospital. (This is a common misconception.)

    Great song….great singer….great cause!!!!!

  2. I wonder if he will be as big alone as he was with Alabama. Personally I believe that if this song has anything to do with it, it will be a yes. One of country’s greatest singers singing one of todays most powerful songs the way its supposed to be. I give it an A+. I actually fail to see the flaws that you find in this one.

  3. I met Randy Owen at the annual Country Cares benefit in Memphis this week, and was honored to shake his hand and thank him for everything that he has done for St. Jude and for what he has done to raise awareness for childhood cancer. My son Ty is a St. Jude patient and cancer survivor because of great men like Danny Thomas and Randy Owen. God Speed Randy Owen, “Braid My Hair” is already No 1 in my charts.

  4. God bless you Randy Owen!
    My son Logan is 9 years old and has fought ALL leukemia since Dec. 2005. He had a bone marrow transplant in April 2007 at Vanderbilt Children’s Hospital in Nashville.
    Your song says the simple things that our kids miss out on!
    I remember one day when Logan said IF I grow up I want to……..We pray and now we never say “IF” anymore.
    Keep on keeping on Randy Owen!
    Love & prayers,
    Team Logan
    Johna, John, Logan & Connor Miller and Ma

  5. Randy Owen is the best singer ever. No matter what he sings I love it. So glad to have him back!!!! I have missed him. When I die his songs will be playing at my funeral.

  6. I also wanted to say I hope this inspirres people to give to Locks of Love. My little five year old granddaughter Abigail just had her cut off and gave it to the Locks of Love. We were so proud of her. She said when she when it grows back out she is giving it again.

  7. I think Randy Owens is a wonderful singer. I hope this inspires people to give to locks of Love. I have a granddaughter who is 3 she doesn’t have cancer but she has alot of medical problems. She has never been able to do anything like other kids do. But I am very proud of her and love her very much. Good Job Randy!!

  8. While the song is nice and all. I don’t think radio will make it a hit song. The song is too depressing. Have you listened to the other new songs he has? They sound over produced and some songs it seems he is too old to sing. I think Alabama needs to take it back on the road and make some real music again.

  9. Thanks for singing this song. My 7 year old daughter doesn’t have cancer but she does have a rare lung disease that requires chemo type drugs to treat her illness. I heard this song as I was sitting with her in the hospital. She will not leave her room cause she has to wear a mask. The one thing she always says when taking her mask off is “finally fresh air” Thank you for helping to raise awareness for all the sick kids out there.

  10. Thanks, Randy, for a great song! We have SO many sick kids (and adults) in the area where I live that this song will be a big hit with everyone I know. I have always loved Alabama … but most of all Randy’s great vocals … good to hear him singing again. Just hope that the record company pushes this to the radio stations. Thanks for a great song!

  11. I am 20 yrs old and so far have donated my hair something like five or six time and am about to cut it off and do it again. I make presentations and talk about locks of love and will definately be using this song. It says everything I want everyone to know about the many little girls and boys that I have worked with. All they want to do is be a normal kid.

  12. Not only is this song simply amazing and heart felt, but the inspiration it has given cancer patients and their families brings it to a whole different level. On his website, http://www.randyowen.com, there are personal stories submitted by the ppl that have been effected and inspired by “Braid My Hair.” People are posting new stories every day…there are already over 100.

  13. My daughter has donated her hair twice to locks of love and I have donated mine once. My daughter is ready to donate again in June this time she will make 2 donations at once. She has such long lovely hair that she want other children to be able to have. Randy I just love this song. I didn’t know the name of it and had to do a lot of reserach to actually find it. Please keep up the good work with the children.

  14. st jude has a speicial place ..I wish we did not all the sick childern . when my grandbabys are born st jude would be there for us .All I want is happy healthy baby. kids want are kids to fly kits skin there knees out side “”and braide there hair. I remember my grandma braiding my on the front porch. sing church songs those remember that for ever ST JUDE ALWAYS TOUCHS MY HEART GOG BLESS EVERYONE

  15. My great grandaughter, Carlie, is 3 years old and has quickly become “my hero.” Carlie was diagnosed with Leukemia in August of 2007 and has been going through tremendous chemo treatment and has, of course, lost her hair. Her attitude and commitment to getting well are a tribute to her parents and her wonderful doctors who have led her every step of the way. She said the other day that “soon her hair will come back and she wants it to “be as long as Rapunzel’s hair.” Your song, although bringing tears to our eyes, is a tribute to all children who suffer with childhood cancer. God bless you for bringing their suffering to the ears of so many!!! May those who are not stricken with this disease in their family thank God every day that they don’t have to listen to their little ones say, “Someday, Daddy, can I make snow angels in the snow again?, and “Braid my hair.” Thanks for loving these kids enough to sing this song for them!!!! Sincerely, Susie

  16. My precious 6 year old friend, Madelyn Beamon, who became my very heart in the four years I knew her will be in the video for this song. She had met Randy Owen severl times in his great work for St. Jude. She tiptoed into the arms of Jesus on 02/02/2008, four years to the day of her first cancer treatmenta and the song was played for her at her Celebration of Life service. I know she is now “Braiding her hair”. She was all about being a girly girl and she did it so well even while she fought the BEAST called cancer. God Bless you, Randy Owen and all those who help our kids. God Bless all the doctors, nurses, researchers and Partners in Hope, And most of all, God Bless our little ones who continue to fight this BEAST.

    In God’s Love, Donna

  17. I am 16 but when I was 10 I was diognosed with a cancerouse brain tumar I am in remition now for 5 years.I have donated to locks of love and received hair from them I love this song

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