Trace Adkins, “You’re Gonna Miss This”

I suppose that the heart is properly placed here, with the older generation warning a young woman to appreciate each stage of her life as she’s experiencing it, rather than pining for what’s still to come. But by always speaking in the voice of the older generation – first mom, then dad, then an older woman fixing the water heater – it’s hard to get a handle on the woman herself here.

The end result is a feeling of condescension, perhaps even a little contempt, toward the character, and since the chorus is in the second person, that attitude is inadvertently directed at the listener as well.

Written by Ashley Gorley & Lee Thomas Miller

Grade: B-

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  1. A+. I think the song and story are well written. The point isn’t to understand the girl and her longing, but to undertsand the wisdom and knowledge of the older characters through which he sings. The chorus brings out just how powerful this songs message really is. Personally I think its crazy to give this song anything less than an A.

  2. I agree with Cowboy Blue that this is a really good song. Touching lyrics, lots of emotion, and a good story. And very relatable. Who hasn’t not enjoyed something as much as they should have, and looking back, realized how much they miss it? Like the innocence of childhood. Grade: A

  3. I absolutly fell in love eith this song when I heard it for the first time and still love it!!! I do agree with both previous comments to a T. I think that alot of people can relate to this song and that is what is really touching to me. A+

  4. This is a fantastic song. I don’t think it’s from the perspective of the young woman at all. It’s just a continuing thread of older people being able to appreciate what they have gone thru and realizing how much they miss the ‘hard times’ that looking back…may not have been so hard after all but actually precious memories.
    And the plumber is a man…not a woman. I like the fact that it’s a mutual feeling for men and women. I think it’s sweet that the man calls his 36 and 23 yr old kids his babies. That’s what I tell my boys. I don’t care how old they get. They’ll always be mommy’s babies.
    This song reminds me of the good ol’ days…and I do miss them. A+

  5. I heard this song for the first time last thursday. I said I wanted to find it and let all 4 of my kids hear it. It is totally awesome. It actually brought tears to my eyes. My oldest is going off to college and my youngest is 8. I miss the little pitter patter of those little feet. I guess that is what grandkids are for.

  6. This song really hits hard. My daughter, 16, says all the time she can’t wait until she is 18 to get an apartment with her frined and have fun. My husband heard this song last week and we just heard it on the radio this past Sunday. It is so true. I hope kids listen to it and realize how fast time goes and how they need to relax!!

  7. From a mom of three, a 3 1/2 yr old son, a 13 yr old daughter and a 19 year old daughter in her freshman yr of college, I love this. All to often we forget to live in the present. Time goes by too fast and we truly miss everything once it changes. All the hectic days fill our lives, think how boring everyday would be with nothing to fill it. I have all aspects in my life right now, one that just moved out, one in middle school and one yet to start preschool. I cherish every moment. I love, love, love this song!

  8. This is how Trace Adkins should sing all of the time!!! My wife and I love this song. It really tells the true story of how life really is. We just became Grandparents of a beautiful little girl. I want our son to hear this song so he knows how we felt when he turned 18 and moved out on his own. Yes he still is our baby and always will be and he is 26 now. We ran with him in sports all through school wrestling, football, and track when he graduated we were lost with nothing to do. This song deserves an A PLUS in our opinion.

  9. To the above comments, I’d like to assure you all that if your kids hear this song, they’ll take it to heart. I’m 17 and personally can’t wait for my freedom (my parents don’t let me drive much, so I’m still desperate for my license), but I also realize that life’s never going to be like this again. I honestly don’t want to grow up that fast; heck I’m not even sure if I want to go away to college.
    When I heard this song for the first time I was thankful that somebody finally made a song about missing the things you couldn’t appreciate while you had them, because none of my friends seem to appreciate them as much as I do. They all want to grow up too fast, because they think life is one big party. That’s why I put it in my AIM profile, hoping that some of them might see it and realize they’re going to miss what they have.
    I give this song an A+ because it doesn’t really matter whose perspective it’s from, or if there’s “contempt” toward the character- it’s supposed to be that way. The point of the song is the lesson it teaches.

  10. First Mom, then Dad, the a plumber who is fixing the water heater. the plumber is a male not female. If you are going to act like a critic, then you should at least listen long enough to understand what the song is about. Hack!!!

  11. Anonymous,
    You’re right. I heard the line wrong. I thought he was saying “a woman working on the water heater”, but it’s “a plumber.” My bad. I don’t think that error is relevant to what the song is about, though.

  12. My 12 year old and 13 year old actually introduced me to this song. “Mom this is great. You should put it on your MySpace” So condiscending? I think not. This song hits home… Having gotten married right out of high school, struggling financially in the beginning and being mother of four (ages 6, 9, 12, and 13) there have days when I would rather be somewhere else. One funny face, one I love you Mom, one “You look so much like your dad.” and I too realize that, one day…I’m gonna miss this. Thank You Tace Adkins. This song is real life.

  13. My oldest, a daughter is 36 and my twin daughters are 23. this song hit home so much in my family it’s as though it was written for us. thank you.

  14. i like this song because of the contrast between his voice and the song. it is a sweet song, but unlike songs like “my wish” his voice doesn’t go with the mood of the song. he has a deep, tough voice which makes the lyrics stand out and keeps the song from being over the yop sweet. it is always refreshing to hear him singing slower songs after “honkeytonk badonkadonk”, “swing”, “ladies love country boys” and “i’ve got my game on”

  15. I will be the first to admit I don’t usually pay attention to a TA song when it comes on the radio, but this song grabbed my attention from the minute I started listening to it. It has such true sentiment and meaning. Those of us that have older children know exactly what the message is. My son and daughter-in-law recently had a baby girl and if there is any advice I can give them, it would be the message in this song.

    Simply Beautiful!

  16. Wonderful! Brings tears to my eyes everytime I hear it! I have a 2 year old and I am still young…21. With work full time and college full tim I sometimes am overwhelmed amd loose sight of the very reason I am working so hard…my baby girl. She’s grown so much already…I enjoy her everyday and hope that I can look back and know that I cherished every moment. I know no matter what I will miss this.

  17. I absolutely LOVE this song! Being a “new bride” myself, I really relate to this song’s first 2/3…makes me cry everytime I hear this song!

    I am so glad that I heard this before my own kids are crying, so I realize now that cherishing every single moment with them is what is important.

    Thank you, Trace, for recording and putting this song out there – I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!

  18. Being a Mother of 4 girls I can relate. My oldest just turned 13 and I look and see the little girl who was in the recycling bin and that short, fuzzy hair and think time has gone by so fast. There are days my girls fight from dusk til dawn and I wish they would grow up and I could be me again, but when they are at school I am so lonely and miss the noise and bickering that thye do and that we do. Time does go by fast. So for those of you frustrated just think how quickly they grow up and soon they will be gone and you’ll be alone. I know I get sad thinking about it all the time. Slow down and enjoy the fighting and bickering. Soon it’ll all be a memory.

  19. Obviously the critics here do not know what they are saying. This song is An A+
    As a mother of 5 I tell my kids all the time to slow down and enjoy life. There are times when I look back myself and say “gee, I miss that” I hope someday they will look back and say the same thing. I heard Trace sing this song in concert and I could hear the emotion in his voice. It brought tears to my eyes.

  20. It is not the cool thing to do but I don’t care. My name is Lee Miller and I wrote that song with Ashley Gorley. We are both blessed to be professional songwriters. But more importantly, I am a father and a husband. I found the critique and kinda laughed because we’re use to people not getting what we do. The music business is a “no” business. But then every now and then somebody says yes. I scrolled down and read all of your comments and I was very touched. Thank you for listening and taking your time to say nice things.(And come to our rescue!)
    By the way, for what it’s worth, Trace is a nice guy, and good husband and a great father.

  21. Great song – but I noticed too, that the “critic” said the plumber was a woman. Must not have listened very well. And it’s a good song, and I did not once look down on the woman in the song. She sounded like a typical teenager, wanting to rush through life to get to the next part. My daughter will be moving out next month, and then it will be just me and my 15 year old son, and I am regretting the day he moves away – it will be just me then.

  22. Funny, I was sure you would give this song an overwhelmingly positive review, but now I can understand why you didn’t. It is hard to get a handle on the woman herself. The songwriters definitely could have developed her character more thoroughly, or even described her reaction to the advice she is being given throughout the song.

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