Miranda Lambert tops Nashville Scene Critics Poll

Once again, it’s ladies first in the world of country music critics. The highly praised Crazy Ex-Girlfriend tops the eighth annual Nashville Scene Critics Poll for Best Country Album of 2007, with Miranda Lambert outpacing Robert Plant & Alison Krauss, Brad Paisley, Porter Wagoner and Patty Griffin.

Lambert continues the tradition of female artists topping this list, with the list being topped in previous years by the Dixie Chicks (2006), Lee Ann Womack (2005) and Loretta Lynn (2004.) The last male artist to top the list was Rodney Crowell; his Fate’s Right Hand album was named the best of 2003.

Lambert also landed three of the top fifteen singles of the year: “Famous in a Small Town” (#1), “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend” ( #12) and “Gunpowder & Lead” (#15). She was also the top Female Vocalist and top Songwriter. It’s no surprise, then, that she was named overall Artist of the Year.

Other list-toppers include Brad Paisley (Male Vocalist), Sugarland (Duo/Group), Taylor Swift (New Artist), and Keith Urban (Live Act.) The exquisite Emmylou Haris box set Songbird: Rare Tracks and Forgotten Gems was named Best Reissue.

As a side note, eight of the fifteen albums on the Country Universe Best Country Albums of 2007 list were cited on the critics poll:  Lambert, Plant/Krauss, Wagoner, Lori McKenna, Lucinda Williams,  Trisha Yearwood, Pam Tillis and Tim McGraw.

You can read more and view all lists in their entirety here.


  1. Adding fuel to the fire, of course, are the results of the annual Pazz & Jop all-genre critics’ poll, where Lambert placed with the #15 album (Krauss & Plant finished at #8, Lucinda Williams at #48) based on 49 votes, and the #39 single (“Famous in a Small Town,” though “Gunpowder & Lead” also received a few votes), and critic Michael D. Ayers devoted one of the 12 featured essays to her.

    And there’s also the Idolator poll, which leans more heavily on internet writers than does Pazz & Jop, which is split pretty evenly between print and online critics. There, Lambert ranked with the #12 album (with Krauss & Plant at #19) and #29 track and was voted the #9 overall artist.

    Interesting to see that the community of “country” critics went the same route as their pop and rock critic counterparts. Make of it what you will.

  2. I think miranda is the most underestimated artist in the genre today. Not only is she the only real successful Nashville Star contestant, she’s an all around great songwritter, singer and performer and despite not have any top ten hits she has landed two #1 albums, numerous #1 videos and grammy, CMA, ACM and CMT music award nominations. Its about time she got the recognition she deserved for her work. I’m just waiting for the day she scores her first top 10 or hopefully #1 hit because she definatly deserves to be around a while. The sad part is that despite her devoted fans radio seemingly refuses to play her enough over todays bigger artists like Carrie and even the very old Shania songs from the 90’s. Its recognitions like this that will keep her around until radio finally gets the hint.

  3. I agree on one of these polls…..Keith Urban Best Live Act!! Don’t think Brad Paisley should have gotten #1 on Male Vocalist. He just talks to music in my opinion!

  4. I love her music….She has helped me through so many things in life and has made me open my eyes a few times also…..her music is very well composed… i just wish she would do more acapella and acoustic songs because she dosent need all those bells and whistles. she sounds great all alone. and my opinion better.
    but hey she sounds great no matter what she does. Keep up the great music Jewel.
    We Love you!

  5. I can definitely see the argument for her topping the list, though musical tastes of mine being what they are, I enjoy the Robert Plant & Alison Krauss album more. I wonder if it might have taken the top spot if it was more purely country. It is interesting to see how many genres claim that album though — myself I think of it as an eclectic mix that jumps around enough to not easily be easily categorized.

  6. Leeann’s Husband,

    I fully expect them to win a ton of Grammys for the album next year, with a win for Best Pop Album very, very likely. Unless they submit it in some other race. I could see it winning Pop Album, Traditional Pop Album, Country Album, Traditional Folk Album or Contemporary Folk Album. The album is nearly unclassifiable. My guess is they’re not thinking Country though, since they submitted and won a Grammy for the lead single in the Best Pop Vocal Collaboration category, proving that even Grammy favorite Tony Bennett can’t match the enthusiasm that NARAS has for Alison Krauss.

  7. Alison Krauss winning a Grammy… I would be shocked! Shocked I say!

    Just need a another Union Station CD to come out, Alison to produce another artist with great success (I miss Nickel Creek), and maybe a successful single or two with another artist and she can bring home another 4 or 5 statues.

    I just hope the timing of the album does not cut back on its impact. It basically came out at the worse possible time as far as keeping Grammy buzz going. Might have won even more otherwise.

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