Jewel, “Stronger Woman”

Love it. Intelligent, sincere and just plain well-written. I don’t know that Jewel is going to find that country music is any friendlier to smart women than the pop scene that she left behind, but she sounds more comfortable as a singer here than she ever did as a pop artist.

It’s so rare to have a song where the protagonist is actually interesting while still being fully believable. She sounds like an intelligent woman who is trying to figure out why she’s been compromising herself for so long.

Written by Marv Green & Jewel

Grade: A

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  1. I would like to wish a warm welcome to Jewell into the genre. THis song proves that she was born to sing this music. I agree 100% with every aspect of the song.

  2. This is a great song, but I have never really loved her voice. There is something about it that kinda grates on me. But she does write fantastic songs, I love the strong woman theme, and like you said “She sounds like an intelligent woman who is trying to figure out why she’s been compromising herself for so long.”

  3. I’m happy to hear a banjo.:) This song hasn’t completely won me over, but I like it well enough at this point. My sister will not be happy. She really dislikes country music and she loves Jewel. She was annoyed when Michelle Branch came over to country and when Sheryl talks about doing it…and she likes Jewel much more.

  4. I love how the Dixie Chicks were critisized way back when by their producer that the banjo was not country enough and today its a solid signal that your listening to a country song. I enjoy hearing the banjo here too.

  5. Interesting background information about Jewel from CMT’s Hazel Smith:

    Jewel’s Country Credentials
    “How far off the beaten path of country music is Jewel? I first heard of her when Tompall Glaser’s former country band member, Ben Keith, produced an album
    on her. A native of rural Alaska, she grew up the old-timey way, listening to albums of traditional music by Merle Haggard and Loretta Lynn. She learned
    yodeling, played music and sang with her parents and siblings. Hillbilly?

    She moved to the city, played in small clubs, wrote songs and lived in her van. It sounds to me like you don’t even have to turn a page. This girl is one
    of us.”

  6. I’ve been a long time Jewel fan since 1997. I have to say I was very against her doing Country Music when I first heard about this but the song is great and sounds just like her others. I’m very happy with it, although I don’t like that it will not be playing on my Rock radio stations.

  7. I can’t decide how I feel about this song. I’m worried about the fact that Jewel’s myspace classifies her as “country/pop/rock.” Not because I have any problem with having her in country, but because that listing makes it sound like her management (at least her myspace person) wants her to be just another contemporary-country-singing golden-girl. This single at least demonstrates that she’s still smart, but I don’t want them to do away with her folk-inspired sound entirely.

  8. This song is amazing and shows she can really sing. I can’t wait for the new album and I’m so happy ‘Rosy & Mick’ is on there! Jewel you rock! xx

  9. Gah, I can’t stand her voice on this. The song might not be so horrible if she sounded better on it. It’s hard to rate the lyics because the voice stands out, but not in the good way. The melody isn’t very good at all, but the lyrics are ok. I hope she works on her voice for her next single, because it ruined this one.

  10. I think her voice is pretty… I like her lower tones more… but I think it’s neat how she can change her voice and sing anything
    SHe can sing opera, folk, pop, rock, and country…and she can yodel!
    And she writes all her songs… and plays the guitar
    All I can say is that she is pretty talented
    And I love this song! I’m so excited she’s now on country radio! Yay!

  11. this song has grwon on me a lot. the first time i heard it i wasn’t too sure, but i love the fact that she is respecting herself enough to leave a man who doesn’t respect her

  12. Bobbi, I felt the same way. I was unsure about it at first, but I really like it now. I’m looking forward to more country music from her.

  13. i love the lyrics. i love her voice. the melody is ok. but there’s something about the combination of the whole thing that keeps the song a little aloof (?). like i never FEEL like listening to it, but it’s on many of my active playlists if u know what i mean.
    it’s good, but i kind of prefer her pop material.

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