100 Greatest Women: Introduction


100 Greatest Women

An Introduction

The story of women in country music tells the story of women in America over the past century. As we begin counting down the 100 Greatest Women in the history of country music, we will do our best to tell both of those stories.

Over the next few weeks, the list will be revealed, one woman at a time. These hundred women have all made their mark, in different eras and in different ways. There are ladies here who were best known for their roles on long-running radio shows, and others who have established their careers without ever having a radio hit. The oldest artist on the list was a brash young teenager when she recorded in the 1920’s. The newest was anointed a star by nationwide vote in a televised talent contest.

No list such as this will ever fully satisfy, but we’re going to do our best to shine the spotlight on the women who have stood in the shadows of country music history, along with the superstars that were made possible by the foundation that came before them.

==> #100. Jennifer Nettles (Sugarland)

100 Greatest Women: The Complete List


  1. If not for kd’s overall country music achievement, just one song and the way she has brought it up in a reverse manner to earlier performances given by other country singers would be her “Johnny get angry” interpretation alone. It justifies my choice for k d as a great, thoughtful performer. And a fantastic voice, of course, that she has always known how to operate. My vote for k d lang! tosca

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