Kenny Chesney, "Better as a Memory"

Okay, we get it. Kenny Chesney is too conflicted and free spirited to settle down. Just in case we ever doubted his commitment to staying in the singles club, here’s one more song to convince us.

He gives this woman many reasons to show that he’s “better as a memory than [her] man.” The list of reasons or excuses simply seems to boil down to the possibility that he either consciously or subconsciously sabotages his relationships. The fact that he hasn’t been able to settle down is not the problem with this song; that’s his right and does not make him less of a person. The issue with these lyrics is that he unsuccessfully attempts to seem deep or complicated, which, instead, just makes him seem arrogant and self-tortured.

While the lyrics may be somewhat self-indulgent, the production is nice and Kenny’s vocals are spot on. These important factors will make this song easy to listen to.

Written by Scooter Carusoe & Lady Goodman

Grade: B-




  1. I agree that Kenny needs to find some songs that aren’t about not settling down, and I am normally not a big fan of those songs from him. I really like this song though, because it is a more mature song than say Beer in Mexico. I love songs about someone leaving or letting someone leave because they know it is better for them (ex: I Wish You’d Stay, Brad Paisley) so I like this one, although I wish he didn’t have the line “All my friends are pirates, it’s just who I am” because it seems out of place with the rest of the song

  2. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again….KC has three songs in his repertoire: songs about his youth, songs about the Caribbean and songs about staying single.

    Wake me up when he tries something different.

  3. A BIG YAWN here!! Same old song, second verse!! I just can’t help it……his voice irritates me for some reason!! Always has! Never understood his popularity and never will!!

  4. Another big yawn from this corner. The fourth in a row dull boring song from this album. I’ve getting very sick and tired of Kenny Chesney lately. However, this song is sung with a heartfelt, emotional vocal, so there is something good I can say about it, even if the is completely dull.

  5. Maybe before you critic this song you should here Wife and Kids off the Poets album. This song along with all of Kenny’s music is so love by his fans because we can relate the music is down to earth and from the heart. Things we have all felt or went through in our lives at some point.

  6. I thought Wife and Kids song was off Reba’s Duets not Kenny’s! Also on that note, I prefer the Reba/Skip Ewing version of that song. I can’t picture Kenny making peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for anyone except himself! I’m sorry, but there is nothing about Kenny that does anything for me!

  7. “Wife and Kids” and “Every Other Weekend” are two completely different songs … Skip Ewing hasn’t recorded a version of “Wife and Kids”.

  8. WIFE AND KIDS is a totally different song that is on Kenny’s Poets and Pirates album
    that talks about his desire for the family life he hazsn’t had. The powerful first verse-
    “Everybody thinks I’ve got it all
    Nobody really does, do they?
    I’ve got more than I deserve, more than I ever dreamed
    But there’s always a price you pay
    It’s been an amazing road
    I’ve been blessed, I know
    But at the end of the day I go home alone”

    is just a look at what an amazing song this is and if released it will just be another hit by the hit machine that just keeps rollin. I can tell you, as anyone who was at the show that kicked off the “Poets And Pirates Tour” at Williams-Brice Stadium, the love Kenny has for his fans and his music is unbelievable. The man crush bones in his foot on the opening song and finish the entire hour and a half set. THANKS KENNY!

  9. I’m not saying Kenny doesn’t have the potential to be good, I think think he’s kind of dull. For me, Shiftwork was an all-time low for country music, simply because it sounds like he didn’t even try. I’m not saying he’s not a great storyteller and picks great lyrics, he just seems boring to me. Even There Goes My Life and The Good Stuff, which I admit are great songs, just don’t sound very interesting to me. Better As A Memory is similar to those two for me because it is very heartfelt and set a powerful mood, but it just doesn’t interest me.

    All in all, I’m just very biased.

  10. I love Kenny’s music…. why do you think all songs have to be deep? Music often needs to be FUN. He runs the gamut in my opinion. He has fun songs, laid back songs, heartfelt songs. I am a diehard Kenny fan to the end!

  11. I certainly do not think that all songs should be deep. The problem with this song is that it seems as though it’s trying to be deep, but fails to accomplish the goal.

  12. If he was seriously trying to have “fun” with a song with the subject matter of this song, then he would be a TERRIBLE interpreter as a vocalist. This should NOT be a fun song, Brenda.

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