Lady Antebellum, “Lookin’ For a Good Time”

I hate to dump on a new artist, particularly an act that shows such promise as Lady Antebellum. But to my ears, this sounds like a complete trainwreck. It’s novel having a mixed-gender group release a song where a male and female member perform it like a duet, but there’s no chemistry on the track. The female vocal in particular sounds harsh, and when they sing together?  Ouch.

The one night stand lyric comes off as sleazy, mostly because they don’t turn up the charm enough to pull it off. The backing track is too loud and the guitar riff is irritating. All in all, I’d rather hear “Love Don’t Live Here” another hundred times than listen to this again.

Written by Keith Follese, Dave Haywood, Charles Kelley & Hillary Scott

Grade: D

Listen: Lookin’ For a Good Time

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  1. I know it’s been a while sense I’ve said this but, wrong, wrong wrong…dead wrong. Especially on the chemistry part.

    If you want to know what i think, big IF, you can see my review of what I think is ones of the best tracks off their album.

  2. I think the big failure of this track is the melody of the chorus; the repetitive “up-down-up-down” pattern is like an annoying musical seesaw, and it’s not strong enough to generate real excitement about the subject at hand the way a proper pop-country chorus should.

    I agree this was completely the wrong choice of second single. “Home Is Where The Heart Is” is cliche-ridden (a lot of the album is, frankly) but has a lot more charm; “I Run To You” is catchy and a lot more substantive. Either one would have made far better choices, in my opinion. I agree they show a lot of potential, though.

  3. It sort of reminds me of Starship’s “Nothing’s Gonna Stop Us Now”, only because of the “duet” by the male and female lead singers.

  4. Worst part of the song: The fact that they changed the line “…if I called us a cab right now” to “…if I got up to dance right now”. WHY was that changed?!

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