Randy Travis, “Dig Two Graves”

There are love songs that can only be sung by older adults who have experienced a lot more of life than young singers. When the concept of “till death do us part” becomes an approaching reality rather than a distant one, the sentiment of “Dig Two Graves” makes perfect sense. Here, Travis is refusing to imagine a life without his wife by his side, and expresses that he won’t last long if God calls her first. They might as well just dig two graves and carve one stone, because he won’t be able to live without her gone.

He can’t imagine God could be so cruel as to take his wife and leave him behind, forced to live without her. When two people really have become one through marriage and a long life together, they no longer have separate identities. Losing your spouse is losing yourself in that sense. This song is one of the purest expressions of that reality I’ve ever heard, and it’s done without an ounce of cloying sentiment. Just plain truth, like country music should be.

Written by Ashley Gorley & Robert Regan

Grade: A+

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  1. No one does these types of songs quite like Randy Travis. There’s a little bit of “Diggin Up Bones” to the sound of this song. Does anyone else hear it? I have to admit that the sentiment of this song strikes a chord with me because my parents passed away within a year of each other. My dad passed away first. In that horrible way (that you don’t like to think), it was almost a blessing, because I couldn’t have imagined him living without my mom. They are now resting side by side. Glad to hear new stuff from Randy.

  2. I am so looking forward to the new album from Randy Travis. Since Randy’s day has come and gone, I don’t expect radio to give it much play but that’s their problem

  3. Picked up Randy’s album yesterday – gave it too spins

    1) Warner Brothers picked the weakest song on this disc, “Faith In You” for the first single – it figures. I would have picked “Love Is a Gamble” as the first single, followed by this song.
    2) Randy is in good voice throughout except on “Around The Bend” which sounds a bit strained. In fact, he still has the best male voice in country music outside of Gene Watson.

    Good song, very good CD – buy it

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