Jewel, “I Do”

It’s interesting that Jewel’s official second country effort, “I Do”, sounds less country than some of her songs on previous albums that were not specifically marketed as country music. While sounds of steel guitar can be detected, its distinct eighties pop flavor is difficult to ignore.

With that said, this song of tentative commitment is redeemed by a catchy melody and Jewel’s usual fine and interesting vocal performance.

Written by Jewel

Grade: B

Listen: I Do

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  1. It’s so very un-country and that makes me wish she would have released another song, but I still really enjoy listening to it. I think I’m a sucker for any contemporary song with a little Celtic touch in its instrumental; it always reminds me of Donkey Kong Country 3 for some reason.

  2. While I agree that it doesn’t sound all that country, I’m still dissapointed they chose to release this as her second single. I like the song but “Anyone But You” would have been an awesome single.

  3. It’s almost as if they released “I Do” because someone came up with the idea to have Ty in the video…. and that would “make it country”.

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