Darryl Worley, "Tequila on Ice"

Worley goes mellow on his first single for his new label, Stroudavarious Records.   The song is so laid back that it's easy to miss the charming lyric.  While it's nice to hear him explore the nuances of his voice, th

is would benefit from a stronger backing track with more compelling instrumentation.

Regardless, it's nice to have him back.  Darryl Worley's one of the past decade's most underrated talents, and while this song isn't among his greatest performances, it's a reasonably good effort.

Grade: B

Listen: Tequila on Ice



  1. With the exception of “Have You Forgotten?”, I’ve always liked Worley. He has a great traditional voice and sticks nicely to the genre.

  2. give me a good definition for “laid back” – daryl worley’s “tequila on ice” sounds really nice.

  3. I think Darryl has a hit with this song. I hope he will finally get the recognition that he deserves. He has a great voice.

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