Introducing Blake: A New Name at Country Universe

I’m very excited to introduce Blake, a new writer for Country Universe. He shares our commitment to high-quality writing and informed commentary on country music, and we expect his contributions to be invaluable! – K.

Hello, my name is Blake. I live in Nashville, TN, and work in advertising sales at a major newspaper after graduating with a Master‘s degree in Mass Communications and interning at the Country Music Hall of Fame. Kevin has asked me to contribute to Country Universe, and I am more than honored to be involved. This is my opportunity to provide my own observations about the music, past and present, and hopefully make the readers invest in its future. For this to happen, I hope that you feel the freedom to enter into the discussion and debate that I believe will make our appreciation for country music that much deeper.

First of all, I would like to thank Kevin for inviting me to contribute to this site. In such a short time, he has made Country Universe an important resource for country music fans and those who are just now exploring the genre. Along with Leeann, who I respect so much for her role here and her unique, informative comments and articles, I hope to assist Kevin in presenting the many different facets of the music and enhance the site even further.

When I think about country music and music in general, my thoughts stray to a certain quote by Eliza Tabor I first read a few years ago:

“Disappointment to a noble soul is what cold water is to burning metal; it strengthens, tempers, intensifies, but never destroys it.”

To me, country music, or at least great country music, is brimming with this sentiment. Hardship and heartache, hurting and healing, pain and perseverance—the best of country songs are an appreciation of life’s blessings and the trials and tribulations that it takes to reach that point of appreciation.  I grew to enjoy the sounds and the stories that make this such a great musical place to be. The ability to tell a tale in just a matter of minutes is amazing, and the great ones do it with such ease.

My musical tastes run rather wide, so I wish that this ever-improving knowledge and love of other styles and acts from all different genres will only help my perspective. Luckily, living in Nashville the last few years has afforded me to see most of the major country acts, along with any number of rising acts and artists from other genres that will surely receive their introduction within my posts. I look forward to this new journey, and thank you all for making Country Universe such a terrific site to visit.


  1. I guess my message would be the same as Zach’s. I’m really excited to see 3 writers now, it’ll be nice to have a nice variety of writers to read. BTW, I can’t believe how big this site has gotten!

  2. Blake,

    This is so exciting for us. Awesome introduction. This’ll be fun! Kevin’s a great boss.:)

    Nineties country music rules!:)

    I remember making mix tapes of Vince music and country music in general when I was a kid. I kind of miss those simple technological days.

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