Josh Turner, “Everything Is Fine”

Two of my favorite things about Josh Turner are aptly displayed in “Everything Is Fine.”  One is that he utilizes his lower register to great effect. Furthermore, his fine vocals are supported by a decidedly traditional production, which is a sound that he is quite obviously dedicated to preserving.

The song is very pleasant.  However, Turner fails to take us anywhere with it. He regales us with all of the positive aspects of his life, but that’s it. It is very one-dimensional, which fails to elicit any specific emotional response from the listener.

In short, this song isn’t one of his best, but it’s fine.

Written by Josh Turner

Grade: B

Listen: Everything is Fine

Buy: Everything is Fine


  1. a “99 cent hamburger” from a guy with the ability to serve “double whoppers” – not exactly satisfying in my book. another try, please.

  2. Love anything Josh sings. This song paints a picture for me and makes me feel very emotional. It is far more than a .99 cent hamburger. Great song!

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