Friday Discussion: CMA Single, 2008

So what should this year's Single nominees be at the CMA awards? To be eligible, the song must have been released between July 1, 2007 and June 30, 2008. This category's a bit of a free-for-all, don't ya think? Regardless, I have five favorites, and I can't wait to hear yours!

Trace Adkins, “You're Gonna Miss This”
In a year that was light on big hits, Adkins connected with this one, giving himself a massive hit that removed the unpleasant aftertaste of “Honky Tonk Badonkadonk” that many people still had. I'm not one of those people, mind you, and I liked that song more than this one, but this guy's way overdue for some acknowledgment.

Alan Jackson, “Small Town Southern Man”
I love a good autobiographical h

it, particularly one about parents. Alan Jackson's tribute to his father is soft-spoken in its reverence, making it fully believable and in turn, quietly powerful.

Miranda Lambert, “Gunpowder & Lead”
Her best and biggest single to date, I still can't believe it was her top ten breakthrough. The message to the industry: just release the best songs and trust the audience to respond. (See also: Sugarland, “Stay”)

Brad Paisley, “Letter to Me”
I think it's the most sincere thing he's ever written, and it features his best vocal performance in recent memory. They love nominating him for fluff, but this was one of the best singles of the past year and it deserves recognition.

Sugarland, “Stay”
What turned their second album into a smash was this stripped-down ballad, and it's already been honored by the ACM in this category. It's a career record and worthy of the nod. Hopefully, they'll be back again in 2009 for “Very Last Country Song.”



  1. hmmmmmm idk for sure but these were some of my favs released that I would like to see nominated……………..

    “You’re Gonna Miss This” Trace Adkins
    “Gunpowder & Lead” Miranda Lambert
    “I Saw God Today” George Strait
    “Just A Dream” Carrie Underwood
    “Stay” Sugarland

    some others I think that would be worth nominating:
    “Last Name” Carrie Underwood
    “This Is Me You’re Talking To” Trisha Yearwood
    “Small Town Southern Man” Alan Jackson
    “Letter To Me” Brad Paisley

  2. oh and LeAnn Rimes’ “Nothin Better To Do” (if its still eligible) and “What I Cannot Change”

  3. Zack, those two are not eligible. But I’d also give “Good Friend & A Glass Of Wine” a nod. I just love that song.

  4. I wish I would be able to argue, but these are the five that I would nominate as well, at least of those songs that have at least a possibility of being nominated.

    I would note that Miranda’s “Famous in a Small Town”, nominated as Single at the ACMs, is eligible for this award (as well as Song). The track must have been released *or* reached its highest chart position during the eligibility period. “Famous” finished at #14 in October. If CMA voters want to steer clear of the volatile “Gunpowder”, they have a viable second option.

    “Stay” is the slight favorite, with Alan running in 2nd. Miranda’s single would be 3rd. Besides these five singles, I have a hard time finding other choices. “Watching Airplanes”, “I Saw God Today” and “Better As A Memory” would be on my second string, and I would love “Nothing Better to Do” or a Trisha song, but I don’t see it happening.

  5. Josh Turner’s “Another Try” and Dolly’s “Jesus And Gravity” also really deserve a nomination.

  6. My apologies. “Famous” is not eligible, although I believe the rule I referenced is in effect at the ACMs.

    Maybe they should make the guidelines clearer for each category. Another blog for another time.

    Especially with singles taking 6 months to rise up the charts, there should be some grace period IMO.

  7. oh yeah I know this isn’t the disscussion to bring it up but:
    I noticed that Musical Events were scarce this year….. (maybe I’m blind LOL)
    but the only ones I can think of are:
    “Another Try” by Josh Turner (ft. Trisha Yearwood)
    “Every Other Weekend” by Reba (ft. Kenny Chesney)
    “Oh Love” by Brad Paisley (ft. Carrie Underwood) (IDK if its eligible…)
    “I Need You” by Tim McGraw (ft, Faith Hill) (IDK if its eligible…. but was it nominated last year?)

    I hope Reba releases one of her killer duets on the album before the judging takes place, I would luv 2 see “Sleeping With The Telephone,” “She Can’t Save Him,” or “When You Love Someone like that” be nominated and win ^^

    again srry for the off topic post :)

  8. I’m not going to put my favorites here but rather songs that I think will get picked. Since this is “Single” I’m looking for more “hit factor” than “superbly written.”
    “Stay” – Sugarland : Either this or “All I Want To Do” will be there. If “Stay” is chosen, it may be the only song that didn’t hit #1 on the charts to be nominated for “Single of the Year.”

    Kenny Chesney – “Don’t Blink.” We must not forget the power of Chesney’s history with the CMA or the fact that this song is a smash 4 week #1.

    “Our Song” – Taylor Swift: Was her biggest hit from her album and that alone makes the song a front-runner for this. Was #1 for 6 weeks.

    “Letter To Me” – Brad Paisley: When Paisley cuts out the corn and cheese, he makes great songs. Was #1 for 4 weeks.

    “You’re Gonna Miss This” – Trace Adkins: It was a huge hit and Trace had a high profile with his book and Celebrity Apprentice appearance. was #1 for 3 weeks.

  9. The list I’d like:

    Miranda Lambert, “Gunpowder & Lead”
    James Otto, “Just Got Started Lovin’ You”
    Ashton Shepherd, “Takin’ Off This Pain”
    Sugarland, “Stay”
    Trisha Yearwood, “This Is Me You’re Talking To”

    The list I’d settle for:

    Miranda Lambert, “Gunpowder & Lead”
    James Otto, “Just Got Started Lovin’ You”
    Lady Antebellum, “Love Don’t Live Here” (I just love those darn guitar licks)
    Sugarland, “Stay”
    Keith Urban, “Everybody” (although I’d be cool with “You Look Good In My Shirt” too, since it was such an unconventional release on his part)

  10. Any of your five favorites (except for “Gunpowder & Lead”) would make a worthy single of the year. Also really liked our Ms Brooks’ “This Is Me You’re Talking To”

  11. I was correct the first time about “Famous”. Sorry about the flip flopping, but interesting information about awards criteria in the link.

    This award is for individual tracks only. The track must have reached the Top 50 of Billboard’s Hot Country Singles & Tracks Chart, Country Air Check Chart or Music Row Country Breakout Chart for the first time during the eligibility period. If the single was released prior to the eligibility period but achieved its highest chart position during the eligibility period, it is eligible unless it has previously appeared on a final ballot in this category. In this category, the second ballot will contain the eligible nominations from the first ballot and the top five songs from the combined tabulation of the Country Singles Charts from Billboard’s Hot Country Singles, Country Air Check Chart and Music Row Country Breakout Chart. Award to artist and producer

  12. Have got to agree with Rainbow and Dan – “This is me you’re Talking to.” Trisha. About a snowball’s chance for CMA, though. About the only organization that may nominate this song is for the Grammy’s. Country music does not know how good this song is. It’s levels above most of the pablum out today. Twenty years from now, writers and bloggers (or whatever they’re called then) will rever this song the way “Crazy” is today.

    That song aside, “You’re gonna miss this” is as CMA as it gets.

  13. sugarland’s “stay” is such an outstanding song in every aspect that it’d be even a hot contender for something like “song of the decade”. no doubt, it’s going to be this year’s winner.

  14. The best single of the year is You’re Gonna Miss This and nobody gonna take away this from him!!!!!!!

  15. Sugarland’s “Stay”. (I know, surprised?)
    Such an all around moving song in it’s performance, words & music, and production.
    Plus it’s something different…. points for originality.

    I also love Trace’s song and Leann’s “Nothing Better To Do”… but put me in the “Stay” column.

  16. I can’t say that I’m really into the Trace song. While I recognize that he’s a good artist, I suppose it’s just that I don’t like Trace a whole lot though. I like his voice, but that’s about as far as it goes. I don’t like the way he interprets songs or something. I don’t even like his version of “Wayfairing Stranger” and I love that song. So, I guess there’s just no hope for Trace and me.:) Also, I especially got tired of this song after it was played each week on Nashville Star when each person was voted off.

    Here’s my list of hopefuls, though they certainly aren’t predictions:
    Miranda Lambert, “Famous In A Small Town (though not as popular as Gun Powder)
    LeAnn Rimes, “Nothin’ Better To Do”
    Josh Turner, “Another Try”
    James Otto, “Just Got Started Lovin’ You”
    Sugarland, “Stay”
    Alan Jackson, “Small Town Southern Man”

  17. Only thing about Alan’s “Small Town Southern Man” is I swear I’ve heard it before, just under a different title at least once, ie. “Little Man”.
    While I’ve always liked Alan, as a “radio only” listener of his I find his stuff gets really repetitive. Not that it doesn’t happen to other performers and I guess Music Row releases what they know works for him?
    I do like Alan and appreciate him remaining “country” but I would love to see him challenged more as Alison Krauss attempted to do with her production.

  18. These categories are always tough for me to predict. So I’m just gonna give it my best shot! haha

    “Stay” Sugarland – this is a virtual lock! They won both single/song at the ACM’s and I wouldn’t be surprised if the CMA follows them and gives this song the win…it definitely deserves it!

    “Letter to Me” Brad Paisley – This was another number 1 for Brad and I would be shocked if this wasn’t in the among the nominations.

    “I Saw God Today” George Strait – I think this year has been another big year for King George and I see this song as a contender.

    “Small Town Southern Man” Alan Jackson – Alan finally stepped it up this year by gettin a number 1 with this song. I also think George and Alan will be among the most nominated this year.

    The fifth song is a tough one for me but I’m going to go with “Our Song” from Taylor Swift because it stayed at the top for awhile.

    For me, “Stay” should def. win both Single and Song this year and I think it has a GREAT shot at doing so.

  19. LJ,

    I’m with ya regarding Alan. The Krauss-produced album is my favorite thing he’s done. It challenged him as a singer and interpreter. A lot of his core fans hated it, though.

  20. The original list is pretty good. I like all the songs in there, but if it were up to me…

    My Picks
    Another Try- Josh Turner (Ft. Trisha Yearwood)
    Stay- Sugarland
    You’re Gonna Miss This- Trace Adkins
    Just Got Started Lovin’ You- James Otto
    Good Time- Alan Jackson

    —-Gunpowder & Lead and Small Town Southern Man would also be good contenders.

  21. What is the difference between Single of the Year and Song of the Year? I’ve always found that a little foggy, and usually the nominations for both categories are very similar, and I think often the same.

  22. At the CMA’s, Single goes to the artist, producer and label. Song goes to the songwriter(s) and publisher(s).

    ACM is almost the same, except the artist gets it for Song, too.

    The Grammys are a bit clearer, as they call it “Record” and “Song”, but then people confuse “Record” and “Album”, so ya can’t win!

  23. “You’re Gonna Miss This”
    “Letter to Me”
    “All American Girl”
    “Small Town Souhthern Man”

    All 5 of these are great songs, so any one would be w worthy choice.

  24. My noms would be:

    I Saw God Today (and it should win).

    Album of the Year: Troubadour

    Duet: House of Cash

  25. Honsetly, I know Taylor isn’t really popular around this blog, but I think “Our Song” should be nominated.

  26. I think the following songs will be nominated this year:

    I Saw God Today
    You’re Gonna miss this
    Alan Jackson & possibly Keith Urban song.
    However, I Saw God Today, should win. My opinion is that no other song comes near it. It’s really unique.

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