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2015 Grammy Awards: Open Thread

February 8, 2015 Kevin John Coyne 54

Telecast Winners: Best Country Album: Miranda Lambert, Platinum Album of the Year: Beck, Morning Phase Best New Artist: Sam Smith Record of the Year:  Sam Smith, “Stay With Me (Darkside Version)” Song of the Year:

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Discussion: Playin’ Favorites

September 15, 2008 Dan Milliken 60

Sure, we want all of our little country music-singing babies to grow up strong and healthy and produce great material. Because we love all of them equally, right? Right. But admit it: you’ve got a

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Discussion: Country Cussing

September 14, 2008 Kevin John Coyne 43

I was a little taken aback by the language used by Toby Keith onstage this past Thursday, which was the seventh anniversary of the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks.   I’m not going to quote his blue

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Discussion: Video Ruined the Song

September 9, 2008 Kevin John Coyne 7

Music videos can be quite powerful.  The very best intensify the song’s message or reveal new ways to interpret it. Then there are those videos that absolutely ruin the song.  They’re so bad that you

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Discussion: Favorite Soundtrack

September 8, 2008 Kevin John Coyne 19

I was going to be conventional and just pick O Brother Where Art Thou, since it is the most significant movie soundtrack in country music history.   But it would be a bald-faced lie to call

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