1. Okay, so I know this is a topic that is similar to a dead horse. It’s been talked about ad naseum, but I still can’t wrap my head around it. Therefore, I must say this:

    Why the hell is Taylor Swift considered to be a ‘country’ artist, when hardly any of her music sounds country and she spends more time promoting her music in the pop genre rather than trying to appeal to country fans?

    Again, I know this question has been discussed countless times before and I’m sorry for bringing it up again, but it’s been bothering me lately. Before it never upset me until recently, now because I feel as if country music fans are being lied to and I think it’s a big slap in the face to people who are avid fans of the genre. At one time I thought it couldn’t get any worse than Rascal Flatts, but BOY was I wrong!

    Anyone agree or disagree? I’d like to hear other listeners’ input.

  2. Well, I don’t think Taylor Swift is any better or worse than Rascal Flatts. I have a post about Swift swishing around in my head that I haven’t written up yet, but it’s not really about her music. As I’ve said before, I couldn’t be any further away from her target audience. I don’t dislike her music so much as I find it personally irrelevant. I’m happy for those who her music speaks to.

  3. I’ve called Taylor Swift the Hannah Montana of the Country Music genre. I don’t know what happened to make her such a big hit (Kind of in the same vain as Rascal Flatts) but whatever. I do have something to confess. I kind of like her current single, Love Story, even though she might have gone a little over the top with Shakespeare and the Scarlett Letter.

    Also, don’t want to make this a politics thread, but the election is Tuesday and if you are able to vote and haven’t yet, don’t forget to vote. Looking forward to seeing what happened on Wednesday for President, and the different Propositions on the ballot. At least it’s a way to get rid of all the annoying ads.

  4. I’ve already voted….

    As for a topic, how’s this:

    Anyone else surprised that Zac Brown Band signed with Atlantic Records and not a Nashville-based label? Do people think they’re ‘not country?’

  5. First off, ya I don’t understand the whole Taylor Swift thing. I loved “Tim McGraw” but from there…she’s been strictly pop. Now, she’s off at the VMA’s and hanging out with Miley Cyrus and the Jonas Brothers and releasing very pop songs like “Love Story” (which, like Greg kinda sorta said, it’s very catchy and I actually know all the words *covers face*), and now I’m not all that into her. But I know she’ll continue to top the charts because she has such a huge fanbase now. I find it weird that George Strait gave her an opening slot on his tour a couple of years ago, he usually picks people who are more traditional than mainstream. I don’t get the Taylor thing but whatever.

    Right now, I’m wondering why the heck I increased my bid on Carrie Underwood tickets to something I may or may not be able to afford, but they’re AMAZING tickets! Also, I can’t wait for Tuesday! This is the first year I’ve been able to vote and I can’t wait!! I’m excited!

  6. Suggestion for a new topic:

    Songs you used to like, but now youre sick of. They’ve either been overplayed or just didnt stand the test of time.

  7. “Songs you used to like, but now youre sick of. They’ve either been overplayed or just didnt stand the test of time.”

    “Jolene”. Way overplayed.

  8. “Baby Girl” by Sugarland got overplayed so much on my station that it annoyed the hell out of me.

    Not to bring up the Taylor thing again, but I’m glad to hear I’m not the only one who likes her Love Story song a little, the verse where she is saying he is “romeo and my dad said stay a way from Juliet,” and a couple verses after caught me.

    On the Taylor thing, I’m actually rooting for her, I hope in the near future that she can come up with some better material and hopefully establish herself as either a pop or country singer, because right now she’s a mix, which doesn’t bother me but I know it bother’s other people.

  9. “Songs you used to like, but now youre sick of. They’ve either been overplayed or just didnt stand the test of time.”

    Before He Cheats. It was on practically 24/7 a few summers ago.

  10. Matt, I think Strait’s time is coming. I’m almost positive that his luck with radio will run out soon. Troubadour had an erratic chart run, so I’m sure his next singles will have even more trouble climbing.

    As for the Swift thing, I find her melodies EXTREMELY catchy, and although her lyrics are extremely elementary, she’s the result of teens wanting a country Hannah Montana. I agree that she needs to decide between country and pop, but I think this CD will tell us which she has chosen. Her new song climbing up the iTunes charts (“You’re Not Sorry”) is INCREDIBLY well written and composed, but it’s pop. But, it’s great.

    Who knows.

  11. Nice on the new domain (Didn’t I mention getting that a few months ago?!!). Looks like a few silly style things to work out. (the quote graphic on comments, empty tag box).

    Updating my RSS

  12. I’m sick of anything Kenny Chesney and/or Taylor Swift! Why does radio have to play their songs 24/7 when there are so many better songs out there?

  13. I agree with Gloria…especially when there are good young artists out there not getting their due..AShton Shepherd for just one example.

  14. Totally agree with Scott and Gloria, they are way over played, I change the station when either come on. Tired of Kenny’s vacationing sound, and just plan tired of Taylor. I really don’t think she has had any releases warrenting, the title of country since Our Song, it has all been pop since. Personally I thing SSN, and PTB both sound like Miley Cyrus to me. I know she has the writing talent thing going for her, but she doesn’t ever write about anything different, every song so far is either love, loss, or revenge and it gets boring to hear her say the same thing over and over just to a different tune.

    I am really annoyed how she is everywhere begging people to vote for her to get and AMA. She even goes to make a video blog about getting people to vote for her, and goes as far as to recruit Kellie Pickler, to participate in the vid as well, I used to think there was a maturity to her, but come on let your music speak for its self if people like it they will vote.

    You are suppose to only vote once but her site also instructs people how to vote more than once, so basically cheating for votes as well as begging.

    I guess yeah you can say I am bitter about TS and maybe I wouldn’t be so much if she were in the proper genre.

  15. Swift is in the proper genre. If you didn’t know Pop music is not a specific genre, it’s an idustry that has many genres including, Rock, Hip Hop, Rap, and Country. Swift is a Pop Country act, but I heard she may be considering doing an Alt.Country project. Could you imagine her hooking up with Ryan Adams, Jay Farrar, or Rhett Miller?

  16. While Im not a huge fan of Taylor Swift by any means, I must say, I bore very quickly with the arguement “oh, shes not country’. Roger Miller once said “Pop means popular, whichs means for the masses, and that rhymes with molasses, and thats country’. If anyone knew country, it was Roger Miller.

  17. I’m sorry but the def of pop has definitly changed then cause if you look at any multi genre awards show, there is always a separate country category, ie AMA’s there’s pop/rock cat, soul/r&b, then country and so on. Grammy’s
    country own category, billboard’s country own category. So I beg to differ with you two but when anyone says pop, you can ask what they think of and I can tell you it is not Kenny Chesney cause we all know he is popular, they would say pink, brittney, christina, justine, miley well basically any who had anything to do with disney, pop is its own genre and it has its own sound just like country and that is where she belongs.

  18. Hi vp, I’ll try to clear this up for you. When you say the AMA, I assume you are talking about the Americana Music Awards and not the Americana Music Association Honors and Awards correct? If so, the Americana Music Awards are a Pop music award across the board. The Grammys however are an all genre award. (including country) Not only is Mainstream Pop Music recognized here, but Americana Roots Music is too, and usually dominates the nominations and wins. Once again, Pop Music is not a specific genre, it’s an industry with general appeal to the masses that is overproduced and overplayed for profit no matter what “genre” it is. It basically boils down to this, there is Mainstream Pop Music, and there is Americana Roots Music. Nearly all music genres fit into these two categories. There are some exeptions of course. Are you familiar with todays Americana Music scene?

  19. Corection, When you say, The “AMA”, I assume you are talking about the “AMERICAN” Music Awards.

    Correction, “The “AMERICAN” Music Awards are a Pop Music Award across the board”

    I wish there was a way to preview and edit these entries before posting.

  20. Here you are take a look at the categories so you don’t need to worry about editing or previewing cause I do my research thanks


    and as you scroll down what do you see:

    -Artist of the Year
    -Pop or Rock categories
    (-oh)what’s this Country Music categories specifically in their own genre
    -and so on

  21. Exactly! That proves my point. All the country nominees are Pop Country acts. They certainly aren’t Roots Country artists. Just as I said, the American Music Awards are a Pop Music Award across the board. Are you familiar with todays Americana Music?

  22. Apparently you cannot read cause no where does it say Pop Country, it says Country Music. It also has a seperate cat for Pop and Rock, and Soul and R&B, I think you’ll have to go read the categories again and if you still don’t understand than we’ll have to agree to disagree. Wheter TS is considered Pop or not, she certainly doesn’t sound country for like her last 5 released singles she sounds just like miley, who tries to sound like ashley, who tries to sound like avril, and they are all considered to be pop artists.

  23. Yes! You said it again. It’s unfortunate you don’t understand, but it seems the only people who don’t are the people who don’t know what Americana/Roots music is, and since I’ve asked you twice if you are familiar with todays Americana/Roots music, and you haven’t answered, I’ll take that as a “NO”.

  24. Yes I am familiar with it to answer your question, but it has nothing to do with my example of the American Music Awards, which is not an all pop awards show. Once again DID YOU READ THE CATEGORIES, they actually spell it right out for you or do I need to copy and paste it, cause if you did read it we would not be arguing cause it is right there in print for you, all the different genres that are categorized for awards. My point has been proven over and over and if you don’t check the/my source which I gave you the link than I just give up. I am all for other people educating me on things I don’t know about, but when it is in print on their offical voting web page for everyone to see, you just must not be as open minded as myself.

  25. So, you’re familiar with Roots Country, but not Pop Country? I was wondering then, who are some of your favorite Roots Country artists?

  26. I have an open thread question. What does everyone think of the latest CD by Carrie Rodriguez? I think it’s some of her best work. I’m liking the title track “She Ain’t Me”. She’s a very talented singer/songwiter/musician. I know she can play the fire out of that fiddle! What’s you opinion? http://www.myspace.com/carrielrodriguez

  27. I have another open thread question. Does anyone here ever check out any new music, they may not have heard of, and then comment on it? Thanks for any reply…

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