Discussion: Songs You Like By Artists You Don’t

There really aren’t that many country artists that I don’t like.  Most of them that I don’t enjoy much, like Montgomery Gentry or Brad Paisley, I am usually indifferent to, liking a song every once in a while.

So for this thread, suggested by Leeann, it was tricky for me to come up with an answer to the question: What are some songs you like by an artist you don’t?  Since my site is often accused of being anti-Rascal Flatts, and they are an act that I definitely dislike, I’ll go with them.

I like “Bless the Broken Road”, though I prefer Marcus Hummon’s original recording.  I think “What Hurts the Most” is a great country-pop song, and that they do it better than Mark Wills did.  I like the chorus of “These Days.”

But I absolutely love “I’m Movin’ On”, a single from their debut album.   It’s a flawless song, and Gary LeVox’s restrained vocal allows the lyric to shine through.    It’s actually one of my favorite songs of the decade.

Your turn.

What are some songs you like by an artist you don’t?


  1. “Take Me Home, Country Roads” by John Denver
    “What Might Have Been” by Little Texas
    “The Church On Cumberland Road” by Shenandoah

  2. Too funny…after reading the title and before reading what you picked I immediately thought of Rascal Flatts’ “I’m Movin On”. I love this song and refuse to see them live because I don’t want it to ever be ruined for me….terrible, I know.

  3. I’m not a Kenny Chesney fan, but I’ve always liked his song “Anything But Mine.” It’s the only Kenny song on my iPod. There’s just something simple and nostalgic about it. It reminds me of the summers I spent in high school hanging out at the local fair near the beach.

  4. Toby Keith – “She Never Cried In Front Of Me”
    Rascal Flatts – “My Worst Fear”
    Kenny Chesney – “You Save Me”
    Cowboy Troy (Feat. Sarah Buxton) – “If You Don’t Wanna Love Me”

    The last one is probably more because of Sarah’s involvment.

  5. Only Kenny Chesney song I -really- like is “Anything But Mine”. I’m not a big fan of his, but I don’t roll my eyes and change the station when he’s overplayed like I do Keith Urban.. who I find no redeeming qualities in.

  6. Well, I don’t like Kenny Chesney or Rascal Flatts, but I have a few guilty pleasures by both acts. The reason I call them guilty pleasures is because they’re not even necessarily their more respected songs; they’re just songs that I happen to like for know intellectual reason:

    Kenny Chesney–
    “Beer In Mexico”, “Never Wanted Nothin More”, “Summertime”, “Don’t That Make You Wanna Fall In Love”, “That’s Why I’m Here” and “Live Those Songs Again”

    Rascal Flatts–
    “What Hurts The Most”, “I’m Movin On”, “Winner At A Losing Game” and “Love You Out Loud”

  7. Rascal Flatts – Bless the Broken Road (Seeing Carrie do this song with with was great that one night on American Idol)

    Taylor Swift (How the hell did she become such a star anyway?) – Teardrops on My Guitar

    Dierks Bentley – What was I thinking

  8. I’m Moving On is the first song I thought of as well. I don’t really like Tim McGraw, although I enjoy some of his songs, especially The Cowboy In Me.

  9. Just have to jump in here and give a shout-out to Trailer: your comment was Country Universe’s 10,000th.

    Who knew it would come in the form of a qualified shout-out to Rascal Flatts, Phil Vassar and Shania Twain?

  10. Wow, I was coming here to type in Toby Keith’s “A Little Too Late” and Kenny Chesney’s ” A Lot Of Things Different” when I see that Erik North beat me there! Of course, the mighty Bill Anderson wrote the Chesney song, so that helps. I actually think Kenny’s last song, “Better As A Memory” wasn’t bad. Not crazy about Brooks & Dunn, but “Ain’t Nothin’ Bout You” was a good song. Finally, I liked the first few Alabama singles, but after that, they became the epitome of formulaic crap (‘a la Rascal Flatts nowdays).

  11. The Rascal Flats songs mentioned are my three favorite by them, but I like “Feels like today” and “Sara Beth” to. however, the few songs I do like by them I would probably like better if sung by a different artist.

    I like “The Good Stuff,” “Don’t that make you wanna fall in love” and “Who You’d be Today” by Kenny Chesney a lot.

  12. Sugarland: Down to Mississippi and Up to No Good, and Baby Girl

    Dierks: What was I Thinking, his first was his best,IMO, many of his subsequent songs sound
    like copies of this prototype.

    Carrie Underwood: How Great Thou Art..simply amazing

    And Kenny Chesney: Anything but Mine. I don’t get the whole Kenny hype. ..But I do like several of his songs.

    Keith Urban: Where the Blacktop Ends…His only COUNTRY sounding hit,to my ears anyway

    Rascal Flatts, I’m Moving On…At first,I thought that was Don Henley singing that song, lol Maybe that’s why I liked it so much!

    -Steve from Boston

  13. “Dearly Beloved” by Faith Hill
    “Bless the Broken Road” by Rascal Flatts –
    Hummons’ version is far better
    “Looking For A Job” by Todd Snider
    “Eighth of November” by Big & Rich
    “Moments” by Emerson Road
    “Scotland” by Bill Monroe

  14. It doesn’t really matter, but “Bless the Broken Road” was actually recorded first by co-writer Jeff Hanna’s Nitty Gritty Dirt Band (on their very cool Acoustic album in ’94, a year before Hummon). Just have to throw that in because of the OCD.

    Anyway, like many people I thought of LeVox and co. at first sight of this thread. Mine’s “Winner at a Losing Game” (reminds me of early-80’s Exile – nothing too awful about that)

    Some others off the top of my head.

    Jimmy Buffett – “Come Monday”
    Brooks and Dunn – “You’re Gonna Miss Me When I’m Gone”
    Conway Twitty – “That’s My Job”
    Kenny Chesney – “Never Wanted Nothing More”

    And I like everything about Taylor Swift except her music – does that count for something?

  15. OK several songs come to mind, some really old, some recent

    “It’s a little too late” by Toby Keith
    “Somebody like you” and “Where the Blacktop Ends” by Keith Urban
    “Her Man” by gary Allan
    I like a few Rascal Flatts songs…My Wish, Sarabeth, While You Loved Me
    “I sang Dixie” by dwight Yoakam
    “Tennessee Flat top Box” by Roseanne Cash
    “Hold Me” by KT Oslin

    I’m sure there are a lot of others I could think of

  16. I’m not a big Faith Hill fan, but I do like If My Heart Had Wings, When The Lights Go Down, and The Lucky One. And I love, love, love The Secret of Life.

  17. Aeroyacine,

    I happen to like Tim McGraw, Kenny Chesney and Toby Keith quite a bit, but I don’t think that’s a requirement for liking country music.

    Then again, I was a fan before those artists released their debut albums.

    I think this topic helps build respect for artists we don’t particularly like, rather than cut them down, since it forces focus on the positive.

  18. I also like Tim, Kenny & Toby but thats beside the point.

    IMO, Kenny’s best country song is All I need to know. But I also love every song on his Be As You Are CD. So hey go figure!!

    Being a Tennessee girl I love Rocky Top by Osborne Brothers but like Dolly’s version a little better!!

    I not a Flatt’s fan or Carrie or Taylor at all.
    And I hated the preformace Taylor put on at the CMA’s last year, it was unreal.

    Kieth Urban’s a rocker (not that it’s a bad thing) I’ve never heard a country song from him. Is there one? LOL!!!

  19. What Hurts The Most, Bless The Broken Road, Feels Like Today (Rascal Flatts)

    Tim McGraw, Teardrops On My Guitar, Our Song
    by: who else? (Taylor Swift)

    thats rlly it for me ^^

  20. I’ll third Lynn’s and Marc’s choice from upthread– I’ve never understood the appeal of Kenny Chesney, given his clear limitations as a singer, but “Anything But Mine” is a great song. While I’d love to hear a superior vocalist– say, Gary Allan– cover the song and give it the delivery it deserves, but Chesney’s version will certainly do just fine.

  21. And how could we forget the Dixie Chicks, lol

    I dislike Natalie Maines,(and it’s not entirely political, it’s an attitude thing) but I really like many of the DC’s songs: Travelin Soldier, Goodbye Earl,I Can Love You Better, and the list goes on….(“Sin Wagon” I detest, however)

    Their talent is undeniable, but their attitude is too “in-your-face” for my liking. Lose the chip, Chicks!

    -Steve from Boston

  22. I chose “A Lot Of Things Different” because Kenny Chesney is not doing his pseudo-Buffett schtick, and because of its moody, regretful tone (due in no small part to the song being written, as pselby says, by the legendary Bill Anderson).

    As for “It’s A Little Too Late”–well, I make no secret of the fact that the jingoism Toby often displays elsewhere does tend to make me wretch. But this song is a throwback to the 60s/70s era, with a guitar break in the middle that smacks of the late George Harrison (a.k.a. “The Quiet Beatle”).

  23. “Fast Cars and Freedom” – Rascal Flatts
    “I Wanna Talk About Me” – Toby Keith (this song is so hilarious)
    “Everywhere” – Tim McGraw
    “It Matters to Me” – Faith Hill
    “Standing Outside the Fire” – Garth Brooks
    “Callin’ Baton Rouge” – Garth Brooks

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