Discussion: Favorite Songs by Favorite Artists

One of our most popular features is Favorite Songs by Favorite Artists, which has one of our writers describe their twenty-five favorite songs by one of their favorite artists. Sometimes, the title just says it all, doesn’t it?

The feature was conceived by Leeann, and Blake and myself have since contributed entries. I’m currently working on Todd Snider, which should be up in the next day or two. Tonight, I’d like to invite you to share your favorite five or ten songs by your favorite artist. Are they the hits that we already know, or are there some great songs that only fans with complete collections are privy to?


  1. I realize that a lot of people probably wouldn’t consider Linda Ronstadt to be a country artist, but throughout her career she has displayed an intrinsic knowledge not only of the music itself, but a deep appreciation and respect of its vast history. Her ability to get non-country fans to approach the genre from the point of its traditional spirit, while also putting in a street-smart L.A. rock influence to it, has been an inspiration for at least four generations of female country and roots-rock performers.

    So here are my ten favorite C&W-related songs from the artist that no less than Trisha Yearwood calls “The Queen”:

    #10: “I FALL TO PIECES”–her live take (recorded at the Troubadour in Los Angeles in the summer of 1971) of Patsy Cline’s 1961 classic. Future Eagles Glenn Frey and Don Henley back her up on this track, along with L.A. pedal steel master Sneake Pete Kleinow. But it’s her voice that’s in control, even at this early stage of the game.

    #9: “A RIVER FOR HIM”–an album cut from Linda’s 1993 album WINTER LIGHT that was written and recorded four years earlier by her good friend Emmylou Harris. A lot of low-key but heartbreaking emotion here that is classic Linda.

    #8: “HE WAS MINE”–Linda does the lead vocals on this track from her 1999 WESTERN WALL collaboration with Emmy. Greg Leisz’s pedal steel work underlines the piercing ache of Linda’s voice.

    #7: “HEARTBREAK KIND”–A track from Linda’s terribly underappreciated 1998 album WE RAN, this Paul Kennerley/Marty Stuart composition is a throwback of sorts to her early country-rock days, redolent with slithery harmony vocals and stringbender guitar work from long time friend Bernie Leadon (formerly of the Eagles)

    #6: “I NEVER WILL MARRY”–this Carter Family staple, which was a big country hit for Linda off of her mega-selling 1977 album SIMPLE DREAMS, gets a lot of attention for Dolly Parton’s harmony vocals, but what almost never gets mentioned is that it’s one of those rare times when Linda plays acoustic guitar on a song, either onstage or in the studio.

    #5: “CRAZY”–Yes, the one Patsy Cline made immortal back in 1961. Linda’s take is more blues-oriented, but it shows how Linda took to Patsy’s smooth but passionate vocal style and all but invented what many would call “torch rock.”

    #4: “I CAN’T HELP IT IF I’M STILL IN LOVE WITH YOU”–Aided and abetted by Emmy’s harmony vocals, Linda’s version of this Hank Williams masterpiece shot up to #2 on the Billboard country singles chart in March 1975, helping establish Linda’s ability to cross over between AM/FM rock and traditional country (its A-side, “You’re No Good”, already peaked at #1 on the pop chart). It also got her the first of eleven Gramm Awards, this one for Best Female Country Vocal for 1975.

    #3: “BLUE BAYOU”–This is liable to be a controversial choice with some, but I’m sticking to my guns here. Linda’s heartfelt take on this Roy Orbison classic, which was a big crossover hit for her at Christmastime in 1977, has a notable Mexican lilt to it; and her passion for the song is there from beginning to end. As a footnote, when it reached #3 on the pop chart, Linda’s version of Buddy Holly’s “It’s So Easy” was at #5, marking not only the first time a female artist had ever had at least two songs in the Top Five simultaneously, but also the first time since the Beatles in April 1964 that anybody had accomplished that feat.

    #2: “SILVER THREADS AND GOLDEN NEEDLES”–Linda’s first Top 40 C&W hit (in May 1974) was this classic country song that had been done in years past by Wanda Jackson and Skeeter Davis, to name just two. It’s a C&W-rock hoedown that shows Linda’s approach to country to be less like Music City and more like the Laurel Canyon country-rock sound of late 60s/early 70s Los Angeles.

    #1: “LOVE IS A ROSE”–Too often (and too often WRONGLY) thought of as a mere remake queen, Linda put that notion firmly to rest with this neo-bluegrass take on a song written by her good friend Neil Young, redolent with banjo and fiddle, as well as Linda’s clear, unforced Southwestern vocal drawl. As always, her ability to cross-pollinate traditional country music with street-smart L.A. rock is evident here, as this song hit #5 on the country chart in November 1975 (the A-side, “Heat Wave”, hit #5 on the pop chart at the same time).

  2. Artist: Dierks Bentley

    I realize, obviously, that there isn’t a whole lot of variety to chose from, but as of right now he is my favorite out there. People know the singles, but maybe if you aren’t familiar with anything else he does, here’s a taste of some of my fav’s:

    10) “Domestic, Light and Cold”
    An upbeat, drinkin’ song. Every artist needs one of these. And just remember, “Daddy likey.”

    9)”Lot of Leavin’ Left To Do”
    Strangely, at first, I was not a huge fan of this song when it first hit the airwaves. But after seeing him live in concert (which I strongly recommend), it became a personal favorite. Let freedom ring.

    8)”Settle For A Slowdown”
    This was the single that made me realize how much I liked this newcomer. Great metaphor used between the leaving of the car and the leaving of the girl. Loved the video as well.

    7)”Can’t Live It Down”
    A lesser known track, off of his latest album. This track follows “Every Mile A Memory” as the second track on the CD, and really shows off Dierks’ wilder side.

    6)”Wish It Would Break”
    Plain and simple, love the usage of “it” breaking in this song. Very well written, and sung with a great deal of emotion.

    5)”Modern Day Drifter”
    Slow moving, melodic song. But a very good one. The title song from his sophomore album, this track is about letting go and being free.

    4)”My Last Name”
    What I really think is a damn near perfect song. I’m sure you all know it, of course, but for anyone with strong family connections, this song is it. The end gets me every time.

    3)”Distant Shore”
    So much pain in this song, and Dierks injects every bit of it into his vocal. This song is about struggle, with a light at the end of the tunnel.

    2)”Long Trip Alone”
    What I feel is actually is best all around song, the title track to his latest album is a sure classic. Love the guitar, love the vocals, love the message.

    1)”Gonna Get There Someday”
    A great story. Great vocals. And a violin. This song is my absolute favorite by Dierks and very well could be my favorite song, period. Anyone who has struggled at one time or another in his or her life can relate to every aspect of this song. The spiritual elements to Bentley’s songs make them that much more powerful. Take one listen to this song and you will be hooked. “Who I wanna be still seems so far away, but I know I’m gonna get there someday.”

    Dierks, you are the man.

  3. Great selection of tracks from Linda Ronstadt. Her versatility may have led to her being perceived as a pop singer who dabbled in country, but her country work is more influential than many major artists who never strayed from the genre at all.

  4. I agree with the Dierk’s selections. His catalog is obviously not as large but in his short time he has put out three albums that are all enjoyable and each unique. My favorite song of his off that first album has always been “Whiskey Tears.” That whole album is great.

  5. Russ, I love “Whiskey Tears” too. It’s missing from my list, but with all the good songs he has, it was hard cutting the list down. I guess that means you have a good artist on your hands.

  6. Webb Pierce

    in no particular order

    “There Stands The Glass”
    “In The Jailhouse Now”
    “I Ain’t Never”
    “More And More”
    “I Don’t Care”

    Ernest Tubb

    also in no particular order except for “Walking The Floor Over You” which is my all-time favorite song.

    “Try Me One More Time”
    “Waltz Across Texas”
    “Thanks A Lot”
    “Two GLasses Joe”
    “Blue Christmas”

  7. I’ve been a Martina McBride fan for about five years now, and I have to say not only do I love the way she handles her career – With class, but also the different songs she chooses. My favourites are:

    1. Independence Day – For obvious reasons, it’s a great song. Martina sings it very well, and it has such a compelling story.

    2. Happy Girl – I wouldn’t say this is one of Martina’s best songs ever, but personally I can really relate to this song. I used go through some personal issues which meant I basically locked myself away from the world. Now, I’m free of these issues, and hearing this song reminds me that time, and how I’ve changed.

    3. Safe in the Arms of Love – An awesome song. It starts off great, and ends great. It’s very catchy, and a joyful song of hope. I really enjoy the message behind it too, that everyone should find a love that supports you and lifts you up.

    4. Anything’s Better than Feelin’ the blues – A good breakup song. I liked the first line “Sent myself a dozen roses/right before the office closes, just to make my girlfriends green with envy”.

    5. I’ll Still Be Me – A beautiful song from “Waking Up Laughing”. It’s a lot softer than Martina’s normal stuff, and is sung beautifully.

    6. Love Land – Another great song from Waking up Laughing, it’s a very sad song about a woman getting married too young, and losing her baby, but it ends with hope. It kills me everytime I listen to it.

    7. My Baby Loves Me – A more upbeat fun song. It’s just about being loved by someone uncondtionally, and how that love can lift you up. I think it’s really catchy.

    8. Strangers – I love the idea of this song. How two people can know each other so well, and then one day just be strangers. A good song.

    9. When you are old – A beautiful song about being there for someone when you’re both old. A very tender, and loving song.

    10. Do you see what I see – A beautiful Christmas song from Martina. Every Christmas I have to listen to this over and over – Especially while I wrapping presents.

  8. Reba’s catalogue has some treasuers buried deep within:

    Long Distance Lover:

    It Always Rains On Saturday:

    Today All Over Again:

    Small Two Bedroom Starter:

    Moving Oleta:

  9. Josh,

    I still kick myself for not going to Dierks’ concert when he was in my town a couple of years ago. I liked him, but not as much as I do now, so I decided not to buy the nose bleed seats that were left over. Bad move, especially since not very many country concerts come to where I live.

  10. doug supernaw was one of the greatest sounding “non-greats” in neo-traditional country music of the nineties.

    “honky tonkin’ fool”
    if you ever wondered what a honky tonk song is – this is a fine one.

    “i don’t call him daddy”
    gather a thousand divorced dads in a room, play this one and count the eyes that are still dry.

    “she never looks back”
    the song for girls who don’t give a damn about history.

    “daddy made the dollars, mama made the sense”
    an easy take on one of the realities in family life.

    “daddy’s girl”
    probably the earliest “homage” to taylor swift.

  11. I’ve always liked Doug Supernaw’s music and voice. While I don’t think they’ve stood the test of time in production, I really like “Red And Rio Grand” and “Rino.” I also like “You Never Even Call Me by My Name” and “She Never Looks Back.” I’ll also admit to liking “Not Enough Hours In the Night”, though one of my sisters always said that it was a horrible “redneck love song.” What does she know? She pretty much detests country music anyway.:)

  12. Keith Urban

    10) Days Go By

    9) You’re Not Alone Tonight

    8) Song for Dad

    7)Nobody Drinks Alone

    6)Tonight I wanna Cry

    5) Somebody Like You

    4)You’re Not my God

    3)Stupid Boy

    2) I Told You So

    1) You’ll think of me

  13. Julie Roberts — in no order —

    – You aint down home

    – Unlove me

    – Wake Up Older

    – The Chance

    – Chasin’ Whiskey

    – Girl Next Door

    – If you had called Yesterday

    – Break Down Here

  14. eek.. someone has urban as a –favorite– ? :P

    Ms Kasey Chambers.
    It’s hard to pick through the songs, but these are some of handful rated 5 in my itunes library.

    6. Not Pretty Enough

    5. Cry Like a Baby – The song (and video) that introduced me to Kasey Chambers. The voice isn’t for everyone, and at times is a bit squeaky/nasally. But it is so strong, and so much power and emotion come through. I was hooked. Didn’t hurt that she’s hot! ;)

    4. Don’t Look So Sad – An “up” song about a down mood. Can’t help but sing along.

    3. Changed the Locks

    2. Coloour of a Carnival

    1. Dam – My favorite. The rhythm just keeps going.. the message is simple but powerful. #1 song on my last.fm/itunes play counts for a reason.

    Carnival is probably my favorite top-to-bottom album.

  15. Faith Hill:

    1. There Will Come a Day
    2. Stealing Kisses
    3. Stronger
    4. A Man’s Home is His Castle
    5. Cry
    6. When The Light’s Go Down
    7. If You Ask
    8. You’re Still Here
    9. There You’ll Be
    10. Fireflies

  16. Keith Whitley:

    10. Brother Jukebox
    9. Ten Feet Away
    8. Does Fort Worth Ever Cross Your Mind
    7. It’s All Coming Back To Me Now
    6. I’m Over You
    5. Between An Old Memory And Me
    4. I Wonder Do You Think Of Me
    3. I’m No Stranger To The Rain
    2. Don’t Close Your Eyes
    1. When You Say Nothing At All

  17. Alright, I’ll do alan Jackson today…in no particular order even though i numbered it to make sure i didnt do more than 10.

    1. Where wre you when the world stopped turning?
    2. Chasin that neon Rainbow
    3. Livin On Love
    4. Small Town Southern Man
    5. Drive
    6. Home
    7. Someday
    8. Dallas
    9. I’ll Try
    10. Chattahoochee

    I’m probably forgetting something good, but there’s my list.

  18. Alright, so I’ll list my top five songs by one of my favorite artists of all time, Brad Paisley.

    5. Letter To Me – This is a great song about looking back at certain moments in your life and knowing everything turned out great.

    4. We Danced – This is one of my favorite songs by Brad because it’s just a great love story and Brad does a great job on the vocals.

    3. Waitin’ on a Woman – This song has so much truth in it! Guys should definitely get used to waiting on a woman because we’ll be doing for the rest of our lives!

    2. When I Get Where I’m Going – This song is just an unbelievable song! It’s extremely well written and having Dolly Parton sing along with Brad just made it such a powerful song. Definitely one of my favorite country songs.

    1. Whiskey Lullaby – This is just a chilling song where Brad and Alison Krauss do a great job singing it. The tones of their voices make the song extremely haunting and they do a great job at the story telling. Definitely one of the best songs written!

  19. I’d do Trisha, but it’s hard not to like all of her songs, so that would be a tough one for me. So I think I’ll choose Shania.

    10. That Don’t Impress Me Much – Sure the lyrics may be average, but with this great beat you can’t help but listen to it(no matter what gender you are.)

    9. Whose Bed Have Your Boots Been Under – There are many reasons to love this song that you can’t help but like. I mean come on, who isn’t still looking for that Beverly Hill?

    8. You Win My Love – Just a great upbeat song, that makes cars even more sexy.

    7. Any Man Of Mine – For a guy, I probably should be embarrassed I like this song, but it’s too catchy to change the station for.

    6. It Only Hurts When I’m Breathing – The song speaks for itself.

    5. Man! I Feel Like A Woman- Yes another song I shouldn’t like so much, but 1999 was a whole lot more fun because of this single.

    4. Love Gets Me Everytime – Just a great jam along song, and one of Shania’s best songs.

    3. If You’re Not In It For Love(I’m Oughta Here) – One of Shania’s best tell off songs, that’s not a tell off song. If you get what I mean ;)

    2. No One Needs To Know – Probably one of Shania’s most country songs after her and Mutt got together as collaborators, and one of her most realistic and warm songs.

    1. You’re Still The One – Is it any wonder this is still being used for weddings? Even if you’re not in a relationship, you can’t help but give a smile when hearing this.

    So those are my top 10, I probably embarrassed myself but for Shania I will :P. Too bad we couldn’t choose one male and one female to do, then I would’ve defiantly chose Garth.

  20. I posted this on the 9513 forums, but I’ll repost part of it here. Here are some of my favorites by lee Ann Womack with a couple added songs:

    Stubborn (Psalm 151) -This song is just so true. It’s gorgeous, and sounds like it belongs in Psalms to me. I like the entire last verse as well.

    Does My Ring Burn Your Finger -I love the music in this song and just how it’s sung.

    Ashes By Now -A nice cover, I haven’t heard the original, but I love the drums and vocals in this one. I sometimes sing it in my falsetto voice, which my friend thinks is very entertaining to listen to.

    Finding My Way Back Home -This one has similar drums to “Ashes By Now”, but I like the meaning of this one. This is probably one of my favorite driving songs ever.

    Twenty Years And Two Husbands Ago -Gorgeous and true, somehow I can relate when I’m a boy and I don’t have 20 years to go back to yet. xD

    The Last Time -I like this song because it relates to love, but I take it as meaning ones that we love who die as well, that we never know when it’s the last time we’ll see someone. This song also reminds me of “Like You’ll Never See Me Again” by Alicia Keys.

    A Little Past Little Rock -Another great song.

    Painless -I love how her voice effortlessly slides upwards when she says the word painless. Also the small spoken parts between the verses and the chourses just show the pain the narrator is feeling perfectly.

    He Oughta Know That By Now -When I heard this, I noticed the music sounds a little like “We Run” by Sugarland, just less intense. A great story in great singing by Lee Ann of course.

    Last Call -I like how the music seems to almost shimmer with the instruments and such. I also like how it’s the opposite of “I May Hate Myself In The Morning”, I love this song.

  21. Kelly Willis

    Easy (As Falling Apart)
    Heaven’s Just a Sin Away
    Not Forgotten You
    Nobody Wants To Go To the Moon Anymore
    Don’t Come the Cowboy With Me Sonny Jim

  22. Mr. Tim McGraw

    1) Not A Moment Too Soon – Tim’s first real love ballad that topped the charts. Has been, always will be, a favorite. It’s Your Love and My Best Friend both followed the same “how did you find a boy like me” method.

    2) Live Like You Were Dying – Obviously, one of his career tracks.

    3) It’s Your Love – You can just feel the love and passion between him and Faith

    4) Please Remember Me – Haunting, emotionally pulling, and the backups from Ms. Loveless definitely don’t hurt

    5) The Cowboy In Me – Isn’t this just the quintessential rebel cowboy track every new artist now tries to emulate? Going back to Willie and Waylon?

    6) Where The Green Grass Grows – Ah, the simpler life of living where you can watch your corn pop up in rows and rock in a chair with the love of your life instead of eating a .99 heart attack (which is now about 4.50)

    7) I Didn’t Ask, And She Didn’t Say – Lesser known track from “All I Want”. Takes a different approach of wondering what could’ve been rather than “Something Like That”

    8) If You’re Reading This – Really, the only logical single choice off of “Let It Go”, even though it was a re-release. I’d like to see more of what the Warren Brothers can do, as I’ve liked all the singles they’ve written for Tim and Faith so far. Also, absolutely moving live.

    9) Things Change – Tribute to all those outlaws (Hank, Elvis, Willie, etc) off of “Set This Circus Down”. Just a fun song!

    10) Real Good Man – Because, lord, it is one sexy song. And it stands a little better over time than “Indian Outlaw” for a novelty song.

  23. This is a tough one for me. Just ten great ones from Johnny Cash….

    10. Delia’s Gone (Is it awful that this one makes me laugh?)
    9. Daddy Sang Bass (A classic with the Carter family backing it up)
    8. Long Black Veil (Haunting, but I actually like Rosanne Cash’s version even better)
    7. The Man in Black (A song and a declaration)
    6. Jackson (Makes you “wanna love like Johnny and June…”)
    5. San Quentin (Overshadowed I think, but the first line says it all)
    4. Hurt (John’s aging, wavering voice was perfect for this one)
    3. Sunday Morning Comin’ Down (He did Kris proud with this one)
    2. Folsum Prison Blues (Souie!)
    1. Ring of Fire (one of the top five country songs ever, imo)

  24. Diamond Rio

    1. How Your Love Makes Me Feel-The band’s biggest hit and perhaps most exciting song.

    2. I Believe-If love is strong enough, not even death could stop it.

    3. It’s All In Your Head-This is one of the most experimental songs the band has ever done. They combine country music with rap/hiphop and make it work.

    4. Norma Jean Riley-Keyboard player Dan Truman wrote this song about an old girlfriend. The song is so descriptive that Diamond Rio chose not to do a video for it. You can just picture the video in your head as you listen to the song.

    5. Nowhere Bound-What goes around comes around. Where to now, do you know? One thing’s for certain, gonna reap just what you sow and all you planted was heartache and pain. Don’t look now, but it looks like rain. Those are perhaps the most powerful lyrics I have ever heard.

    6. (I Will) Start All Over Again-A fantastic song that tells about escaping the ratrace of life. An absolutely beautiful performance.

    7. Kentucky Mine-A song about working in the coal mines. Very powerful.

    8. Two Pump Texaco-A song about the way life used to be. I can still remember the old time gas stations still being around when I was very young. This wasn’t a single, but it should have been. A video wouldn’t have been needed as this song is as descriptive as Norma Jean Riley.

    9. One Believer-This song was released to radio, but didn’t fare too well. It is still a fantastic song. The musicianship is excellent here.

    10. Beautiful Mess-This song stayed on the chart for almost an entire year. Jimmy Olander’s guitar is drenched in reverb, the vocals are great. One of their best songs.

  25. Has anyone heard of Hedley, or like them? They’re my fav. band. For them, I’ll do my top 5 from their most recent album, Famous Last Words:

    5. Been There Done That – Just plain a great rockin’ song. I especially love the changes in the third chorus.

    4. Old School – Their current single is a great song about reminiscing about the days of old.

    3. She’s So Sorry – A great rockin’ song with a more alternative feel. It starts off aggressive and never lets off for a single moment until the very end. The vocals are angry, and the guitar is driving.

    2. Brave New World – Boring to start, but the bridge is pure brilliance, packing in so much emotion, and leads up to the climax of the third chorus.

    1. For the Nights I Can’t Remember – A spectacular pop ballad, filled with emotion and sincerity. It’s amazing. The harmonies are very well done too.

    Now for my fav. country singer, Josh Gracin. This list isn’t necessarily the best order:

    5. The Long One – A nice song about having to hold on through the long night until morning because the narrator’s woman left.

    4. We Weren’t Crazy – I can’t exactly explain why I like this song, I just do. I really like the bridge and the last chrous.

    3. Favorite State of Mind – The single that brought my excitement for his second album. Just plain fun and enjoyable and different.

    2. Let Me Fall – An acoustic version of this song enticed me with it’s pure emotion and big vocal ranges, and I looked forward to hearing it with production. I was not disappointed.

    1. Stay With Me – I didn’t like this song at first, but it eventually became my fav. country song for a while. Another song I can’t totally explain for liking, but it’s original and beautiful.

  26. wow…. Guess since Hill, McEntire, Twain, and McBride were taken and Underwood doesn’t have enough for me to put on a top ten list I’ll go with:
    (singles only so its easier for me: the real list would probably look a little different)


    10. “As If” (Greatest Hits)
    -Her best song on the Greatest Hits… typical kinda Sara song ;)- I’m surprised it wasn’t an even bigger hit.
    9. “Shame ‘Bout That” (Three Chords & The Truth)
    -It was between this and “Three Chords & The Truth” but I went with this because it was one of my favs of hers :)
    8. “A Real Fine Place To Start” (Real Fine Place)
    -One of her biggest hits… Also one of my favorites :)
    7. “You’ll Always Be My Baby” (Real Fine Place)
    -One of my favorite Sara songs- makes it even more special because she co-wrote it :)
    6. “I Keep Looking” (Born To Fly)
    – One of my ultimate favorites from Sara :)
    5. “Suds In The Bucket” (Restless)
    – Her signature song and one of her No. 1s deserves a spot in the top 5. the song isn’t half bad either ;)
    4. “I Could Not Ask For More” (Born To Fly)
    – A great vocal performance and song. ^^
    3. “Cheatin'” (Real Fine Place)
    – one of my favs from Sara.. and one of the best songs of her career- ironically.
    2. “Born To Fly” (Born To Fly)
    -her first SOLO No.1 and a great song to boot :)
    1. “Backseat Of A Greyhound Bus” (Restless)
    – This has to be her best song, yes it didnt do well on the charts but the writing, singing, and music are all great :)- My Favorite Sara song!!! (so far)

  27. Just want to throw in some top 5’s of mine of artists mentioned here that I’m not likely to do a full-length favorite songs feature on:

    Sara Evans
    1. Rocking Horse
    2. I Thought I’d See Your Face Again
    3. A Real Fine Place to Start
    4. Time Won’t Tell
    5. Perfect
    (Since it’s been a most favorite and least favorite in this thread, let me also add that I love “Backseat.”)

    Diamond Rio
    1. You’re Gone
    2. Meet in the Middle
    3. Nowhere Bound
    4. How Your Love Makes Me Feel
    5. One More Day

    Keith Urban
    1. I Told You So
    2. You’ll Think of Me
    3. Stupid Boy
    4. You’re Not My God
    5. Romeo’s Tune

    As for Linda, Faith, Tim, Lee Ann , Reba and Johnny – I could actually end up doing lists, so I’ll keep my cards close to the chest for now!

  28. I could see me doing a Diamond Rio list someday. They were my favorite country group in the ’90s. While my love of them has coooled a bit, I still regard them pretty highly. I love it how their harmony is unique enough that the background vocalists aren’t so interchangeable like is often the case with other groups like RF or even Alabama. You take Dana Williams’s baritone or Gene Johnson’s tenor out, the group would sound much different. Likewise, inn the 90s, when I heard the beginning notes, even before Marty Roe started singing, I knew it was a Diamond Rio song just from the type of drum and keyboards that were used.

  29. Pam Tillis:

    1. Spilled Perfume
    2. All the Good Ones are Gone
    3. Maybe it Was Memphis
    4. Let That Pony Run
    5. Don’t Tell Me What To Do

    Blake Shelton:

    1. Austin
    2. Nobody But Me
    3. She Don’t Love Me
    4. The Last Country Song
    5. Back There Again

    George Strait (can’t do just 5)

    1. Love Without End Amen
    2. I Can Still Make Cheyenne
    3. Lead On
    4. You Can’t Make A Heart Love Somebody
    5. Adalida
    6. All My Ex’s Live in Texas
    7. The Big One
    8. Murder on Music Row (w/ Alan Jackson)
    9. We Really Shouldn’t Be Doing This
    10. One Night at a Time

    Alan Jackson (some covers…and I greatly prefer his older stuff :)

    1. How Great Thou Art (I love his whole “Precious Memories” album. I’m not particularly religious but I grew up going to church, and his voice is so comforting on these classic hymns.)
    2. Dallas
    3. Remember When
    4. Chattahoochee
    5. Who’s Cheatin’ Who
    6. The Blues Man
    7. It Must Be Love
    8. Home
    9. Livin’ on Love
    10. She Just Started Liking Cheatin’ Songs/Right in the Palm of Your Hand/Kiss an Angel Good Mornin’ (from his “Under the Influence” album)

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