Reader’s Choice: Favorite Album Artwork

Here are some of the favorite album artwork choices from our readers:

Hard call, but I think my favorite art ever might be the one for Waylon Jennings’ Are You Ready For The Country. I’m a sucker for forest shots. – Dan M.

I must say that Garth Brooks’ ‘Fresh Horses’ cover is my favorite. All you could see was the eye and maybe a half-inch of skin surrounding the eyeball on all sides, but you knew in an instant you were seeing Garth Brooks’ eye somehow. Brilliant. – J. R. Journey

I LOVE Cross Canadian Ragweed’s Mission California cover. It’s one of the best ones of the last few years. – Matt B.

I really like Sugarland’s latest, it’s creative and looks good, while illustrating the theme of love from the album. Why Should The Fire Die by Nickel Creek is good too, but I want to know what the hand on the cover is touching. – Chris D.

The person that epitomises visual image and art in country music is Dwight Yoakam. You could throw his hat on an empty stage and most country fans would know beyond any doubt, it’s Dwight Yoakam coming next. You could paint a shadow of a guitar player on a wall and everybody would recognise instantly, that’s a Dwight-pose. This Time, Gone or Tomorrow’s Sounds Today are extraordinary artful examples of how to visualise an album title, not to mention the fact that a cowboy-hat and a pair of legs in ripped blue-jeans are enough to make sure anybody knows, whose album it is.- Tom

I’m a big fan of Dolly’s Backwoods Barbie cover. It’s got a great retro feel, with the 70’s Dolly signature and all. I also think it’s one of the most personal covers around, because I believe it really reflects Dolly as a person. – Rainbow

I can’t believe nobody has mentioned the Louvin Brothers’ Satan is Real. Also, I should note that the cover of Tanya Tucker’s TNT made a very big impression on me as a young man. It may have catapulted me into puberty a few years early. – Chris N.


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