Thursday: Recommend a Track

Don’t know why I’m so into kiss-off songs for this feature, as this is my third in a row.  This week, I’m recommending “I’ll Be Gone”, a killer track off of Clint Black’s 1989 debut album, Killin’ Time.    Even though five singles were pulled from that record, there were still could’ve been hits that were overlooked.

This is Clint at his best, with rapid-fire wit and wordplay backed by fierce honky-tonk country.   “Baby you’ve got questions I don’t care to answer, and I don’t get off on leading people on.”   He tells the lady he’s leaving behind, “Before you see me going, I’ll be gone.”

That’s my recommendation this week.  What’s yours?


  1. Here’s one “The Rails” from Thrasher Shiver from their 1996 album. It is a great song about the bonds of true friendship and how those bonds last a lifetime, no matter how much space and locations separate them. On a side note, these two were Halfway To Hazard before Halfway To Hazard was.

    Another great song from John Berry’s 1993 debut album. It’s the last track on the record and it’s written by Martraca Berg.
    “When Love Dies” is a painful yet hopeful song to listen to in the sense that it finds the protagonist moving on after a truly bitter break-up and realizing that although their love has ended, there’s no reason to hold grudges. It’s an inspired piece of writing and Berry’s vocal is very emotive on it.

  2. I wish I could recommend the whole album Family by LeAnn Rimes (which I am right now) but I’ll settle for one track.

    “Pretty Things” is a beautiful subtle track. The premise is how the outside appearance isn’t what matters. Now, I know you’re thinking that that topic is so old by now, and in many ways it is. But how the song flows is great, it’s slow and calm and she talks about how she played dress-up as a girl with her mom’s things, and then goes on to say “Pretty things you think you need, but not what make you beautiful”, showing the hook. It’s just a gorgeous song and well sung with a great message.

  3. Ah, “Pretty Things” is a true stunner.

    “I’m Gone” from Dolly’s “Halos & Horns” is a great kiss-off song, and it’s been in heavy rotation here this last week.

  4. Since Matraca Berg was mentioned above, I’ll note “Nobody Drinks Alone”. Co-written with Jim Collins, it was on Keith Urban’s Be Here.

  5. I’m not ready to recommend one of my own yet, but I second the John Berry and Gary Allan songs mentioned above!

  6. “Try Me Again”, from Linda Ronstadt’s 1976 album HASTEN DOWN THE WIND, which spent three weeks atop the Billboard Country Album Chart, and hit #3 on the pop album chart.

    For anyone who says that she is a mere “remake” artist, here’s where Linda calls your bluff. Not only is this ultra-passionate, R&B-tinged country-rock ballad a prime example of Linda doing contemporary material (and seeing her spiritual protege Trisha Yearwood cover it in 2000), this ballad is one that she actually co-wrote with her longtime backing musician Andrew Gold. Linda puts everything she has into this gut-wrenching song, showing why she is one of the most influential female artists of any genre in the last forty years.

  7. Matraca Berg’s collaboration thanks-from-the-artists’ song (and especially the video), “Back in the Saddle” was fantastic… it got me deeper into country.. and.. along with Paula Abdul’s “Promise of a New Day” video, got me closer to manhood ;)

  8. tanya tucker’s “bidding america goodbye” (the auction) from her 91 album “what do i do with me” quite sadly is a timeless piece of music written by jamie o’hara.

    “dear mr. johnson, we are sorry to inform you, your request for second loan has been refused….”

    the verses are taken from the letter the bank sent to mr. johnson and the chorus shows the consequences. even though, the song roots in the years of the farming crisis, the current housing-crisis is most likely producing similar letters and desperate situations.

    tanya tucker’s vocals and delivery together with the fine instrumentation hit home strongly.

  9. a good kiss of song huh?

    How about “You Don’t Know Me” by the Randy Rogers Band (written by Jon Richardson – the bass player).

    That’s probably the best one in this category I’ve heard in quite awhile.

  10. I’m gonna go with Gary Allan’s “I Just Got Back From Hell” off of his “Tough All Over” album. Knowing everything that he went through, I love hearing the truth in the lyrics. His delivery is spot on, as well.

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