Review: Dierks Bentley, “Feel That Fire”

Check it out: an uptempo song by Dierks Bentley that isn’t about being on the road!    “Feel That Fire” has a cool rhythm, and the hook has an extra punch, thanks to the gravel in his vocal.

There’s no doubt he’s one of the genre’s strongest young talents, and there are some truly fresh lyrics here, my personal favorite being, “She want to make every stray a pet.”  It’s little details like that that make the difference between a good songwriter and great one.

My only quibble is that the melody isn’t quite there on the verses, but overall, it’s a solid effort.

Grade: B+

Listen: Feel That Fire


  1. Dierks is one of my favorite mainstream acts, and I’m looking forward to hearing his musical progress on the new album. My thoughts are about the same on this first single. Hopefully the CMAs will not overlook him next year.

  2. I’ve always liked Dierks. From the moment I heard “What Was I Thinkin'” on KMPS in Seattle (one of the first stations to play it), I was hooked. I’m glad he’s not singing about lonliness out on the road this time. While those are all great songs, It’s good to have Dierks doing something like this. As always in the fall, a little tempo is appreciated in a sea of ballads too.

  3. Dierks, along with Miranda, is my favorite current mainstream artist as well. While this song will probably have to grow on me more, I still like it.

  4. I really like this song…I think Eric Church and Him are very much a like. Eric should be getting more push by Capitol. He would explode like Dierks did cause we all know Eric is working his butt off on the road doing as many shows as Dierks was doing his first few years, but not having the same backing as Dierks did. It’s sad, but again…way to go Dierks for another top 10 song!! This should shoot up the charts quick!

  5. I have been following Dierks for a long time, this is another winner in my book. He is the master at the begining hook and his lyrics are the best! Lova ya Dierks!

  6. This song is another awesome one by Dierks! It makes me wanna drive with the windows down, blasting this on the radio, drivin to the shore :) love Dierks!!

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