Discussion: Recommend a Track

60″ />Recently, a commenter confessed his affection for Lorrie Morgan’s cover of the Tammy Wynette classic, “Another Lonely Song.” I share that affection, and it got me thinking about Morgan’s music as a whole. She’s not mentioned much when the women of the nineties are discussed, and it’s a shame. She’s such a stylist, and can handle a pop melody as effortlessly as a country torch ballad.

One of her strongest albums is 1996’s Greater Need. Tonight, I’m recommending the title track. It’s a confessional ballad that has her confronting the fact that she’s needing the man she’s in love with a lot more than he needs her: “It seems like I want you around me a little more than you want to be. So I guess I’m the one with the greater need.” By the chorus, she’s making the stark realization that this isn’t exclusive to the current relationship, since “it always seems to be that I’m the one with the greater need.”

If you check out the album, pay close attention to the masterful “I Just Might Be” and the biting “Good as I Was to You.”

What’s your recommendation tonight? Got another gem from another underrated artist?