Mark Wills, “The Things We Forget”

Mark Wills’ album, Familiar Stranger, his first on the newly-formed Tenacity Records, is scheduled for release on October 28. His first single, “The Things We Forget,” finds him reminiscing about the rural life and its slower, simpler pleasures.

Although a majority of Wills’ success occurred in the ’90s, he’s freshened up his sound to run with the radio-friendly artists. His voice is a little more comfortable with the verses, with just a hint of twang as he pangs for the simpler times of the past. He stretches just a little far in the chorus, but a more laidback arrangement would have suited his vocal style better. Yet, the song itself embraces the country way without pushing the easy, emotional buttons that most songs of a similar subject, even without much of a unique take on the matter.

Grade: B-

Listen: The Things We Forget


  1. Mark Wills quietly left Equity Music Group earlier this year after this album was not actually released, despite singles being sent to radio.

  2. They have sent four singles from this album to radio now. I like Mark Wills. I’ve heard the older version of this album and it’s pretty much in line with his others (if a bit more tempo).

    He’s a guy who has seen a couple of his songs get recorded by other artists and go #1. “Somebody” for Reba and “What Hurts The Most” for Rascal Flatts.

  3. I really like this song. I think it’s got a catchy tune. I think people “hype” artists such as rascal flatts . Don’t get me wrong they are good, but if you ever listen to Mark’s version of What Hurts the Most, it is MUCH better. He just didn’t have the right label to back him. I guess everyone has their own opinion, so this is mine.

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