Classic CMA Awards Moments, #2: Alan Jackson, “Pop a Top” (1999)

#2: Alan Jackson
“Pop a Top”

At the 1999 ceremony, George Jones, just months removed from a near-fatal car accident, was nominated for Single of the Year for his autobiographical ballad “Choices.” When CMA executives asked for Jones to sing a shortened version of the nominated song, he opted to stay home as a sign of his irritation at their request. Jackson, prompted by his admiration for Jones and his frustration with the CMA, quietly but rebelliously shifted into “Choices” halfway through his scheduled performance of his current single, “Pop A Top.”

After finishing the song, he silently walked off stage while and industry executives and artists alike rose to their feet with a standing ovation. Jackson would exit the Opry house and not return for the rest of the evening. When asked later about Jackson’s decision, Jones said, “What he did [at the CMAs] meant more to me than I could ever say. I was watching the show, and when he began singing ‘Choices,’ it moved my wife Nancy and me both to tears. He made a huge statement on my behalf, and on behalf of traditional country music, and didn’t worry about what the consequences might be.” In the war of art and commerce, Jackson chose to honor the humble beginnings of the genre when those values were compromised, and was justly rewarded with positive press as a result of his indignant, yet popular, actions that evening.

Jackson’s CMA career includes 16 awards, and he’s nominated in four categories at the 2008 ceremony.

Alan Jackson, video, “Pop a Top” (1999)


  1. How refreshing when an artist like Alan does something from the heart, and not from the mouth of a media trainer down at the label…Good for you Alan, and long live George Jones!!

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