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The title track from Iris Dement’s album The Way I Should promotes a philosophy that I can get behind.   Responding to nameless critics, she justifies the choices she’s been making with clear-eyed confidence:

A ghost that I had met before kept me up ’til dawn
and everything I thought was right was suddenly all wrong
He said, “Your score is looking pretty bad”
and then he asked me what it was that I had to show

So I went running down a list of things
some were real, but on some of them I lied
’cause I felt I had to justify each breath that I’d been breathing in this life
Then I realized I was playing into someone else’s rules,
trying to keep my score up in a game I did not choose
Then I looked that ghost straight in the eye
and said “You’d better not be coming back by again”

And it’s true that I don’t work near as hard
as you tell me that I’m supposed to
I don’t run as fast as I could
but I live just the way I want to
and that’s the way I should

I read once that God speaks in a whisper. That wouldn’t be a problem, but for all of the loud voices around us that drown Him out. Sometimes it helps to remember that while there is never a shortage of opinions about what decisions you should make, you’re the only one who has to live with them in the end. Perhaps living just the way you want to is just the way you should.


  1. George Canyon recently released a new album in Canada and co-wrote “In Your Arms Instead” with co-producer Richard Marx. It’s a very well-written song but perhaps my favorite part of the song is the great duet vocal by Crystal Shawanda.

    Listen here

  2. Today I started loving Sugarland’s “Operation: Working Vacation” again, off the deluxe version of Love On The Inside.

    I hadn’t heard the song for a while, but I heard it again today on my ipod, and I think what caught me is the harmonies of Kristian and what sounds like Jennifer copied a few times singing harmony with herself, which sounds glorious by the way. The sound makes up for the lyrics which are just decent, with some amusing jokes thrown in. The song’s just about escaping from work, basically “Gotta Be Something More” with more alcohol references and better sound.

    I would also like to mention the chorus is infectious and amazing, in a good way.


  3. I’d like to recomend “I Aint Goin Down” by Shania Twain on her Up! albums.
    I love the song, and how it portrays the character in a great way, its a great song of hope. :) I <3 the song :)

  4. Zach

    Ever since her appearance at the CMAs, I too have been listening to Shania Twain’s Up! album. I didn’t really give it a chance before but now it’s actually not that bad. I do have to ask though, this album has 19 songs on it. Is that a record for any “normal” country album, meaning no deluxe, greatest hits, or DVD special promotion or something?

    As for my recommended track, I’ve been loving “In My Car (I’ll Be the Driver)” lately. Nice rockin’ tune with catchy lyrics.

  5. I’m in a Lee Ann Womack so I’m going to recommend my favorite song from her “There’s More Where that Came From” album called “One’s A Couple.” Great, great, great country song!!! And again, Lee Ann delivers a great vocal!

  6. Wow. I get to be the first one to say how amazingly written the into to this article is … Damn. That’s excellence.

    And I recommend K.T. Oslin’s ‘I’ll Always Come Back’ …

  7. I’m loving “Fall into Me”, Sugarland from the deluxe edition of Love on the Inside, as well as “New Again”, Lee Ann Womack, from “Call me Crazy.”

  8. A song I’ve been listening to for the past few months that hasn’t gotten old for me is “Turn Back the Hands of Time” by Deirdre Hughes (also the title of her album). It was co-written by Bernie Taupin (Elton John’s lyricist)and it’s a graceful nod to the past as well as a plea not to forget it. All right, back to lurking…

  9. Definitely have to second Sugarland’s “Fall Into Me”!
    Hard to believe that is considered a “bonus track” as I think it fits wonderfully into the theme of the cd.

  10. My new cycle play faves stray from Country..

    Jenny Lewis (of Rilo Kiley fame) has put out a new album solo called “Acid Tongue”. Her voice and it’s style isn’t for everyone, but there’s a good mix of moods and beats.

    I also have to admit, but (from one of the recent ipod commerical’s) Chairlift’s album “Does You Inspire You” is so incredibly catchy. I can only describe it as 80’s synth grooves with a late 90’s young female singer/songwriter style voice over top. Quite the combo.

    I know these aren’t track recommendations, but I can’t yet pick a favorite on either album.

  11. Emerson Drive’s cover of “The Devil Went Down to Georgia”, off of their Countrified album.

    In my opinion, it is so much more lively and interesting than the original, and I love the duet on the line “I told you once you son of a gun / I’m the best there’s ever been” because it makes the line more prominent.

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