Single Review: John Rich, “Another You”

As a singer, John Rich is a good songwriter.    “Another You” is a decent song, and a great singer could hoodwink listeners into thinking it’s far better than it actually is.    To be fair, if it was 1987 this would stand out on the dial as slightly better than the latest singles from John Schneider and Exile.   But this sound got old a long time ago.

It’s interesting that as John Rich’s public persona has gone so far over the top, his first solo single in years is tepidly timid.  There’s none of the charm of personality present in the best Big & Rich singles, nor anything even remotely obnoxious as his off-stage antics.    I’m not sure why this song even exists, other than to be future source material for better singers looking to pad their latest album in a pinch.

Grade: C-

Listen: Another You


  1. I agree here, I’m surprised how tame this is, I figured that he’d come out with something a lot more like “Save A Horse (Ride A Cowboy)”. I Actually really like the song itself it just needs a better singer.

  2. I actually like Rich’s voice, though I much prefer it harmonizing with Big Keny I’ve discovered. I think he’s a more dynamic harmony singer than a solo singer.

  3. I think Leeann makes a good point about JR’s weakness as a lead singer, and strength as a harmony vocalist.

    I loved B$R’s first album, everything since seems like tepid self-imitation. (I have the same take on the works of Dierks Bentley, by the way)

    I used to think of Big $ Rich as a couple of good natured and good hearted Hooligans. I still do, but am troubled by JR’s recent reality shows, and some public appearances. He seems obnoxiously ostentatious latley, (I know he loves his bling, but the fur coats are over the top, lol) and more arrogant than before.

    Still, one has to give the man credit, he is an amazing and prolific songwriter.

  4. I wouldn’t, personally, classify him as an amazing or proliffic songwriter, but he’s proven that he can certainly write music better than this. I, too, only really like their first album–that was pretty awesome. I had a lot of hope for them, but they didn’t live up to it.

  5. Prolific in that he’s written well over 700 songs, Amazing in that he’s written some great songs, for Big and Rich, Gretchen Wilson, Jason Aldean, Faith Hill and others. Now when I say “great” in this context, I don’t necessarily mean they are my favorites, or that they are the Traditional Country style that I love so much, or they are intrinsically great artistically speaking, but rather they have had great chart success, such as Gretchen’s Redneck Woman, and Faith’s Mississippi Girl.

    Randy Owen from the group Alabama was on Hannity and Colmes last night, and he said that John Rich is pretty much -a- (not the) dominating force in Country music today, or words to that effect. I know what he means.. but I would add “for better or worse”.

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