Review: Dean Brody, “Brothers”

I tend to consistently viscerally cringe at songs that are written with the intention of pulling on its listeners’ heartstrings. I think it’s a dirty trick to which I’m usually immune. However, there are always times when my defenses are down and I fall for that dang dirty trick, which what has happened in the case of this song by Dean Brody, “Brothers.”

It’s from the perspective of a boy or young man who is heartsick about his brother going off to war. Not only does he comprehend the dangers of war, he will simply miss his brother and hero while he’s gone.

While the song doesn’t have the expected and all too common ending of death, it does not end happily. Somehow, however, it still manages to feel uplifting. Instead of hearing about how the younger brother copes with his brother’s death, we get a glimpse into how he will negotiate his wheelchair bound hero’s forever altered life.

Unlike many formulaic tear jerkers that country music listeners are forced to endure, this one simply manages to pull the tears softly without feeling overtly contrived.

Written by: Dean Brody

Grade: B

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  1. I love the first 2 lines to this review so much … But, the song itself didn’t succeed in breaking through my own immunity for ‘heartstring songs’.

    A great read, though. Nice job, Leann.

  2. Yeah, I’m a little embarrassed that I like it this much.:) Songs like these don’t last long for me, but I like it right now. Then again, “Letters From Home” still gets me when I hear it and I thought that one would wear off, especially years later.

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