Discussion: Grammy Double Whammy

The Grammy nominations last night ignited a large number of responses, so tonight, we are opening up the floor for even more discussion. During CMA time, the mood was negative. However, last night’s events, for the most part, received a much better response. (Miranda, I’m sad, too.)

Select one country artist who you like to see win a golden gramophone on Sunday, February 8. Post it in the comments. Or just talk about anything Grammy-related. How about posting who will and who should win? Why not?


  1. I’d like to see Patty Loveless win, above all others.

    No clue on who will win, but in my opinion Patty should win…she is so deserving of these honors!

    Plus, a PL victory could be read as a rebuke to the hold-out radio stations who have so unjustly neglected Patty’s latest masterpiece, as well as a rebuke to CMT, for the same reason. The irony would be delicious.

    And just by merit of her nominations, the Grammys have already shown they are in tune with high-quality work and artists, and are more concerned with first-rate music than then being obsessed with jumping on sales and popularity bandwagons.

    The Grammy’s may well be the last music awards institution to retain their integrity. These excellent nominations speak volumes.

  2. I’m also most rooting for Patty. But what I want more than a win for Patty is a performance slot at the Grammys for Patty. And one for Trisha. Not a dinky 90 second slot. A real full-on performance slot for each so that two of country music’s great contemporary interpretive singers get a showcase. I would like for Jamey Johnson to get a performance slot, too.

    But this is probably where the commercial impulses of the Grammy producers may take over and they go for the more well-known artists, sadly. But this is supposed to be a happy thread! So, yay for a slate of worthy nominations! Moreover, the slate of nominations makes for some truly interesting and not easily predictable races for the win, which is fun.

  3. I have a question for those of you who know about non country music more than I do. We all seem to be pleased with the nominations related to country music. However, as someone who doesn’t know much about the music outside of the country genre, do you think that the Grammies show integrity outside of the country music nominations?

  4. Leeann,

    There are plenty of interesting, inspired choices outside the country field this year– with acts like M.I.A., Daft Punk, Kenna, and Robyn scoring nominations, it seems like NARAS voters took a couple of baby-steps toward being just the slightest bit hip, perhaps in response to some of the increasingly vocal criticisms they’ve drawn in the past few years for their insistence on making conservative or “safe” choices even when they have the opportunity to recognize more challenging and more relevant work.

    But, on the whole, I’d say that the country field is easily the strongest top-to-bottom field on the ballot. Particularly in the pop, r&b, and rap fields, there are as many or more real “head-scratchers” and “filler” nominees as there are daring, deserving choices comparable to the recognition for Loveless, Yearwood, and Johnson.

    Whether or not that shows “integrity” is up for debate, but I think there are ample reasons to say that NARAS didn’t show the same degree of good taste in other genres this year as they did with their generally terrific crop of country nominees.

  5. I’m still firmly in the Jennifer Nettles/Sugarland camp. I am hoping for wins in the Best Country Performance By A Duo Or Group With Vocals for Sugarland and in the Best Country Song for Jennifer’s ‘Stay’.

    The only category that kinda disappointed me was Best Country Collaboration With Vocals because I thought Reba should have been nominated with Skip Ewing (or Kenny Chesney if that’s the way it had to be) for ‘Every Other Weekend’. So, it’s toss-up for me between ‘Let The Wind Chase You’ and ‘Life In A Northern Town’. I love both songs – both masterpieces in their own right in my opinion.

    I am pulling for Trisha Yearwood in the Female category, George Strait in the Male, and Trisha again in the Best Country Album category.

  6. However, as someone who doesn’t know much about the music outside of the country genre, do you think that the Grammies show integrity outside of the country music nominations?

    My two cents on this…just like the Country field, it shows up in varying degrees. In the Pop field, the nominations typically get split between big commercial hits with adult appeal (usually taking up three to four slots per category) and a legend or two (like Macca or James Taylor). I tend to think the Pop field has a few more misses than other fields (the Black-Eyed Peas “My Humps” is a Grammy winner, for example), but it’s probably not wise to judge solely by a field’s misses. In any case, this year doesn’t look too different to me than past years in terms of the quality of nominees.

    The Rock field has managed to lavish minimal attention on Nickelback, though next-generation clone Daughtry scored a few nods last year (no wins, though). The nods this year look pretty good to me, though I remember a fair number of complaints over all the Foo Fighters love last year (and some over the Red Hot Chili Peppers love in ’06, though I didn’t have a problem with that).

    I can’t speak too knowledgeably about the R&B field, especially because it is broken down into sub-genres that I don’t fully understand (more so than other fields, to the point that it thins out the categories and allows some bigger names to ride their status to more nominations). My sense is that the commercial superstars tend to be perennial nominees and predictable winners, but this year’s nominations feature fewer of the usual suspects (Alicia Keys in particular, who is generally thought to represent a happy medium between artistic integrity and commercial success, anyway). But some of the year’s more interesting breakthroughs in music happen to be in this genre and are represented in the General field. The only one who went missing in the General Field (and unjustifiably so, in my opinion) is Estelle.

    My sense is that this year, the Country and R&B fields were a bit more unpredictable than usual. But of course that doesn’t mean that there was necessarily more integrity to the nods, as some might argue the votes represent almost too deliberate a break with the usual suspects (and I think this argument is being made about the R&B field nominations, at least in some corners).

  7. I’ll talk about outside country, just for my input there. I’m very excited, especially for Adele. She’s a personal favorite of mine (I recommend “Chasing Pavements” which is up for record and song of the year). She’s British and has a stellar and unique voice with great songs, but so far she’s been ignored by American radio, but maybe a few grammys will remedy that.

    Unfortunately, I love 4/5 of the new artists category as Jazmine Sullivan has an even better voice but different songs, and Duffy is more retro. Lady A is good, but I prefer Jazmine, Duffy, and Adele. If the Jonas Brothers win anything, the world may end.

    Also, I recommend Jazmine Sullivan’s debut CD Fearless, it’s very good and I hope she wins some grammys as well.

    As for winners, I see “Viva La Vida” for record of the year, In Rainbows for album, and Adele for new artist. For other categories, I see Radiohead and Coldply both winning many awards, since they’re nominated for many. Radiohead deserves it for the overall quality, but Coldplay’s music is also very entertaining and good as well.

    I already posted my country view on the previous Grammy thread, so I hope you guys don’t mind my long not-country post!

  8. If I could pick just one winner it would be Kathy Mattea for Best Traditional Folk Album. Coal is a defining project for her and also contributes to keeping the legacy of such songs, and the subjects of them, alive.

    But if I’m going to get greedy, here are the races I’d rig:

    Country Album – Trisha Yearwood

    Female Country – Trisha Yearwood

    Male Country – Brad Paisley

    Country Duo/Group – Sugarland

    Country Collaboration – Strait/Loveless

    Country Song – “Dig Two Graves”

    General Album: Plant/Krauss

    General Record: M.I.A., “Paper Planes”

    Pop Female: Pink, “So What”

    Pop Collaboration: Madonna/Timberlake/Timbaland, “4 Minutes”

    Dance Recording: Madonna, “Give It 2 Me”

    Rap Duo/Group: Jay-Z, TI, Kanye West, Lil Wayne, “Swagga Like Us”

    Rap Song: “Swagga Like Us”

    Trad Folk Album: Kathy Mattea

    Cont Folk Album: Emmylou Harris

    Comedy Album: Kathy Griffin

    Musical Show Album: In the Heights

    Soundtrack: Sweeney Todd

  9. Kevin I agree, Kathy deserves to win for sure.

    Did anyone notice that Carrie Underwood’s “Ever Ever After” is also nominated for best song from a movie? I thought that was interesting, even though the award is for the songwriters.

  10. Kevin,
    I don’t know much about your choices outside of country, but I bought that Mo and Timberlake song awhile back because of one of your posts and love it. I really, really like Kathy Griffin, but was kinda disappointed by her last album.

  11. Don’t know if it was hit upon in yesterday’s thread, but I heard a pretty accurate analysis of the Best Album nominees this morning, and the consensus is that Alison and Robert will walk away with it. Coldplay and Radiohead will split the rock vote, Ne-Yo and Lil Wayne will split the hip-hop/R&B vote, and all of Nashville, along with some classic rock heads, will vote for “Raising Sand”. I have a good feeling that the same will happen in Best New Artist for Lady A, since Duffy and Adele should cancel each other out.

    I will second Chris D’s emotion about Adele. If you like your smoky, kinda bluesy vocalists with a modern twist, then Adele is your girl. I actually like her chances for Record of the Year, although I think Coldplay will pick that up in the end.

    Personally, if there is any justice, Leann Rimes wins in the Female category, simply because “Change” is such an amazing tune. Having said that, I don’t know if it is as “country” as it should be for the category. The failure of that song at Country radio is one of the big tragedies of 2008.

  12. My choices:

    Best Country Album – Patty Loveless, Sleepless Nights (though, Trisha and George’s I like a lot, as well)

    Best Female Country Vocal Performance- Lee Ann Womack, “Last Call” (Wouldn’t mind if Carrie or Trisha won, either, but rooting most for LAW)

    Best Male Country Vocal Performance – George Strait, “Troubadour” (to be honest, I’m not really too crazy about any of these songs, but I guess this is the best of the bunch)

    Best Country Performance by a Duo or Group With Vocals – Lady Antebellum, “Love Don’t Live Here” (I have yet to hear the Steel Driver’s song, but I like the title)

    Best Country Vocal Collaboration – George Strait & Patty Loveless, “House of Cash” (I’d like if it Krauss/Plant won too, but c’mon, Strait & Loveless – my two most favorite male and female- honoring the Cashes…)

    Best Country Song – Rodney Clawson, Monty Criswell & Wade Kirby, “I Saw God Today” (haven’t heard all of the songs, but I like the writing in this one – and like the song itself as a whole the best)

    and DEFINITELY Krauss & Plant for all the other categories, especially “Album”. I’ll definitely watch that night.

  13. And yeah, congrats to Kathy Griffin and Madonna.

    Btw, I can’t stand Lil Wayne… lol.

    Also, cool that Jack White & Alicia Keys got a nom (or the music video director did) for the “Another Way to Die” video.

  14. For me, I think the country nominations are strong. I really don’t listen to that much non-country stuff but I listen to enough to know that Leona Lewis was robbed of a nomination in the Best New Artist category.

    Here the people I’m rooting for in the country categories:
    -Album: Sleepless Nights by Patty Loveless. This is by far my favorite album of the year. Though I’d be ok if Strait or Yearwood took it home.

    -Female Performance: Last Call by Lee Ann Womack. This is one of my favorite songs from the past year and I think Lee Ann deserves to win. If she can’t I’m rooting for the ‘Woods…Underwood and Yearwood haha

    -Male Performance: I Saw God Today by George Strait. I was a bit disappointed that this song stole the Single CMA from Sugarland but I think this is the strongest song of the bunch. If Strait can’t win, I’m look to In Color by Johnson to win.

    -Group Performance: Stay by Sugarland. As much as I would love to see Lady Antebellum take it home, Sugarland’s masterpiece is the clear winner to me.

    -Collaboration: House of Cash by George Strait and Patty Loveless. I’m super happy the Grammy voters voted for this song. This song was snubbed by the CMAs. I’m hoping they can pull out the win.

    -Country Song: Stay by Jennifer Nettles. Not only did the song basically define their career, it’s a brilliant song! Jennifer deserves to pick up this award…plus I would love for her to win the triple crown (ACM, CMA, GRAMMY) for writing this song.

  15. woah I had like brain fart when I was typing my picks. I got Straits nominated song in the Male category mixed up…he should win for ‘Troubadour.’ Haha it’s been a long day!

  16. ‘That Lonesome Song’ is far and away the best work in the Album category and Jamey should also snag Song. I’d give my favorite pair of Blahniks to see him perform something as piercing and dark as ‘High Cost of Living’. But of course that won’t happen so my shoes are safe.

  17. My picks are:

    Best Female Country Vocal Performance: Trisha Yearwood – Its an great vocal. On a side note how was Miranda not nominated, and how was Carrie nominated for Last Name and not the brillant Just A Dream

    Best Male Country Vocal Performance: Brad Paisley

    Best Country Performance By A Duo Or Group With Vocals – Sugarland – An amazing performance by a great singer. (How are Rascal Flatts in this category for that horrible song, they should have nominated anything by Little Big Town instead)

    Best Country Collaboration With Vocals:
    Robert Plant & Alison Krauss

    Best Country Song: Stay – I still get goosebumps no matter how many times I listen to this song, it deserves the trinity.

    Best Country Album: Heaven, Heartache And The Power Of Love – A complete masterpiece, I think its her best album and that is saying alot. If not Trisha then I want Sleepless Nights to win.

  18. I would like to see Trisha win for Female Country Vocal, not only because she made a really good album at a time when the quality of female singers in Nashville is nowhere near what it was in the past (IMO), but also to send a signal to country radio to stop giving this woman the shaft just because she’s married to an 800-pound gorilla named Garth Brooks.

  19. Here’s another vote for Lee Ann Womack for Best Female Vocal Performance. And I’m all for a clean sweep by the Kathys — Mattea and Griffin.

    Also, I don’t know if anyone has commented on the actual Grammy announcement telecast, but I now must return to my original statement that Taylor Swift can’t sing. Her performance was embarrassing for country music. On a positive note, I thought it was funny how the Foo Fighter guy could barely contain his disgust for Rascal Flatts.

  20. Album: Radiohead
    Record: Coldplay
    Song: Coldplay
    Best New Artist: Duffy
    Country Song: “In Color”
    Country Album: Jamey Johnson
    Female Country: Trisha Yearwood
    Male Country: Jamey Johnson
    Country Duo/Group: Sugarland
    Country Collaboration: Strait/Loveless
    Pop Female: Pink, “So What”
    Pop Album: Sheryl Crow
    Rock Album: Coldplay
    Rap Album: Lupe Fiasco
    Contemporary R & B Album: Mary J. Blige
    Alternative Album: Radiohead
    Trad Folk Album: Kathy Mattea
    Contemporary Folk Album: Plant/Krauss
    Short Form Music Video: Gnarls Barkley

    The country categories seem the strongest by a comfortable margin. Even with the volume of R & B categories, Grammy voters still managed to goof up.

    Alicia Keys’ album wasn’t nominated, and Erykah Badu and the Roots were nowhere to be found. Gnarls Barkley turned in a great set and should have received 1-2 more nods, and I’m afraid they’ll succumb to Radiohead in the Alternative Album category.

  21. Trisha should win, had Carrie’s camp put Just a Dream in she would have won but not with Last Name. Just A Dream will be there next year, same as they did with Before he Cheats, since she won’t have any new stuff for the next Grammy’s while she is doing album 3.

  22. Transfer the Grammy Nominees over to the CMA Awards, Turn the lights out at the arena and move back to the Opry House, throw Dolly in for good measure, and we have our beloved CMA’s back to when it was the Tiffany of award shows, not a CMT Flameworthy Award twin…

  23. Sorry Blake, I disagree with your choice for new artist. I love Duffy, but I think her first album just isn’t good enough for the new artist award, i have her album as well as Adele’s and Jazmine Sullivan’s and I fend the other two just plain better. (I’m listening to all three on shuffle right now. xD) I just don’t find Duffy’s music as interesting, even though it is a great CD.

  24. I find it unfortunate that you would disagree. :)

    Honestly, the Best New Artist category doesn’t spark my interest too much. Duffy and Adele are neck-and-neck in my opinion, with Sullivan likely reaping the benefits when the vote splits. None of the nominees has shown the (crazy) talent of last year’s winner, Amy Winehouse or some of the other winners this decade.

    If you look at the Best New Artist nominees of the last ten years, it’s a wild and wacky group, but the cream of the crop usually rises (Alicia Keys, Norah Jones, Carrie Underwood).

  25. I guess it sparks my interest a lot because 4 of my favorite new acts of the year are beating up the Jonas Brothers. I actually discovered all 4 through the free songs of the week from itunes, but if anyone but the JB wins, I will be very happy.

    Also I would say that Winehouse has more potential than talent now, she had talent then. Stupid drugs…

    I think the three ladies in the group will show more talent later on, but Sullivan has the best voice by far of the three.

  26. …but if anyone but the JB wins, I will be very happy.

    Agreed. I like Sullivan’s voice, but her music hasn’t quite captured my imagination just yet. The potential’s there.

    Stupid drugs…


  27. Female Vocalist: Carrie, though I also love Trisha on this song. So Either Carrie or Trisha winning would make me happy.

    Male Vocalist: BRAD!!!!

    Country Song: Stay will win, but I am so sick of this song I feel like throwing up whenever I hear it.

    Duo/Vocal Group: Sugarland will win

    Collaboration: Keith Urban and Trisha– I love that song!

    Album: Carnival Ride, Carrie Underwood
    oops– it wasn’t nominated. lol Ok- then I will go with Trisha again.

  28. PS– I found out Carrie’s team decided to save Just a Dream for consideration at next year’s Grammys. I am not sure why… ??

    Perhaps they wanted to avoid competing with Stay, as everyone knows Stay will win this year.

  29. I agree with you Blake on Sullivan, she’s playing really well to her demographic. The best songs she has are “Lions, Tigers & Bears” and “Fear” (have you heard either yet?) which both are all about the concept of fear. Those two songs show the most potential, IMO. That’s why I would choose Adele over her, Adele just has the best material.

    I’m glad you enjoyed my comment. xD

  30. This is the year that I find Carrie’s loss (if she loses) to be an acceptable thing. Lee Ann Womack or Yearwood are welcome to win it without my discontent. If McBride or Rimes wins though, I’m going to throw down.

    Just sayin’.

  31. This may be a very unpopular viewpoint here, but I was not that taken with Yearwood’s song. Sorry. Her performance is solid, but the song was just okay to me. All of the ladies nominated are great vocalists, but I’d say Martina should have been replaced by MIranda.

  32. Diamond,

    I think many of us would agree Yearwood’s performance elevates the song quite a bit, though I do think the song is pretty strong to begin with. In any case, there’s certainly no shame in disagreeing with the majority! I’m with you on the Martina/Miranda thing as well.

  33. Actually, Diamond, that Yearwood song isn’t really up my alley either. Of course, her performance is solid, but I don’t really like the song itself. It’s the melody that doesn’t draw me in, I think.

  34. Yearwood is like Reba and a handful of great country singers, I think. They are so good, it’s hard to tell sometimes how strong the material really is! Back to the Alan Jackson tribute on CMT. Some nice performances there so far.

  35. The first female vocal performance I would drop out is Underwood; “Last Name” is just not supposed to be there at all. Martina’s song was better than that scream-fest.

  36. “Last Name” is my least favorite track on Carnival Ride. I’d say Underwood is a longshot this year, a new position for her, but hey, she’s had plenty of recogniztion. I just don’t see Martina winning this one either.

  37. I would trade Patty Loveless’ “Crazy Arms” for Carrie’s “Last Name”.

    Patty’s rendition of Crazy Arms is haunting and enchanting….pure music magic, and deserves full consideration for the female vocal performance category.

  38. I should have used the word “substitute” instead of “trade” Crazy Arms for Last Name, otherwise a literal reading would indicate the reverse meaning of what I had intended.

    Patty’s “Crazy Arms” should have been nominated in that category.

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