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porter-wagoner-whatI used to think that Dolly Parton’s early country tragedy songs were over the top.  Then I heard some of Porter Wagoner’s, and realized that she’d actually toned down some of his excesses.    Nothing is more entertaining from Wagoner than “The Rubber Room”, tonight’s recommended track.  It simply needs to be heard to be believed.  You can watch a stripped down version here, but seek out the studio original.  The production theatrics and his manic ad-libbing toward the end are priceless.

Anybody have a guilty pleasure worth recommending tonight?


  1. Kathy Mattea’s “Late in the Day” from her “Untasted Honey” album.
    It reminds me of going to school in Savannah back when it came out. :-)

  2. Matt, do you have Leona’s album? I didn’t like most of it, it was fairly boring. I have other guilty pleasures like Beyonce and Mariah Carey but for country? I’ll say Taylor Swift’s 2nd album, it’s actually good! (I’m listening to “Breathe” right now)

  3. Basically, all the non-country music I listen to most is a guilty pleasure. My current guilty pleasure is David Archuleta. I will recommend 3 songs by him, simply because I can’t choose between them: Desperate, You Can, and A Little Too Not Over You.

  4. Leona Lewis is a fairly capable singer. I don’t think I would point and laugh at someone if he/she were a fan.

    Beyonce is one of the brightest pop stars of the last ten years (“Say My Name,” “Crazy in Love,” “Irreplaceable” and now “Single Ladies,” for starters). Her hooks are pure magic.

  5. Guilty pleasure? The Wilkinsons. I have their first two CDs and still listen to them occasionally. Tracks like ‘1999’ and ‘One of Us Is In Love’ still sound as cheesy as they did back when I first got the albums, but I still love them nonetheless.

  6. I didn’t mean to say that Leona was bad.

    Chris D.,

    I have her CD that was released internationally and thus don’t have the usa tracks they tacked onto it. I liked it well enough. I liked Delta Goodrem’s album better ;)

    While Beyonce may be a big pop star, I cannot stand her latest singles. UGH…

    J.R., They’re still hangin’ around in Canada. Have a “Hits” album or something out now.

  7. @Matt B. I know. I just didn’t want you to feel guilty. :)

    The singles from the latest Beyonce album aren’t quite as good as the other ones I mentioned, so I agree with you on that.

  8. Fair statement. I’d probably give the album 3.5 stars. I like the two singles (“Single Ladies” and “If I Were a Boy”), but not as much as “Crazy in Love” or “Irreplaceable.” Let’s hope there’s only one Beyonce next time around.

  9. For pop, Britney Spears is defiantly a guilty pleasure, I have many of her songs on my I-tunes, but I will never be caught with them on my I-pod lol.

    For country, on Faith Hill’s Cry album there are a lot tracks I’d consider guilty pleasures, the first track “Free” being one.

  10. I got to like Beach Weekend by Bailey Grey that was a minor Country hit in the Summer.

    I thought I might quickly tire of it but now, on reflection, I listen to it again and it is a mighty fine example of “Country Pop”

  11. On Brad Paisley’s last album which I loved, I was pleasantly surprised to find a great song featuring Carrie Underwood, “Oh Love”. This song I think was sadly overlooked by many, it is beautifully written and delivered by both of them. The lyrics are a perfect interpertation of love.

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