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wynonna-singAnybody looking forward to particular releases next year?  Country Music Central is my go-to place for upcoming releases, and it looks like things are typically slow for the first quarter.

I’m looking forward to the  new Dierks Bentley and the Willie Nelson/Asleep at the Wheel collaboration.   The new year should also bring studio albums from Keith Urban and Tim McGraw.    More than anything else, I’d like some new music from Shania Twain and Faith Hill, who have gone quite a few years without a proper new album.

But what I’m most pumped for right now is the February release of Wynonna’s Sing – Chapter 1.   Listening to the samples below, this sounds like it will be the most interesting covers collection since Dwight Yoakam’s.

What releases are you looking forward to and hoping for in 2009?


  1. I would love to see Ashley Monroe actually put out an album that gets released.

    I am also looking forward to the upcoming albums from Jessica Andrews and Trent Tomlinson.

  2. I am also excited for Wy’s “Sing” album :)

    I am looking forward to new summer releases from Reba and Green Day :D

    I am hoping for new Albums from:
    -Faith Hill
    -Shania Twain
    -Dixie Chicks
    -Kelly Clarkson
    -Trisha Yearwood
    -LeAnn Rimes
    -Miranda Lambert
    -Carrie Underwood

    and possibly some others I may have forgotten.

  3. The Willie Nelson/Asleep at the Wheel has the potential to be really cool, and I’m pumped for the new Keith Urban as well (although I hope the rest of it is more creative than “Sweet Thing”).

  4. My musical tastes have evolved drastically since I fell in love with Dierks’ Long Trip Alone album, and I’m not crazy over his latest single, but even so, I should keep my ears open for his new album.

    I loved Jason Aldean too, although his second album was much less impressive then his first. Still, something to keep an eye out for.

    Hedley is hinting at a new album in October, and seeing as they are my fav. band, I’m excited, but that is a long way away.

    The Jonas Brothers have released an album every August for the past 3 years. Hopefully they will follow up with that pattern.

  5. I hope the Dixie Chicks and SheDaisy bring out new albums. I’ve heard one Dixie Chicks new song that was supposed to go with a movie but ended up not which was decent. Kind of wish they got back to doing kind of uptempo bluegrassy fun songs. As for SheDaisy, I think someone on here said they have a album coming in march.

  6. I can’t wait for Eric Church’s new album. His first has become one of my favorites in the last few years. I also really love Trent Tomlinson and expect pretty good things. If Jason Aldean lives up to the potential of his debut, he should make of hell of an album.

  7. I’m hoping for new stuff from my favorite country blondes…Carrie Underwood and Miranda Lambert. I’m hoping Carrie can release something that’s better artistically than her first two albums. As far as Miranda, I’m hoping for something as good or even better (if it’s possible) than Crazy Ex-Girlfriend.

    I’m also excited for Dierks’ new release along with Keith Urban’s. I’m actually a fan of “Sweet Thing” so I’m excited to see what he releases. I’ve also worn out my Best of SheDAISY cd already, so I can’t wait til their release! I hope it’s along the same line as Fortuneteller’s Melody.

    I know it most likely won’t happen seeing as their first album was released back in April, but a follow-up disc from Lady Antebellum would be awesome too!

    I’m also hoping Kenny Chesney DOESN’T release another album next year…I’m sick of the whole “album-every-year-thing.” I personally think he needs to chill out with the releases at least for a year.

  8. I wonder what kind of sound Shania Twain’s new music will have.

    Carter’s Chord’s album was released digitally but I don’t buy entire albums digitally so whenever it’s released in CD format is what I’m waiting for.

  9. Sara Evans is due to release a new album in ’09…

    I’m really hoping she digs deep into her authentic Country and Bluegrass roots for this one. Not sure she will, but there are indications that she will at least be including her excellent rendition of Bill Monroe’s “In The Pines”…she’s been performing an a-capella version of this song with her sisters, and it is amazing.

    But even if she doesn’t follow in Patty Loveless and Kathy Mattea’s footsteps with a Pure Mountain/Bluegrass album, I hope she chooses to go at least as far in the Country direction as she did with many of the songs from her last studio album, Real Fine Place.

    Sara is at her best when she does the real Traditional stuff, in my opinion, and she can do it with the best of ’em!

  10. I’d like to see a release from Shania Twain or the Dixie Chicks.

    I would NOT NOT NOT NOT NOT like to see a release from Rascal Flatts.

    I’m excited for Dierks’ new CD as well :)

  11. Carson,

    I was writing to be nice when I posted earlier, but another 2009 wish list would be for Rascal Flatts to fade into obscurity so they never have to poison country music ever again. It probably won’t happen, but I can always dream.

  12. I’m looking forward to (Or hoping for) some new releases from:
    Sara Evans,
    Martina McBride
    Dixie Chicks
    Carrie Underwood.

  13. I’m looking forward to albums from Jack Ingram and (hopefully, since the album that was supposed to come out this year was postponed) Chely Wright. I believe Sunny Sweeney is supposed to come out with a new album this year as well.

  14. I am anxiously awaiting the release of Trent Tomlinson’s sophomore cd. He was the highest debuting male country artist of 2006 and I’m sure this cd will put his mark on country music. I’ve been fortunate to hear most of his new music and I’m very excited about the new single release. Watch out country music fans Trent Tomlinson is rockin’.

  15. Im hoping Trisha Yearwood will release a new album in 09′ so it can be completly neglected by Taylor Swift Records…….I mean Big Machine

  16. I’m hoping for that Chely Wright album too. The couple of things that I’ve heard about it and from it make me think I’ll like it.

  17. Thanks Ccdixon! I completely forgot Jamie O’Neal! I also heard recently that Miranda Lambert is planning her new album for a fall ’09 release, so that should be great.

    New albums from the Dixie Chicks and Trisha would be welcome surprises too…

  18. For Carrie Underwood to release a true country album. Rumor is that her next single off of CR will be the Randy Travis cover “I Told You So”…that would be a good start!

  19. I would have to agree and add SheDaisy and Chely Wright and I would agree that there are a few artists that I would like to see fade into the distance….

  20. First off guys thanks for the mention, appreciate it.

    I’m very excited for both Keith Urban and Martina’s new albums. Considering that I lean more towards contemporary country, these two are as good as they come so I think they have a lot to offer 2009.

  21. Seeing what Carrie can do on album #3 is #1 for me, I hope for some chang and a little personal insite.

    Miranda is next I really just want to see this woman sky rocket as she should have already.

    The come back of the year and the person that will make 2009 tough for everyone specifically the women that are on top for the past three years is SHANIA TWAIN. I hope she come right back over to the country side with a big bang.

  22. Both Wynonna and Chely are both at the top of my list (esp since both were supposed to be released in 2008).

    I’m hoping Martina’s is great…she needs another really good album.

    I’m always wishing for new Dixie Chicks. Anyword on what they’re up to?

  23. Mainly:
    Kasey Chambers (alone)
    Julie Roberts
    Ashley Monroe
    Sara Watkins

    Yes Please:
    Chely Wright
    Claudia Church
    Cyndi Thomson
    Deana Carter
    Dixie Chicks
    Elizabeth Cook
    Jessica Andrews
    Lady A
    Lila McCann
    Sara Evans
    Suzy Bogguss

    Also maybe:
    Allison Moorer
    Gary Allan
    Sarah Buxton
    Rhonda Vincent
    Shannon Brown
    The Greencards
    The Wreckers
    Sherrié Austin

    Wouldn’t it be interesting:
    Coley McCabe
    Lisa Angelle

  24. I didn’t know Wynonna had a new cd coming out – can’t wait for it – sounds great. Also looking forward to new releases from Keith and Tim.

  25. I may be whistling in the dark about this, but I’m keeping tabs on what kind of an album, if any, Linda Ronstadt is going to put out this year. I say this because she is a definite perfectionist, and takes an incredibly long time to make albums; she’s only released three under her name this entire decade thus far, and the last, ADIEU FALSE HEART, was almost three years ago.

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