Review: Sammy Kershaw, “Real People”

sammy-kershawThe song that Sammy Kershaw is hoping will be his comeback hit is written so that it will appeal to just about everyone. It gives shout-outs to workers across America: postal workers, teachers, vending machine suppliers, soldiers, etc. You name the career; it’s probably wedged in here somewhere.

Not only is this song pandering in every way possible, Kershaw’s signature twang is somehow replaced by vocals with no personality. It’s unfortunate that an artist who could be enjoying artistic freedom at this point in his career is resorting to clichéd please-everyone songs like this to record.

Grade: C

Listen: Real People


  1. You’re absolutely right–that aching quality to his voice is gone on this song. He’s one of my favorites, and the only person I’ve ever heard that can touch “He Stopped Loving Her Today” (if only for the fact he can make his voice sound almost identical to George’s when he wants to).

    Sammy, come on!

  2. I’m with the consensus here … I expect better from Sammy Kershaw, especially at this stage of his career. An excellent voice being wasted on material like this saddens me every time.

  3. I definitely agree that Kershaw’s voice was one of the best of the nineties and awesomely similar to George Jones, though not quite as strong as Jones. He could do some straight up country or something rather than this stuff. At this point in his life, it’s unlikely that he’ll get back on the radio, so he should be smarter about his choices like many of his peers have done.

  4. My thoughts exactly, Leeann. At this stage of Kershaw’s career (well past his radio prime), he doesn’t have to cater to radio playlists anymore and could be recording some really great music worthy of his talents.

    And while I don’t think this is a ‘bad’ song, it’s just not up to the standard of Sammy’s 90s recordings.

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