Katie Armiger Aims for Stardom


Katie Armiger served as GAC’s Artist of the Month in February, and she recently released “Trail of Lies,” the third single from her album, Believe. The Texas-born 17-year-old called Country Universe recently to discuss her burgeoning career.

The youth movement on Music Row continues to pick up steam. Artistically, how do you stand out from the crowd of young women who are trying to establish their careers?

I think there are a lot of differentiations in our styles. There are a lot of younger artists now for sure, but we have different vocals and different influences. I come from a more empowered standpoint and want the songs to have that view.

What singers most influenced you during your childhood? Is there someone that served as a model for the career you would like to create?

I would say that Martina McBride would be the big one. I’m also a huge fan of Patsy Cline and Linda Ronstadt, but Martina is my favorite.

Last year’s single, “Unseen,” seemed to rise above the lovin’ and leavin’ songs all over the radio in its approach, with its statement of strong will and independence. Would you like to explore that subject matter more as  you continue in your career?

“Unseen” was my favorite single to release. You know, it’s a sad, bittersweet song, but it’s also empowering in a way. I definitely want to have that feeling in all of my songs.

Believe is marked with quite a few love-gone-wrong songs. Is it difficult to find inspiration for the music when you live such a whirlwind life?

You know, I just use whatever life experiences I have, but I take a lot from others as well. I look to people around me, whether it be friends or family, and see what they’ve gone through and how they’ve dealt with it. It makes the music feel real.

In the making of Believe, how much of the recording process was steered by you? Do you feel you had a firm grasp on creating the album?

I had a lot of say; I had my own ideas; I knew what kind of songs I wanted to choose and wanted to make sure they were all different in their own way. We’re actually going into the studio soon to prepare for a new record and start all over again. And we’re talking about a tour, but I can’t give details yet. (laughs) It’s an exciting time.

What brings you the greater rush—singing or songwriting? Why?

It’s definitely a combination. I really feel that if you’ve written the song, then you’re going to feel it that much more. So it’s definitely a package deal.

Music is consistently reliant on the video format, and your recent partnership with GAC is a big boost. Tell me about the GAC promotion and the creative process behind your new video, “Trail of Lies.”

It was a lot of fun to make. It was a lot of fun being able to get back at the guy in this one (laughs). It was definitely the shortest video we’ve filmed so far—quick and easy. I really enjoyed it.

The GAC thing has been great. All of the people over there are really nice and good to work with. It’s truly been a group effort all around. They’ve been playing the video a lot and I was just told it made the Top 20, which is exciting. It’s just an amazing team to be a part of.

Click to watch Katie Armiger, Trail of Lies.


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