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granada-spainA couple of summers ago, I picked up the 3-disc The Essential Bruce Springsteen album in an El Corte Ingles in Granada, Spain.  I was road-tripping it around the country and needed some good tunes. But somehow, the third disc completely escaped my notice until a few weeks ago.  It turned out to be comprised of a number of previously unreleased songs recorded over a long and fruitful career.  After popping it in, I gleefully discovered a couple of new fantastic, classic Boss songs.

I experienced the same excitement earlier this week when I picked up Springsteen’s 18 Tracks while browsing in Barnes & Noble. That album similarly includes rarities, B-tracks and outtakes. (How did I ever miss “The Promise,” which is apparently a continuation of “Thunder Road”?) I felt like a kid who had just gotten herself locked overnight in a candy store.

Although few artists are as prolific as Springsteen, many artists have a lot of work floating around out there that has not made it onto a studio album.  Much of that work is either pre-fame or covers, found on random bootlegs or videos, but every once in awhile you can find a previously unheard original that simply never made it onto a studio album.  The best part, for fans, is that these tracks come with zero expectations and a big payoff.  It’s simply an opportunity to acquire a more all-encompassing view of a favorite and to achieve new insight into them as artists.

What are your favorite non-(studio) album tracks by your favorite artists?

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  1. Naturally, mine are from Linda Ronstadt–and these are serious rarities:

    “Walking Down The Line” (written by Bob Dylan), from an episode of PLAYBOY AFTER DARK (October 1969):

    “Livin’ Like A Fool”, from aforementioned PLAYBOY AFTER DARK:

    “The First Cut Is The Deepest”, from the Cat Stevens-hosted MIDNIGHT SPECIal episode of November 1973:


  2. I have tons – as album cuts and unreleased songs tend to be my favorites. I’m weird like that. But, one of my favorites at the moment is a track from Terri Clark’s as of yet unreleased My Next Life album called ‘Nashville Girls’. It features Reba, Martina McBride, and Sara Evans. Great song too – and it’s a shame it will probably never be released now that Terri has exited the label.

    Listen to it here. I uploaded a video of the song to youtube, but it is still processing so I can’t embed it here for you.

  3. Faith Hill, “Lonestar” is the first one that came to mind. It was a pre-order bonus track from iTunes for Fireflies, and I like it more than nearly everything else on that album. That’s one of my favorite albums anyway.

  4. Patty Loveless has a ton of ’em…Some of the best are:

    -Close By,- from the tribute album to Bill Monroe called “Big Mon”
    -Far Side Banks of Jordan, -(a duet with Kris Kristofferson) from the tribute to June Carter Cash called “Anchored In Love”
    -Rainbow Down the Road -(duet with Radney Foster) from the soundtrack album to the movie “Maverick”
    -Silver Springs,- from the Imus Ranch Record
    -Satisfied Mind,- (duet with VInce Gill) also from the Imus record
    -Where Are You Boy, -from the soundtrack ablum to “Tin Cup”
    -“Send a Message to My Heart -(duet with Dwight Yoakam) from Dwight’s album If There Was a Way
    -Are You Teasing Me, -(duet with Jon Randall) from the tribute album to the Louvin Brothers called Livin’ Lovin’ Louvin’ (or something like that)
    -Pretty Polly,- (duet with Ralph Stanley) from the good Dr’s album Clinch Mountain Country
    -“Prescious Memories, -from the Opry gospel album, How Great Thou Art
    -Nothing But Love,- from the compilation album America’s Music, the Roots of Country
    -Wine Women and Song,- from the compilation album “Tribute to Tradition”
    -and of course, Patty’s recently Grammy nominated duet with George Strait from Troubador, -“House of Cash”

    And from Sara Evans,
    -Mary of the Wild Moor, -from the companion album to the movie “Songcatcher”
    -Almost New, -from the soundtrack album to the movie “Clay Pigeons” and on the CMT compilation album “Girls Night Out”
    -and Sara’s duet with Brad Paisley,- “New Again” from the companion album to the movie “The Passion of the Christ”
    -Sara’s cover of Dwight Yoakam’s The Distance Between You and Me,- from the tribute to Dwight album, “Will SIng for Food”
    And Sara’s duet with Ralph Stanley, “Are You TIred of Me” -from Ralph’s album “Clinch Mountain Sweethearts”

    These are all excellent as well.

    I’m going to TRY to post Patty’s YouTube of Close By..

    Great topic Lynn!

  5. This is a great topic…For years I have been a big Dolly fan, and as much as I love her songwriting and singing ( and smokin’ hot looks ), I cringe at the choice of most of her singles…(I also cringe at some of her album cover shots…for such a pretty woman, they sure know how to choose some unflattering pictures )(see Just Because I’m a Woman, Treasures, and Little Sparrow)
    Anyhoo, back to her singles, every album of hers has some GREAT songs, but don’t even get a shot because they remain album cuts and not official singles (Not that radio gives a rats @$$ about her anyway)…however, Check out some of these great choices – most can be found on youtube, or some of you may even have the CDs – give them another shot if you do…

    “Cologne” and “Made of Stone” from the Backwoods Barbie CD…love ’em both

    “We Had It All” from The Great Pretender back in ’84 – there is two versions, the best one is the original. Its a cover, but she does a mighty fine job – listen to the emotion in her voice…you know you’re listening to the original when you hear the piano intro…find it on youtube, friends…I love it.

    “Best Woman Wins” from Eagle When She Flies. A duet with Lorrie – probably would have had a better chance at being a single, but already released the RVS duet from the same album…the whole CD is really well done, and deserves another listen.

    “Slow Healin’ Heart” from White Limozeen. Another sad one – this whole album is filled with gems – including the mac Davis duet “Wail Till I get You Home”.

    and a million more where those came from…

  6. Well, Canadian Boy, …

    If you’re interested in the Patty Loveless or Sara Evans rarities, I cited an album reference to every song I listed in the comments before the Patty YouTubes I posted… Most of them are on compilation CDs or movie soundtracks or movie companion albums, for these two artists anyway… I’m not sure about the other singers mentioned.

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